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Open Source in the Enterprise
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Open Source in the Enterprise


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Open Source in the Enterprise: You\'re soaking in it! From Firefox to Apache and Linux, enterprises use Open Source software because it works.

Open Source in the Enterprise: You\'re soaking in it! From Firefox to Apache and Linux, enterprises use Open Source software because it works.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Open Source in the Enterprise  Mike Ellsworth Head Guy
    • 2. Agenda
      • Principles of Open Source
      • Examples of Open Source software
      • Where Open Source is used
      • Advantages and Disadvantages
      • How The WiMAX Guys uses Open Source
      • Open Source Cost/Benefit
      • Should you use Open Source?
    • 3. Principals of Open Source
      • Free redistribution
      • Source code must be included
      • Must allow modifications and derived works
      • Integrity of the author's source code
      • No discrimination against persons or groups
      • No discrimination against fields of endeavor
      • A single license must apply to all users
      • License must be technology-neutral
    • 4. Examples of Open Source Software
      • Apache — the most popular Web Server
      • Firefox — fast growing Web Browser
      • Linux — growing in data center and even desktop
      • phpBB — a forum system
      • FreeBSD — a version of UNIX ®
      • Java — a programming language
        • Partially Open Source
        • Free, as in free beer
    • 5. Examples of Open Source Software
      • Tomcat — Java servlet environment
      • OpenOffice — alternative to MS Office
      • JBoss — Java app server
      • MySQL — lightweight database
      • Python, Perl, PHP — scripting languages
      • Eclipse — platform-independent, application development framework
    • 6. Apache is King
    • 7. Firefox a Contender
    • 8. Linux on the Desktop
      • Everex's Cloudbook runs a Linux distribution from gOS
      • Shuttle Computers KPC Linux PC
      • iRiver Wing
      • Dell Inspiron 530 N and 1420 N running Ubuntu
      • Everex $199 gPC, sold out at Walmart in 2007
      • Asus eee-PC
      • Picotux World's smallest
      • Lenovo
    • 9. Sun and Open Source
      • Sun has opened many of their apps and plaforms:
        • Solaris Operating System
        • NetBeans
        • Project Looking Glass
        • Project JXTA
        • Jini
        • OpenOffice
        • OpenSPARC
        • Java EE
    • 10. Open Source: You’re Soaking In It
      • Answer the following questions to see if your organization is using open source software:
        • Does your team use Firefox, Linux, Apache Web server, or MySQL?
        • Do you use gcc or g++ for compiling?
        • Does your team build executables using make?
        • How about the Bash shell, grep, gzip, sed, calc, ed, Emacs, Finger, or uucp?
        • Do you use CVS or Bugzilla?
        • How about WebSphere?
    • 11. Enterprises Run Open Source
      • Google runs on Linux
      • Linux runs PlayStation 2 and 3, several arcade games, and embedded devices such as mobile phones, routers, and stage lighting systems
      • Packaged software running Linux is expected to exceed $357 billion by 2008
      • IDC says that Linux holds 12.7% of the overall server market Q1 2007
    • 12. Enterprises Run Open Source
      • JBoss has #1 market share (34% penetration according to BZ Research) and used by >400,000 developers
    • 13. Enterprises Run Open Source
      • MySQL – With more than 50,000 downloads per day MySQL has 40% database usage by developers
    • 14. Sponsors of JBossWorld:
    • 15. Advantages of Open Source Source: Computer Economics survey, 2005
    • 16. Disadvantages of Open Source
      • No guarantee of progress — project may never reach a usable stage, and may die later if there is not enough interest
      • Possible problems with intellectual property — difficult to know if some particular method is patented
      • Sometimes difficult to find a project and its current status — not much advertising for open source software
    • 17. Disadvantages of Open Source
      • Restricted choice — commercial software may offer dozens or hundreds of choices
      • Poor integration with Microsoft — Open Source products tend to be created by people who do not want to work with Microsoft
      • Poor vertical integration — software tools rather than solutions
      • Poor user interface/Difficult to use — Open Source products are written by power users
    • 18. Disadvantages of Open Source
      • Higher cost of installation — a greater degree of expertise usually is required for installation
      • Lack of capabilities / features — Open Software packages may have far fewer features and capabilities
      • No warranty — you are on your own There is no single company backing the product
    • 19. Common Objections
      • Open source isn’t really free — Implementation, administration, and support costs
      • There’s no service and support — For some companies, support is mandatory
      • Development resources can be scarce — Linux and open source resources may not be abundant in your area or industry. However, with the evolution of Mono (the open source equivalent to NET), Windows NET developers become an added development resource for Linux
    • 20. Common Objections
      • Open source may not be perceived as secure — If the code is available, anyone can figure out how to break it
      • Training may not be available — Training lags MS alternatives, but Novell has created multiple levels of Linux certification and integrated training programs
      • All open source is a work-in-progress — True for some, but not for all The key components like Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Tomcat are dominating prime-time Internet with stable, secure, and production-quality solutions
    • 21. How We Use Open Source
      • The WiMAX Guys’ business:
        • Wi-Fi installations in hotels
        • IT consulting for small hospitality companies
        • Web hosting
        • Email hosting
    • 22. How We Use Open Source
      • Wi-Fi installations in hotels:
        • Kismet – 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system – good for identifying other WLANs in the area
        • AirSnort – recovers WEP encryption keys – used if existing WLAN operator has lost access – friends don’t let friends use WEP!
          • Operating against a saturated 802.11b network AirSnort took 273659 unique packets and 8 minutes to crack a 128 bit WEP key
    • 23. How We Use Open Source
      • Wi-Fi installations in hotels:
        • NetStumbler – wireless network detector, sniffer:
          • Verifying network configurations
          • Finding locations with poor coverage
          • Detecting causes of wireless interference
          • Detecting unauthorized (“rogue”) access points
          • Aiming directional antennas for long-haul WLAN links
    • 24. How We Use Open Source
      • Wi-Fi installations in hotels:
        • StumbVerter – import Network Stumbler's summary files into Microsoft MapPoint 2004 maps
    • 25. How We Use Open Source
      • IT consulting for small hospitality companies:
        • OpenOffice – full-featured MS Office replacement – good usability with low maintenance
        • CamStudio –records all screen and audio activity on PC to AVI video and Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)
    • 26. How We Use Open Source
      • Web hosting:
        • Linux – OK, we cheat a bit: We use Red Hat
          • good usability with low maintenance
          • up 404 days
          • When did you last reboot your Windows Server?
        • Apache – World’s most popular Web server for a reason
        • Metadot Portal Server – Open Source Web Content Management System (WCMS)
          • Runs on LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl)
    • 27. How We Use Open Source
      • Email hosting:
        • Linux Sendmail – The most popular email server in the world
          • O’Reilly survey of 400,000 email servers:
            • 31.2 percent use Open Source mail server software
            • Sendmail (12.3 percent
            • Postfix 8.6 percent
            • Exim and qmail 5.3 and 5.0 percent, respectively
            • Exchange 7.6 percent
          • Easy to maintain – no Exchange headaches
        • Horde – Webmail email reader
    • 28. How We Use Open Source
      • Miscellaneous:
        • Server management:
          • PuTTY – terminal program with style
          • VI – yes, it’s still around
          • WinSCP – secure file transfer and file system manipulation
          • I haven’t physically seen the server in more than 3 years
        • Browser:
          • Firefox with lots of plugins
    • 29. Open Source Cost/Benefit
      • Same hardware since 2004 (P4/1GB RAM/80GB mirrored disk)
      • No downtime due to updates/bugfixes/security fixes
      • Part time sysadmin: <$1,600 last year
      • Licenses: $250/yr Plesk + $350/yr Red Hat
      • Uptime: 99.999 percent
    • 30. Open Source Cost/Benefit
      • One client has a dedicated Windows Server
      • Periodic downtime due to updates/bugfixes/security fixes
      • List price: $900/month – $10,800/yr
      • Licenses: included in monthly, list $999
      • Uptime: 99.0 percent
    • 31. Downside of Open Source
      • You have to learn to love the command line interface!
      • Linux needs better installation methods and utilities
      • No Spider solitaire
    • 32. Should You Use Open Source?
      • Is the software well established or still in its infancy?
      • Are there regular updates, patches and new features?
      • Is there a support forum?
      • Are the support forums active? 
      • Do forum participants help each other out? 
      • Are reputable companies using the software?
      • Is the documentation complete and coherent?
      • What are the general costs with hiring contractors who are familiar with the software?
    • 33. Just Don’t Expect it to be Free
      • “ And did we mention that it's free? Okay, not exactly. Backcountry[.com] has estimated that with all its up-front costs and consulting fees, its open-source shop cost $380,000.
      • That includes operating system, databases, e-commerce platform, knowledge management, and e-mail. The company figures the same setup from traditional software vendors would have run up to $3 million.”
      Source: “Own the Code”,, 1/07
    • 34. Just Don’t Expect it to be Cheap[er]
      • Costs of Acquisition and Support – A Comparison – August 2005 – PREPARED FOR Microsoft
      • 1 Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 enterprise license and support costs are competitive with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
      • 2 The two companies’ different approaches to enterprise licensing and support, and the fact that investments of this magnitude tend to involve longer-term commitments, means that the best pricing comparisons should be based on a period of ownership (three to six years), rather than on just initial acquisition charges
      • 3 Support is integral to both companies’ solutions and Microsoft’s separate support and license fee structures, in contrast with Red Hat's combined subscription and support offerings, can give a Microsoft solution a significant pricing advantage over a Red Hat solution
      Source: http://wwwmicrosoftcom/windowsserver/compare/ReportsDetailsmspx?recid=5
    • 35. Just Don’t Expect it to be Cheap[er]
    • 36. Places to Find Out More
      • SourceForgenet sourceforgenet/indexphp
      • Freshmeat wwwfreshmeatnet
      • Novell Forge forgenovellcom
    • 37. Articles to Find Out More
      • The Advantages of Adopting Open Source Software wwwinformitcom/articles/articleaspx?p =376255&seqNum=1
      • Open source software in your online business - advantages/disadvantages wwwtamingthebeastnet/articles5/open-source-softwarehtm
      • Computer Economics survey wwwcomputereconomicscom/articlecfm?id =1043
    • 38. Thanks!
      • Mike Ellsworth The WiMAX Guys StratVantage Consulting 952-525-1584 [email_address]