Gospel Advance on Two Great Continents


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Gospel Advance on Two Great Continents - Photo Report

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Gospel Advance on Two Great Continents

  1. 1. VOLUME 22 • NUMBER 3 Christian Adventures International NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION P.O. Box 15136 U.S. POSTAGE Daytona Beach, FL 32115 PAID www.KLMcNulty.net 10 countries and 7 1-877-TENT-100 PERMIT NO. 649 DAYTONA BEACH, new regions send FLORIDA READ OUR DAILY BLOGS AT www.KLMcNulty.net representatives hungering to “GO BEYOND THEIR BORDERS” to the 80,000 towns and villages of Eurasia awaiting a Gospel witness. (See full report on our website.)We find the breadth of this ministry stretching from the greatmasses of people in the ancient cities of India to the vast landsof Eurasia for the 11th Annual Evangelists’ Conference. Go toMcNultyMinistries.com to view our new videos “Gospelwithout Borders” and “Tent Factory” for a testimony ofAmazing wonders among the nations!
  2. 2. A Russian Bishop prophesied just before the 1917 Bolshevik Revolutionabout a time that would come with the shedding of much Russian blood. He prophesied,“finally, Russia will be free and from out of Russia believers will go forth and turn manynations to God. From the earliest centuries we have had prophecies that rays of Gospel lightwill come from the East. The light over the whole world will be from Russia who sufferedmore than anybody… Russia will be completely reborn!”We are so privileged to be living out this prophesy WITH THE HUNDREDS OF CHURCHES,EVANGELISTS AND PARTNERS THAT WE CALL FRIENDS!Hunger for EvangelismThe 2011 Evangelism Conference participants came requesting evangelismconferences from the Black Sea of Southern Russia to the Far East of Siberia.Pastors and church leaders alike spoke of the growing national hunger forevangelism throughout the regions of Russia. Partners we are positioned  toanswer this call - training missionary evangelists and building Gospel Tentsfor villages and Gospel Tents for churches with no church buildings.
  3. 3. WOW!NEW FACTORY NOW MULTIPLIESIOO TENT EFFORTAll the pieces come together in a beautiful landscape ofpeople, resources, vision, and skill, all combining to launchthe unique 5th tent into the vast territories of Eurasia. Friends,This now makes 35 traveling ships of salvation across thesea of humanity. As we sit here in the new conference room of theThe potential for this one tent alone is 50,000 souls a Moscow Center our hearts are filled with appreciationyear hearing the Gospel. Now it goes on it’s way to Nizny for you. It has taken lots of time, prayer, and numerousNovgorad to reach the youth. The next destination finds struggles to reach this exciting moment where weit making the long train ride to Tatarstan to share the can go from addition of ministers to multiplicationmiracles of Jesus with the hurting Muslims. All 5 of these in results. When we saw a whole group of Russiannew tents are now in the harvest fields stretching from preachers meet us on the great harvest fields of IndiaMoscow to the Far East. What is exciting is that We have we knew that together, you and we have paid a pricereached the point where the complete package of roof, to launch a global movement of miracle ministry. Youwalls, poles and ropes were all made in the tent factory. have invested in the very heart of God’s dream forThe destiny of millions is found in the decisions of this Russia and the nations. Let us not lose our focus.generation of young preachers who will carry these Gospeltools to the thousands of towns yet without a witness. You If this earth shall last for another 1000 years, let it beare a co-worker in this historic work through your prayers said that in the midst of the greatest battles facing thisand love gifts. Kirill is the master behind the technology and generation We stood and reignited the fire in a coldthe director of the factory. He has sent out a challenge to and dying world.help us produce more tents. A tent that used to cost $25,000now costs $10,000. $1 can buy 6 bolts. $4 dollars can buy Your giving is special. Feel your gift and wrap it withone rope to hold the tent. $15 can make one pole and $100 expectation as we wrap it with prayer. Every extra $100can make a central pole. Your small gift can be magnified can be stretched to do a $1000 dollars of work.into great results. Go with us on this great adventure Your co-workers in the field, Visit our website at www.KLMcNulty. net and sign up for al network Drs. Kevin and Leslie i our email updates e soc sit es es th facebook.com n /mcnultyministries eck us out o youtube.com /mcnultyministries twitter.com /drkevinmcnulty /drlesliemcnulty to give now go to Ch www.mcnultyministries.com /donation.cfm