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Dreaming Bigger Going Further - Christian Adventures Photo report October 2012

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  1. 1. Your friendship 3 WAYS Christian Adventures International TO GIVE: NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONmakes it possible to P.O. Box 15136 U.S. POSTAGEreach men like this Daytona Beach, FL 32115 PAID www.KLMcNulty.net PERMIT NO. 649Bulgarian, giving 1 TOLL FREE: 1-877-TENT-100 DAYTONA BEACH,them a life and 877-836-8100 FLORIDA READ OUR DAILY BLOGS AT www.KLMcNulty.netfuture. 2 MAIL OFFERINGIf we all give 20 Christian Adventuresdollars we can PO Box 15136place 10 Gospel Daytona Beachtents into 10 nations. We appreciate your Florida 32115action step today! 3 DONATE DIRECTLYCheck out our new 100 tent presentation: ON OUR WEBSITE @http://www.slideshare.net/mcnultyministries www.KLMCNULTY.NET or use your smart phone to scan the QR Code facebook.com /mcnultyministries below to Donate Now! twitter.com /drkevinmcnulty/drlesliemcnulty youtube.com /mcnultyministries The dream of reaching 100 Republics, regions and nations of the former Soviet Union is now halfway there. Thank you for your partnership in blessing 23 nations through this amazing vehicle. Tent Locations
  2. 2. Tents Draw Village EvangelismThe Masses! The bridges are broken and so are the people.THE GREAT TOOL OF A BRIGHT TENT IS ABEACON FOR THOUSANDS TO LEAVE THEIRREGULAR PATTERN OF LIFE AND VISIT• HEAR SOMETHING NEW• SEE SOMETHING NOT SEEN BEFORE• SING SONGS NOT SUNG IN THEIR WORLD• PRAY A NEW WAY WITH EXPECTATION• EXPERIENCE A PERSONAL SAVIOR AND PRESENCE• FEEL A NEW START IN LIFE WITH A NEW FRIEND IN JESUS Our Goals: 1. Proclamation of Good News for all 2. Penetration of 23 nations 3. Power of demonstration 4. Purpose of end time harvest
  3. 3. THE 3 million IDOLS OF INDIA BRING CONFUSION BUT THE GOSPEL BRINGS JESUS INTO FOCUS WHEN HE CONFIRMS HIS PRESENCE BY MIRACULOUS WONDERS. Partnering in India >>>> Testimony! I am Malliga. I had kidney failure and could not stand or sit. Now I can walk after Dr. Kevin prayed for the sick.80% of India lives on less than $2 per day. Indian Outreach efforts include a goal of reaching12,000 children daily providing a meal, a prayer, and a tutor in an after school program.Currently, Dr. Chandra Bose is reaching 1,400 children a day. We are combining our efforts!Put your faith in action, $15 per month feeds one child!1.2 Billion People live in India, and 50% of homes have TV sets! 40 MIRACLE ECHO TVprograms are recorded, and ready for final production! We are going live 3 times per week!$40 produces one TV program; $400 pays for one half hour of air time!Eurasian Evangelists are assisting us in 2013 Indian “Voiceof Life Mass Events” fulfilling Hudson Taylor’s 100-year-oldprophecy! $1,500 pays for an airline ticket! $300 translates acourse or book into Telugu! Visit our website at www.KLMcNulty.net and sign up for our email updates
  4. 4. IS ANYTHING TOOBIG FOR GOD?Two Great ContinentsTwo Open FieldsTwo Strategies for SalvationTwo Different NationalitiesWhat made America great was the Christian pioneers who kept going into the openlands with their small tents and bibles. They did not stop at the edge of the AtlanticOcean. They did not stop at the mid point of the Mississippi River. They went all theway across the great land. Friends, together we will not stop at the midway point of 50 tents. If we all do something, it will happen. Make your decision and God will back you up. If each gives an additional $20.00 per month, we will see more and go further. The wheels of our Gospel wagon will not stop until we reach the Sea of Japan.