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Christian Adventures 100 Gospel Tent Project Photo report

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  1. 1. 100 Gospel TENT PROJECT Reaching 100 Regions, Republics, Nations of Eurasia"2013 Childlike Inspiration for the NationsCalendar" celebrates the workers in the TentFactory who create the platform for the futureevangelists of Eurasia.Dr. Leslie McNulty with Tent Factory Directors Kirill and Olgain Moscow
  2. 2. AN OPPORTUNITY TOEXPAND TENT FACTORYWe celebrate the Tent Factory and we celebrateyou who make it possible.As we enter into the first quarter of 2013 we askfor your prayer agreement regarding a landpurchase which will allow us to expand our tentproduction.This outparcel has been an eye sore for manyyears and only recently have the owners beenlocated and willing to sell the property.We are confident that the Lord desires us topurchase it.Leslie had a vivid dream, where she traded theneighbors house across the street for the outparcel in front of the Moscow Mission Centeraffectionately known in Russian as the "BomzhsHouse" or Bums house.
  3. 3. The bums house in Moscow next to our propertyWhen Leslie awoke from the dream her first wordswere, "I dont own that property. Oh, but it lookslike I will and I will use it for a land exchange!"Leslie immediately reached out to the Russianteam to let them know of her dream but found allthe team members were conducting outreaches inthe Baltics and Far East. Shortly after the teamreturned to Moscow and found the emailrecounting the dream, the team received a phonecall from the Bums friend. He said, "You dontknow me but I was asked to call you to let youknow that the blue house across the street is goingup for sale. If you purchase it, the "Bomzh" willtake it in exchange for his parcel."You can only imagine the praise that went forthfrom both the Moscow and USA offices! God isfaithful to guide, provide and through patience weobtain the victory!With this purchase our goal is to expand
  4. 4. operations allowing us to build Rental Tents for theMoscow region. It is possible to generate enoughincome from one rental to build a new villageGospel Tent! So, we ask that you agree with us aswe take this next step of faith!The purchase price for the land exchange is $80kplus approximately $5k in closing costs and onepartner has already pledged $60k towards thispurchase! We are believing that individuals andchurches will step to the line to see this purchasebecome a reality! We are 70% of the way there!We can do it! A PLACE FOR SALVATION AND MIRACLES TO HAPPENGospel Tents provide a fresh atmosphere for theEurasians. They provide safety from the harshenvironment of frequent rain and snow storms.Gospel Tents provide a place separated unto theLord for the salvation of souls and for miracles tohappen.Gospel tents at first glance are often considered tobe circus tents. These Gospel tents do notdisappoint as young and old turn out with anexpectation that something lively and fun is aboutto happen in their community. These giantharvesting tools are beacons of Good Newsdeclaring a positive word in a not so positive world!
  5. 5. PREACHERS ARE TRAINEDIt takes approximately 2 years for the preachers tobe trained. Once they have the Gospel tent as aplatform that tent ignites curiosity and expectationin the people and the harvest results multiply asnew outreach activities and events are conducted. Drs. Kevin and Leslie McNulty with Eurasian Evangelists at the Annual ConferenceDozens of ministries are now flourishing acrossEurasia with their big bright Gospel tents andthousands of souls have been snatched out ofdarkness to live in the light of Christ.Tent Festival in Krasnodar Region of Russia
  6. 6. Tent Festival in EstoniaTent Festival in Krasnoyarsk Region, RussiaTogether the partners of Christian AdventuresInternational have given an opportunity forfulfillment to many ministers and the life of God tothe multitudes.For Connecting People to Christ presentationclick here.PARTNERS REIGNITEDDear Friends,Unique opportunities come to all. Recently theestate of a famous artist in our family, NorbertMcNulty, has donated a limited quantity of hisfamous "Jesus and the Children" artwork to helpus launch the 2013 India initiative.
  7. 7. Norbert McNultys painting "Jesus and the Children"For your 2013 commitment we will forward NorbertMcNultys artwork "Jesus and the Children".You may email us at Partners@KLMcNulty.netand someone from our offices will be happy tocontact you and you may make your gift selectionat that time. Please be sure to include your phonenumber and the best time to contact you. If youare setting up automatic monthly contributions,please contact our offices @ 877 836-8100 andwe will be happy to set up your regular donation.Or you can go to our website and make yourselection there.For $20 or more each month for 2013 please sendme the 11"X14" print.For my one time gift of $240 or more please sendme the 11"X14" print.For $100 or more per month in 2013 please sendme the 18"X24" canvas.For my one time gift of $1,000 or more pleasesend me the 18"X24" canvas.Kevin and LeslieTo unsubscribe, please click here.McNulty Ministries, 1918 S. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Bch, FL 32115