LA Chef for OpenStack Hackday

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Overview/Status of the Chef for OpenStack Meetup in LA

Overview/Status of the Chef for OpenStack Meetup in LA

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  • 1. Chef for OpenStackLA OpenStack Meetup Matt Ray IRC/Twitter/GitHub: mattray
  • 2. Hackday Agenda• Introductions• Overview/Status• Potential Topics/Goals• Hack• Capture Progress and Roadmap
  • 3. Chef for OpenStack: Why• Community for the automated deployment and management of OpenStack• Reduce fragmentation and encourage collaboration• Deploying OpenStack is not "secret sauce"• Project not a product• Apache License, Version 2.0 • CLA required
  • 4. Chef for OpenStack: What• Chef Repository for Deploying OpenStack• Cookbooks • Keystone • Glance • Nova • Horizon • Swift• Knife OpenStack
  • 5. Chef for OpenStack: Where•• openstack• #openstack-chef on•• • keystone, glance, nova, horizon, swift•
  • 6. Chef for OpenStack: Who
  • 7. Chef for OpenStack: When• Essex is working • KVM • Ubuntu 12.04 • more to come!• Folsom about to start (today?) • Milestone 3 for features• Grizzly and forward
  • 8. Deploying OpenStack• Chef ties it all together automatically• Scaling changes how we deploy• Interchangeable components• Configurations shared, supported & documented• Licensing makes it available to everyone
  • 9. Rackspace Cloud Builders• Source of current cookbooks••
  • 10. Chef for OpenStack Ecosystem• Cookbooks reusable outside of OpenStack • Virtualization • Databases • RabbitMQ• Librarian• Spiceweasel• pxe_dust• Crowbar
  • 11. An Evolving ProjectLets Have a Hackday!
  • 12. Chef Roadmap• Chef 10.14 • Why-Run • Logging• Chef 11 • Erlang! SQL! Rails! Omnibus! • Partial search • Reporting• Test-Kitchen• Chef Developer Summit
  • 13. Chef for OpenStack Roadmap• Documentation• Hypervisors (LXC, Xen, Hyper-V)• Databases (PostgreSQL)• Operating Systems (RHEL)• HA Configuration• Quantum• Cinder
  • 14. Hackday Topics• Prerequisites documentation (OS, network)• Test-Kitchen, TravisCI, Foodcritic• Desktop virtualization• Hypervisor breakout (KVM, LXC)• OpenStack-Syslog/Monitoring• RHEL/SUSE support• Ceph as nova-volumes/Cinder• Swift start• knife-openstack/hp/rackspace• Technical Debt!
  • 15. Thanks! Matt Ray IRC/Twitter/GitHub: mattray