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Open stack heat for RAs


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Monty Taylor and Rob Hirschfeld
Havana Summit Presentation
Using Heat for Reference Architectures

Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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Open stack heat for RAs

  1. 1. Sharing OpenStackReference ArchitecturesUsing OpenStack Orchestration(aka Heat) as a RA baselineDiscussion by OpenStack Board Members:Monty TaylorRob Hirschfeld
  2. 2. OpenStack + Common Ops...Multiple Interoperable OpenStack Clouds● Prevents vendor lock-in● Establishes best practices● Provides basis for sharing● Scales OpenStack EcosystemPanel Today @ 5:20Room A107-A109
  3. 3. What is the problem?Everyone does OpenStack differently!We share code, but it takes a lot more to runa cloud.Small differences inhardware, versioning,and implementation● breaks portability● limits collaboration● hampers supportSoftwareHardwareOps
  4. 4. Why solve it?OpenStack sites as fault zonesInteroperability is valuableIf we cant deploy OpenStack consistently,we cant test OpenStackIf we cant compare deployments,we cannot help or validate OpenStack
  5. 5. Open OperationsCollaborating directlyon operations codeExtends Reference Architectures● Sharing the "what"● Enabling environment-specific config● Your deploy isnt that different○ Cows and Cats - cows are still snowflakes!● Helps new users know what works● Streamlines addressing vulnerabilities
  6. 6. Upstreaming OpsIf we can agree on a physical configurationAND on the code to install then...Shouldnt we also be able to collaborate onthe installation scripts?That would make it easier to interoperate!
  7. 7. What is an RA?Resident Advisor? :)Rich Aunt? B)Reference Architecture :PReference Implementation?● Generally hardware focused● Physical layout and wiring● Defines logical operations and interconnections● Recommends components● May include configuration guidance● May also discuss performanceNot likely to include HA config, upgrades or operation
  8. 8. RefStackHttps:// empty)● One or More RAs● Defined in OpenStack terms● Mechanism for testing against an RA● Vendor neutral & vendor accessible● Intended as best practices (not only way)
  9. 9. Flavors of RAWe dont know all of them,but need to limit number!What matters in a favor?● networking?● hypervisor?● scale?● workload?
  10. 10. Flavors RequirementTwo OpenStack clouds of the same flavorshould be able to interoperate!Operators using similar favors should beable to share scripts and processesThere should be as few flavors as possible.Flavor should be cited in bugs
  11. 11. Flavor Table ???Function Hypervisor Networking ScaleMixed Use ? ? ?Compute ? ? ?Storage ? ? ??Mix and discuss....
  12. 12. What is Heat?● Makefile for a Cloud Application● OpenStack Orchestration● Coordinates OpenStack API calls● Provides Metadata to ResourcesExpress a multi-node application○ Nodes + Relationships + Personas + Order
  13. 13. Heat Orchestration● In service dependency order, heat:○ Provisions node○ Provides JSON config metadata○ Runs config-change trigger○ Reports success/collected node informationchef/ohai/puppet can read JSON config ...Write recipes/modules to expect standardinput parameters
  14. 14. Interoperability = NirvanaInterop is a Major Focus for FoundationPanel on Tuesday @ 5:20Room A107-A109Interoperability is a sustaining processit is not an release feature● shared reference architectures -> refstack● open operations -> upstreamed DevOps● comprehensive test -> CI & API tests● community participation -> you!