Chef for OpenStack December 2012


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Austin OpenStack Meetup December 2012 presentation. The first part of the session was Chef for OpenStack, the second was Q&A about AT&T's OpenStack private cloud deployments to multiple data centers.

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Chef for OpenStack December 2012

  1. 1. Chef for OpenStackAustin OpenStack MeetupDecember 6, 2012Matt RaySenior Technical EvangelistOpscode
  2. 2. What is Chef?Chef is an automation platform for developers & systems engineers to continuouslydefine, build, and manage infrastructure.CHEF USES: “ Recipes and Cookbooks that describe Infrastructure as Code. Chef enables people to easily build & manage complex & dynamic applications at massive scale ”• New model for describing infrastructure that promotes reuse• Programmatically provision and configure• Reconstruct business from code repository, data backup, and bare metal resources
  3. 3. Chef is Infrastructure as Code • Programmatically provision and configure • Treat like any other code base • Reconstruct business from code repository, data backup, and bare metal resources.
  4. 4. How Can Chef Help?Blueprint Your Infrastructure Build Anything… And Manage It Simply• Compute • Provision compute resources in • Introduce continuous incremental the Data Center and the Cloud change or total change.• Application• Storage • Infrastructure • Automatically reconfigure everything• Security • Application Stacks • Re-provision for disaster• Network • Big Data recovery• Configuration Standards • HPC • Fail-over to bare metal • Linux, Windows, OSX, Unixes • Monitor for compliance • Cloud migrations become trivialUsing 1,000’s ofman-days of prior art! Discoverable and Searchable Infrastructure
  5. 5. The Chef Community• Apache License, Version 2.0• 1000+ Individual contributors• 180+ Corporate contributors • Dell, HP, Rackspace, Calxeda, VMware, SUSE, and many more• 700+ cookbooks• Plugins for every cloud• 5
  6. 6. Whats Out There?Chef for OpenStack Resources
  7. 7. Chef for OpenStack: Why• Community for the automated deployment and management of OpenStack• Reduce fragmentation and encourage collaboration• Deploying OpenStack is not "secret sauce"• Project not a product• Apache 2 license
  8. 8. Chef for OpenStack: What• Chef Repository for Deploying OpenStack• Documentation for Chef for OpenStack• Cookbooks • Keystone • Glance • Nova • Horizon • Swift • Quantum • Cinder• Knife OpenStack
  9. 9. Chef for OpenStack: Where• openstack• #openstack-chef on••• • keystone, glance, nova, horizon, swift,quantum,cinder•
  10. 10. Chef for OpenStack: Who
  11. 11. Chef for OpenStack: Today• Chef repo for Essex• Operating Systems (Ubuntu 12.04)• Hypervisors (KVM, LXC)• Databases (MySQL)• FlatDHCP networking with floating IPs• Test Kitchen
  12. 12. Rackspace Private Cloud: Alamo• Parallel fork of current cookbooks••
  13. 13. Chef for OpenStack: When• Folsom is under active development • Rackspace, AT&T, DreamHost have active branches • Quantum (Nicira, OVS) • Cinder • Hyper-V • Red Hat
  14. 14. Chef for OpenStack: moving to
  15. 15. Deploying OpenStack• Chef ties it all together automatically• Scaling changes how we deploy• Interchangeable components• Configurations shared, supported & documented• Licensing makes it available to everyone
  16. 16. knife openstack
  17. 17. knife openstack$ knife openstackAvailable openstack subcommands: (for details, knife SUB-COMMAND --help)** OPENSTACK COMMANDS **knife openstack flavor list (options)knife openstack image list (options)knife openstack server create (options)knife openstack server delete SERVER [SERVER] (options)knife openstack server list (options)
  18. 18. knife openstack flavor list$ knife openstack flavor listID Name Virtual CPUs RAM Disk1 m1.tiny 1 512 MB 0 GB2 m1.small 1 2048 MB 10 GB3 m1.medium 2 4096 MB 10 GB4 m1.large 4 8192 MB 10 GB5 m1.xlarge 8 16384 MB 10 GB
  19. 19. knife openstack image list$ knife openstack image listID Name4a197431-503d-4b85-b61e-84af21ca8654 cirros-imagef8ebb842-c0c0-4be3-8c4c-f72f48edec50 precise-image
  20. 20. knife openstack server createknife openstack server create -a -f 1 -I f8ebb842-c0c0-4be3-8c4c-f72f48edec50 -S local -i ~/.ssh/local.pem -x ubuntu
  21. 21. Chef for Infrastructure Portability• knife openstack • Piston, Nebula, Crowbar, TryStack• knife hp• knife rackspace• knife ec2• ... and many others
  22. 22. Chef for OpenStack Roadmap• Documentation (• Hypervisors (Hyper-V)• Databases (PostgreSQL)• Operating Systems (RHEL, Debian, SUSE)• HA Configurations• Quantum (pluggable)• Cinder (pluggable)• Community Events (Boston January 22)
  23. 23. Chef for OpenStack Ecosystem• Cookbooks reusable outside of OpenStack• Test Kitchen• Librarian• Spiceweasel• pxe_dust• knife-rackspace/hp/dreamhost• Sputnik Cloud Launcher• Crowbar
  24. 24. Chef for OpenStack TL;DL•• Project, not a product• Lots of contributors with real deployments• Essex works, Folsom merging• Features driven by demand (show up for what you want)• Documentation with examples
  25. 25. AT&T
  26. 26. Questions?Matt Raymatt@opscode.comTwitter|GitHub|IRC: mattray