Challenges and Opportunities for the Local Enterprise Partnerships


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Presentation given to the UK Science Park Association (UKSPA) Conference on 10th February 2011

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Challenges and Opportunities for the Local Enterprise Partnerships

  1. 1. Challenges and Opportunities for the Local Enterprise Partnerships<br />Dr Martin Dare-Edwards<br />Chairman of the Oxon-LEP <br />
  2. 2. Challenges and Opportunities for the Local Enterprise Partnerships<br />Outline<br />The Remit of LEPs<br />Guidance to LEPs<br />Intrinsic Challenges<br />Oxon-LEP Modus Operandi <br />Scope of Opportunities (exemplified for Oxon-LEP)<br />Closing Thoughts<br />
  3. 3. Challenges & Opportunities for the LEPs<br />The Remit of LEPs<br />Local enterprise partnerships bring together local business and civic leaders, working to support their local economy. <br />They will operate within a geography that reflects natural economic areas<br />They will provide the vision, knowledge and strategic leadership needed to drive sustainable private sector growth and (high value) job creation in their area.<br />
  4. 4. Challenges & Opportunities for the LEPs<br />Guidance to LEPs<br />Business-led<br />Follow the bid-basis upon which LEP was approved<br />Collaborate with neighbours and others relevant to specific Growth projects <br />Don’t expect any more guidance!<br />Seize your opportunity for “leadership” for pursuit of Growth in your local area<br />“Proceed until apprehended”!<br />
  5. 5. Challenges & Opportunities for the LEPs<br />Intrinsic Challenges<br />No direct financial support (officers generally sponsored by Local Authorities)<br />“Southern LEPs” should not expect to receive funding support for projects from the RGF (“only £1.4Billion” over 4 years for others)<br />Other National or Regional funds (e.g. ERDF) also likely to be targeted outside South<br />Projects heavily reliant on Private Funding<br />Need to be “creative” for other Funding!<br />Voluntary (part-time) Business Leadership<br />Unelected / Power of Influence only?<br />Strategic vs expectation of rapid results!<br />
  6. 6. Oxon-LEP Modus Operandi<br />Executive (1+3+12) and overseeing Forum (1+ ~16)<br />Aim for Oxon Enterprise to be “Outstanding”<br />Proven Business Processes<br />Sharp Prioritisation (“Rule of 3”)<br />Clear Decision Taking Process<br />Action & Delivery Orientation<br />Working/Delivery Teams (“Rule of 7”)<br />“Row”, “Steer” and “Cheer”<br />Friends/Supporting Groups <br />“Oxfordshire Business First”, others …<br />“Distillation” and “Cascade”<br />
  7. 7. Challenges & Opportunities for the LEPs<br />Scope of Opportunities (1)<br />Initial Work Priorities:<br />Addressing Skills Deficiencies (Subteam initiated)<br />Inward Investment (Subteam initiated)<br />Business support provision (Proposal in development)<br />Securing investment for enabling infrastructure priorities (2 Bids made to RGF but Plan B’s required!) (Broadband Bid in development) <br />Role to drive key planning decisions?<br />Addressing other specific barriers to growth identified by businesses themselves<br />
  8. 8. Challenges & Opportunities for the LEPs<br />Scope of Opportunities (2)<br />Spatial priorities:<br />Science Vale UK – national and international leader in science and innovation(Likely need to broaden to all Oxfordshire; also identify sectors of actual or realistic-aspirant “Greatness”)<br />Bicester – eco-town to act as a focus for delivering an international exemplar of sustainable development<br />Oxford – continue to support our inward investment as world-class centre of education, research and innovation<br />
  9. 9. Challenges & Opportunities for the LEPs<br />Closing Thoughts<br />Removal of funded RDAs by unfunded LEPs creates many challenges and opportunities…<br />Critical to the success of LEPs will be prioritisation and strong focus…<br />(Some) Early demonstration of value is essential…there are many “naysayers”…<br />Creativity & innovation are paramount… <br />Rapid evolution & “growing-up” of the LEPs are to be expected.<br />
  10. 10. Challenges & Opportunities for the LEPs<br />Backup Slides<br />
  11. 11. Oxon-LEP<br />Chairman<br />Dr Martin Dare-Edwards – Infineum UK<br />Executive Board Vice-Chairs<br />Adrian Shooter – Chiltern Railways<br />Prof Ian Walmsley - University of Oxford<br />Cllr David Robertson – Oxfordshire County Council<br />Executive Board (Champions)<br />James Dipple - MEPC<br />Jonathan Lloyd-Jones – Blake Lapthorne<br />Stuart Miller – ByBox<br />Tony Stratton – CPM and Oxford Inspires<br />Ian Wenman – IoD and “Oxfordshire Business First”<br />Sally-Ann Forsyth – Goodman / Harwell Oxford<br />Prof Colin Whitehouse – STFC<br />Ltnt-Gen Andrew Graham – Defence Academy<br />Sally Dicketts - OCVC<br />Ann Ducker – South Oxfordshire District Council<br />Bob Price – Oxford City Council<br />John Francis – Interim for Oxford Brookes until March 2011<br />
  12. 12. Oxon-LEP<br />Forum (Ambassadors)<br />Dave Richards (Prodrive)<br />Jonathan Flint (Oxford Instruments)<br />Chris Harris (London & Metropolitan)<br />Ciaran Rafferty (Sophos) <br />John Hoy (Blenheim Palace) <br />John Ormston (HR Wallingford) <br />Jürgen Hedrich (BMW)<br />Terry Sweeney (RM) <br />Brendon Cross (STL Communications) <br />VC Prof Andrew Hamilton (University of Oxford)<br />VC Prof Janet Beer (OBU)<br />Sir Jonathan Michael (NHS)<br />Brigadier Neil Baverstock (MoD)<br />Prof Steve Cowley (UKAEA) <br />Keith Mitchell CBE (OCC)<br />