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Introduction to Oxfordshire LEP for UKTI BioPharma Duty Tour - Oxfordshire Visit 7th March 2012


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Introduction to Oxfordshire LEP for UKTI BioPharma Duty Tour - Oxfordshire Visit 7th March 2012

  1. 1. Introduction to Oxfordshire LEP for theUKTI BioPharma Duty Tour 7th Mar 2012 Dr Martin Dare-Edwards Chairman of Oxon-LEP
  2. 2. Introduction to Oxfordshire LEP for the UKTI BioPharma Duty Tour Oxfordshire LEP – Modus Operandi Oxfordshire LEP – Spatial Priorities Oxfordshire‟s “Premier League” Clusters Oxfordshire LEP – Priority Themes Oxfordshire Science Vale EZ Features
  3. 3. Oxfordshire LEP – Modus Operandi The Oxfordshire LEP was created to seize our opportunity for Local Leadership in the Pursuit of “Outstanding” Growth in Oxfordshire Our Mission (and “Touchstone”) is: – „The Oxfordshire LEP exists to help create more high value-adding, sustainable jobs in Oxfordshire‟ Our activities will focus on identifying and working to remove barriers to economic growth in our county. We sharply prioritise our efforts to where we can add value…(Row / Steer / Cheer approach)
  4. 4. Oxfordshire LEP – Spatial Priorities Oxfordshire Science Vale Enterprise Zone (OSVEZ) – Local Operational Partner - SVUK Partnership Board – National & International excellence for Science & Technological Innovation Oxford City – Local Operational Partner - being created – Continue to support our inward investment as world-class centre of education, research and innovation – Unsurpassed opportunities to feed from Oxford’s two World Class Universities, and gain value from clinical trialling through the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust Bicester – Local Operational Partner – Bicester Vision – Drive to establish coherent Housing and Employment-based Development, inclusive of the Eco-exemplar
  5. 5. Oxfordshire‟s „Premier League‟ Clusters Medical Research and Biotechnology Drug Discovery, Development & Clinical Trialling Cryogenic Technology “Coolest” parts of Oxfordshire’s (Globally) Brightest & Hottest! Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Supply Chain Satellite Applications Earth-Observation Satellites: Upstream Technologies, Control & Data Acquisition, Data Exploitation Automotive Manufacturing & Motorsport Technology ICE Vehicles, Low Carbon Mobility, Leading-edge Materials, Engineering & Controls Innovations
  6. 6. Oxfordshire LEP – Priority Themes Supporting Inward Investment – Marketing of the “Enterprising Oxfordshire” offering (also via UKTI) – Oxfordshire Science Vale Enterprise Zone (OSVEZ) – Identifying and Promoting “Clusters of Excellence” and Specialised Supply Chains in High Growth Sectors – Supporting Existing Businesses to Innovate and Grow (linkage to “Business Coaching For Growth” programme) – Access to Finance and Export Support Identifying and Securing Investment for Top Priority Enabling Infrastructure Projects – Also using GPF, “TIF2” and other leveraged pump-priming Funds Addressing Skills Mismatches – A “Steering” activity through the (new) Oxfordshire Skills Board
  7. 7. Oxfordshire Science Vale EZ FeaturesExisting centres of excellence – World class facilities, research and reputationNeed to compete on a world stage – Raise the profile of Science Vale92 ha ready from day 1 – Harwell Oxford 64ha + Milton Park 28ha 8400 additional jobs, 200,000 sqm business spaceExisting Management – Commercially managed parks – Science Vale Board Supported by Didcot growth, 13,000 new homes
  8. 8. Appendix Slide
  9. 9. Why Clusters? Good is not Good enough! No focus means invisibility! Clustering - proven basis to lead economic growth Specialised Supply Chains, including Specialist Service Providers Fermentation of innovation (competitive & collaborative) – global hotspots! “Catapults” are examples for coordination UKTI Inward Investment Support UKTI Export Support (especially for SME‟s)
  10. 10. Support for Enterprise Zone Standing item at monthly meetings of Oxon-LEP Executive Board Oxon-LEP has confirmed to use 50% of revenue funding from Growing Places Fund to support SVUK Delivery Board Proposal to prioritise allocation of retained Business Rate to support delivery of supporting infrastructure Invite bids for Oxfordshire Growing Places Fund – April „12
  11. 11. Oxfordshire Science Vale Enterprise Zone Progress Delivery board Fast-track planning regime Interim benefit – suspended strategic infrastructure contributions LPA extends 8-year LDO facility across both parks Marketing strategy, UKTI support HCA strategic framework plan – March report Fibre to park and premises specification