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Special 2014 - Why are startups special?


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Why are startups special? A simple pack for my presentation to Port 80 meetup in Sydney July 2014.

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Special 2014 - Why are startups special?

  1. 1. What is so special about startups?
  2. 2. Pete Cooper SydStart @pc0 July 2014
  3. 3. Pete Cooper (longer form) SydStart Fishburners et al. UTS Innovation The Start Society Policy - Advocacy - Mentoring - Volunteering Cooper & Co Rothschild - ASX - Macquarie Bank Standard Chartered Bank
  4. 4. Something special is happening Big - 3Trillion Growing Structurally stable ... likely to accelerate Watch our language Tech travels so use global sources ... technology industry context Global / local startup context
  5. 5. Global Learning Examples CB Insights Mary Meeker SydStart goals are shared with others globally Get: Hyper Connected, Inspired, Educated SXSW, Launch, Le Web, Echelon, Disrupt ...
  6. 6. Some trends Simplicity of experience in front (single function apps) Bundling / aggregation in back (networks of apps) Development of verticals
  7. 7. Simplicity, yo!
  8. 8. Verticals Education Construction Fashion/Design Finance Health Family Ecommerce