The Gaa In The Glens Of Antrim
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The Gaa In The Glens Of Antrim



Presentation of the History of the GAA in the Glens of Antrim

Presentation of the History of the GAA in the Glens of Antrim



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The Gaa In The Glens Of Antrim The Gaa In The Glens Of Antrim Presentation Transcript

  • The History of Gaelic Games
    in the
    Glens of Antrim
  • Origins of Hurling
    • 5th century B.C. – representation of a “stick and ball” game Athens
    • Trinity College Library, Dublin – manuscript describes a contest in Cong, Mayo in 1272 B.C. between The Firbolgs and Tuatha de Danann
    • Brehon Laws (B.C.) – catered for those injured in hurling matches
    • Cuchullain – folklore story with a hurl of bronze and a ball of silver
    • 1366 – Statutes of Kilkenny banned the wearing of Irish Dress and the use of the Brehon Laws
    • 1527 -,Galway Statutes banned the “horling of the litill ball with hockie sticks or staves
    • Wild Geese – post siege of Limerick, demonstrated hurling in the continent as it was played in Erin go Bragh
  • Earliest Representation of a Stick & Ball Game
    Athens Archaeological Museum
    Found Athens 1922, dates from 5th Century B.C
  • Stick & Ball Game
    Medieval Denmark 1333
  • 15th Century Grave Slab
    Clonca Church Ruin, Malin Head
    inscription reads – made by Fearghas MacAllain
    To the memory of Manas MacMhoireasdain of Iona
  • Shinney (Camanachd)
    • Also referred to as Shinty, Shinny and hurling
    • Mull of Kintyre & Antrim Coast use the term Shinney
    • Scots believe it was brought from N.E Ireland 1500 years ago
    • Winter game especially at Christmas and the New Year
    • Aird a Chumhaing – refers to hurling / camanachd as a Winter Christmas recreation
  • Local References
    • Shaw Mason Parochial Survey 1817 – “ a great concourse of people assemble on the strand at Whitepark to play cammon or shinney
    • Ordnance Survey Memoirs 1830 – record caman being played at Ballymoney, Carrickfergus and Loughgiel.
    • Lord Cushendun’s memoirs (unpublished) writes that his grandfather Edmund Alexander McNeill (1785-1879) was best boxer and hurler in the Glens
    • 1882 Government Official investigating the “Distress in Co. Antrim” reported that in Ballyeamon he found that shinney was still being played where the reputation of the whole parish was at stake
  • The GAA Nationally
    • Founded 01.11.1884 in Miss Hayes Commercial Hotel, Thurles
    • Michael Cusack, Maurice Davin, John McKay, John Wyse Power, John K. Bracken, P.J. O’Ryan, Thomas St George McCarthy
    • Previous Attempts (8) all failed to produce a National Athletics Organisation
    • Included organisations like Dublin Amateur Athletics Club 1867, A.A.A. of Ireland 1881 – Cusack involved in 6 of these
    • 1881 Cusack actually advocated cricket as Ireland's national sport
    • Patrons secured – Archbishop Thomas W. Croke, Charles Stewart Parnell and Michael Davitt
    • 2nd Meeting in Victoria Hotel Cork, January 1885 effectively taken over by the Irish Parliamentary Party
    • 3rd Meeting before the GAA marked it’s cards with the I.P.P. And I.R.B.
    Miss Hayes Commercial Hotel, Thurles 1884
    Maurice Davin and Michael Cusack
  • Market Day, Thurles 1894
  • GAA in the Glens of Antrim
    • Glenarm Shauns was first team to be formed in 1903
    • 1904 first Feis na Gleann
    • Cushendun defeated Glenarm in the semi-final
    • Carey defeated Glenariffe in the other semi-final
    • Some reports that Glenarm played Carey in final have since been corrected
    • Irish Weekly August 1904 reported that “...Cushendun lost in the final of the Shield of Heroes
    • Corroborated by Dan McCarry in interview for The Emmet Review
    • Feis provided the impetus for the whole Gaelic Movement
  • Francis Joseph Biggar 1863 -1926
    Founder of Feis na Gleann
    7th son of a 71th son, b. Mallusk Co Antrim, educated R.BA.I., Solicitor, Freemason, Gael
  • Miss Ada McNeill 1860 - 1959
    Secretary to the first Feis Committee 1904
    b. England, 1st cousin Lord Cushendun, member of Gaelic League and enthusiastic revivalist
  • Feis na nGleann
    • Founded by Francis Joseph Biggar a Protestant gentleman from Belfast 1904
    • Committee : President Miss Barbara McDonnell, Cushendall
    Secretary Miss Ada McNeill, Cushendun
    Treasurer Joseph Duffy, Cushendall
    Committee Representatives from each of the Glens
    Denis Black, Glendun
    William McLaughlin, Glendun
    • 1905 – committee elected under presidency of Fr Magill Culfeightrin
    • Tournament organised in Glenarm
    • Participants Glenariffe Oisins, Feystown Eoin Roe’s
    Mullaghsandal Shamrocks, Glenarm Shane O’Neill’s
    Glenarm were winners of the Athy Cup
  • Roger Casement 1864 - 1916
    Umpire at Feis na nGleann 1904 (referee was Dan Dempsey)
  • Roger Casement’s Boat, Fainne Gael an Lae
    Feis na nGleann 1904 – Casement led a party of Irish Speakers from Rathlin
  • Preparing for the first Feis 1904
    Includes: Roger Casement, Margaret Dobbs, Ada Mcneill, Annie McGavock, Rose Young, John (Benmore) Clarke
    Francis J. Biggar, Padraic McCormaic, Harry Scally, Andy Dooey, Joseph Duffy, Denis Maginnis, Stephen Clarke
    Rev, Tom Toal, Rev McGrattan
  • Feis na Gleann Parade, Red Bay, Glenariffe
  • Main Street, Waterfoot
  • Feis na Gleann 1904
    Holden’s Hall, Glenariffe
  • Cassie McNeill, Glenarm
    Feis na nGleann 1904
  • Boy Dancer
    Feis na nGleann
  • Practising in Neil John O’Boyle’s Field
    Early 20th Century
  • Preparing for Match, Glenariffe 1904
  • Tussle at Feis, Glenariffe 1904
  • Parading Through Red Arch, Feis na nGleann
  • Beginning of Hurling Match
    Neil John O’Boyle’s Field, Glenariffe 1906
  • Prior to Parade
    Outside Legge House,
    Cushendall 1906
  • Outside former Coast Guard Station, Cushendun – Currently Maud Cottages 1906
    Preparing for Parade to Cushendall Feis
    Inscription read Gan Teagan,Gan Tir – Without A Language, Without A Country
  • Match Parade at Feis, Cushendall 1906
  • Match Parade at Feis, Cushendall 1906
  • Feis na nGleann, Cushendall 1906
    Senior Hurling Match (now 4th Fairway of Golf Course)
  • Feis na Gleann, 1906, Cushendall
    Note temporary bridge to what is now the 4th fairway on Golf Course
  • Feis na Gleann 1906
    Shore Street, Cushendall
  • Feis na nGleann Cushendall, 1906
    Minor Hurling Match
  • O’Neill War Pipers, Armagh
    Feis na nGleann
  • Feis na nGleann – Pipes and Drums
  • Feis na Gleann Committee 1932
    Altmore street Glenarm
    L-R: Johnny (Benmore) Clarke, Rev, L. Kirkwood, Miss Madge Logue, Rev. Diamond, Hugh Flatley,
    Annie McAllister (Waterfoot)Rev. Clenaghan, Maggie O’Boyle (Glenarm), Archie McKinley (Carnlough)
  • Formation of North Antrim GAA Divisional Board
    • Antrim County Convention 1906 resolution passed to form N. A. Committee
    • Inaugural Meeting Cushendall 01.04.1906
    • In attendance Mr George Martin, Ulster Council secretary
    Mr B. O’Brien, Antrim County Board secretary
    Mr George Martin, Belfast and Presiding officer
    • Committee Elected President Fr Patrick Magill, PP Culfeightrin
    Chairman Mr Patrick Moore, Carey
    Secretary Mr J.J. Dodd, Glenarm
    Treasurer Mr Dominic Quinn, Cushendun
    Committee Mr Moore
    Mr Quinn
    Mr Magill
    Mr McAllister
    Mr McAleese
  • Irish News Thursday April 5th 1905 – “Organising North Antrim”
  • North Antrim 1906
    • Inaugural Meeting Cushendall School Sunday 15th April 1906
    • Affiliated Teams Carey (Fag a’Ballach)
    Mullaghsandal (Shamrocks)
    Cushendun (Brian Boru)
    Glenarm (Shane O’Neill)
    Loughgiel (Tir na nOg)
    Feystown (Eoin Roe O’Neill’s)
    Carnagear (Sarsfield’s)
    • Meeting 2 Cushendall 2nd June 1906
    • Additional Teams Glenariffe (Oisins)
    Cushendall (Ruairi Og)
    • North Antrim Championship Final 1906
    Carey 5-7 Mullaghsandal 1-2
    • Feis Cushendall 27th June 1906
    North Antrim 7 South Antrim (Tir na nOg) 24
  • North Antrim Team 1906
    Arthur Harvey, Jimmy (Barney) McAuley, John McDade, James B. Delargy (Glenariffe)
    Tom Hernon, Archie McKay, A. McNeill (Cushendun)
    J. McKeegan, A. McAlister (Cushendall)
    H. McCollam, H. McKay, J.McAleese, H. McKee (Loughgiel)
    H. McAllister, J Magill, D. McAllister, (Mullaghsandal)
    Robinson, J O’Hara (Glenarm
    C. Magill, W. Bell (Feystown) also Mulvenna and J.McAllister - subs
  • North Antrim Hurling Select 1906
  • North Antrim 1907
    • McQuillan's , Ballycastle entered into competitions
    • N. A. Final Cushendun 3.07 Carey 2.06 (Cushendall)
    • County Final Crowley’s 32 Cushendun 9 (Belfast)
    North Antrim 1908
    • N.A. Final Cushendun defeated Glenarm by a point (Cushendall)
    • County Final Seaghan an Diomais 2.11 Cushendun 1.01 (Glenarm)
    • Cushendall won Coulter Cup presented to Captain later Fr George McKillop
    • North Antrim 1909
    • Cushendun withdrew some players going to Ballycastle.
    • Loughgiel Dalriadians joined League competition
  • North Antrim 1909
    • Cushendun withdrew with some players going to Ballycastle.
    • Loughgiel Dalriadians joined League competition for trophy presented by Fr Eardley P.P. Culfeightrin
    • N.A Final Carey defeated Loughgiel Tir na nOg, lost County Final to Brian Og of Belfast 3-08 to 1-09
    North Antrim 1910
    • N.A. Final Ballycastle 7.05 Glenarm 2.04 (Loughgiel)
    • County Final Seaghans 6.02 Ballycastle 2.06 (Glenarm)
    • Goals reverted to current Format – Points post abolished
    North Antrim 1911
    • Dunloy Cuchullain's join competition and win N.A. Title but defeated in County Final by Mitchel’s
  • North Antrim 1912
    • Economic Strife and widespread emigration
    • Participating teams: Ballycastle McQuillan’s, Carey, Loughgiel Shamrocks, Rasharkin St Olcan’s , Armoy Lamh Dhearg, Ballycastle Og
    • Cushendun and Cushendall were gone and Loughgiel Shamrocks were also gone before the end of the year but returned in 1916
    • Ballycastle won N.A. Championship after Carey failed to field
    • Mitchel’s retained County title
    North Antrim 1913 – 15
    • Teams reduced from 17–a-side to 15-a-side ( prior to 1892 it was 21-a-side)
    • Ballycastle win N.A and County title beating Seaghan’s by a point and retained the title in 1914
    • Ballycastle N.A. Champions but lost to Seaghan’s
  • News paper Cutting
    19 July 1912
  • North Antrim 1916 - 17
    • Carey, Cushendun, Loughgiel, Glenariffe re-entered
    • N.A. Final Carey beat Loughgiel 2.00 to 1.01 and go on to win 2nd County title
    • Carey lose County final to Stephen’s 4.02 to 4.01
    North Antrim1918 - 1925
    • Little Activity for next 8 years including Feis
    • 1922 just 4 N.A teams registered – Loughgiel, Ballycastle, Glenarm, Dunloy
    • Loughgiel win County Championships in 1920, 1924 and 1925
    • Mullaghsandal win N.A title in 1921 after Loughgiel failed to field
    • Torr Emmet’s appear briefly in early 20s
    • 1924 N.A. Championship not played until 1925
  • North Antrim 1926
    • Committee reconstituted
    • League reorganised with Ballycastle A and B, Carey, Cushendun, Loughgiel, Glenariffe, Dunloy, Glenarm and Glenann
    • Glenann organised by Dan McAllister and Hugh McSparran but disputes with other clubs caused divided loyalties and the team only lasted a year.
    In Glenann, Ballyeamon and round about,
    A team of hurlers was rigged out,
    It caused a boom in the hurling trade,
    A whole new set of sticks was made.
    There was Paddy Randy and Dan’s Dan,
    Hughie Billy from sweet Glenann,
    John Lynn from Tromra Brae,
    And Charlie Tin Boots, from far away.
    • Loughgiel win N.A. Final after Ballycastle failed to field over dispute about venue. They go on to defeat Randalstown in the final but objection lodged by Randalstown over illegal (Carey) players precipitates replay. Loughgiel failed to field for replay.
  • Hugh McSparran, Lubane, Glenann(butcher, miller)
    Organiser of Glenann Hurling Team circa 1926
  • North Antrim 1927
    • Cushendun “Gaels” get services of 5 Loughgiel players after internal dispute
    Gerard, Jim and Frank Connolly and J.P. McAllister and J. McAleese
    • Cushendall re-enter led by Alex (Waxy) Butler from Ballycastle
    • Loughgiel defeat Carey in N.A. Final but lose to O’Connell’s in County Final
    North Antrim 1928
    • Feis na nGleann revived and held in Cushendall
    • Traditional North Antrim v South Antrim abandoned as ball was lost but South awarded Sean an Diomais Cup as they were leading 9-5
    • N.A Championship (played on a league basis), Glenarm winning but lose County final to O’Connell’s at Corrigan Park 5.06 to 3.03
    • Football league played during the Winter in North Antrim for first time
  • North Antrim 1929
    • Loughgiel win N.A, and defeat O’Connell’s in County final
    • 7-a-side Competitions played in Ballycastle and Cushendall
    • Cushendun participate as the Emmet’s and win N.A. League
    • First Minor championship won by Roddy McCorley’s, Ballycastle
    North Antrim 1930
    • Dunloy defeat Loughgiel in N.A final but lose to O’Connell’s in County Final
    • Dunloy make it a double by winning N.A. League final defeating Cushendun
  • North Antrim - Teams No Longer In Existence
    Carnagear Sarsfields ( circa 1903)
    • Always struggled to keep a team together. Initially they had no home pitch
    • Players included John, Charlie, Sammy, Frank and Alex McAllister, Bob, Pat and John Scullion, John Semple, Pat and Dan O’Boyle (Slemish)
    • Dissipated after 2 season due to emigration
    Braid Celtic - Ballyfore (circa 1907)
    • Joined North Antrim League 1907
    • Players included Paddy Gribben, John, James and Charlie Rowan, Hughie, James, John and Barney Dobbin
    There was a very gallant team,
    Their names I’ll tell to you
    There was Big Johnny, James and Charlie
    Patrick, George and Hugh
    Paddy Gribben, Barney McKeown
    And the man who made the ball
    And the place they went to practise first,
    Was in the McKeownstown Fall
  • North Antrim - Teams No Longer in Existence
    Mullaghsandal Shamrocks (circa 1904)
    • Formed and captained by ‘the fleet-footed Jimmy Magill’
    • Lost North Antrim League Final to Carey in 1906
    • Played in 2 different fields at Pat McAllister’s farm Loughdoo and Billy McAllister’s at Ligg
    Feystown Owen Roes (circa 1905)
    • Players included Mulvenna brothers from Claudy, Feeney brothers from Aughboy and Bell brothers from Cairncastle
    • Wore green jerseys with a harp on front and known as Feystown harps
    McCracken’s Glenbush (1944) – won N.A Junior Championship
    Glenshesk (1943)
    Cloughmills (1944)
  • The GAA in Carnlough
    Carnlough Harps
    • Formed 1906-07 – had 2 players in N.A. Team 1907 (Gibbons & McMullan)
    • 1922 William Martin presented ‘Martin Cup’ to N.A. Committee
    • J. Martin elected secretary North Antrim Board 1924
    1932 - Michael Collins Carnlough (formed by Rev J. Clenaghan, Archie McKinley, Carey)
    • Played football from 1935 – mid ‘40s; no record of hurling in the ‘40s or thereafter
    • Sports Park secured at Stoneyhill
    • Antrim County Convention held in Carnlough 1934
    • Archie McKinley elected North Antrim Chairman 1943
    • 1948 – Jackie Darragh, P. O’Kane and Liam Forde played for N.A. Against S.W. Antrim
    • 1950 – Austin McKinley (son of Archie) played with Antrim footballers 1950s
    • From mid 50s to mid 60s no mention of Carnlough in leagues
    1966 – Carnlough GAC
    • rejoined leagues withdrawing in 1974 (lost Junior Football final)
    • c1967 - Defeated Dunloy by a point in Championship
    • Players included – Tony Hoey, Frank Ward, Sean O’Neill, Ritchie Hamill, Willie Cassidy
    • Club built in late Sixties on Ballymena line but bombed c1972
  • North Antrim – Teams No Longer in Existence
    St Ciaran’s Ballyeamon (1944)
    • Players came from Ballyeamon apart from 4 Kinney brothers from Layde
    • Lasted not much more than a year
    • Involved in a famous fracas involving Patsy Kinney and Gus McKay (C’Dun)
    The Ballyeamon Jersey ‘Myth’
    • Ballyeamon did wear jerseys with green and black hoops
    • Cushendall’s colours were described in a referee’s report as “motley”
    • Cushendun wore red jerseys with a green hoop originally
    • Cushendun acquired jerseys from an Armoy team and Mrs A. McSparran dyed them green and black
    • Gradually though, some of the Ballyeamon jerseys were “acquired” after they went out of existence.
    • Some jerseys bought by Fr John McSparran at Athletic Stores in Belfast who stocked a North Down rugby team’s jerseys.
    • No jerseys stolen and the “stealing” of the colours was done by Ballyeamon
  • St Ciaran’s Ballyeamon
    Back Row L-R: Charlie Delargy (Altmore), Jamie O’Rawe (Tully House), Pat McNaughton (Cairns),
    Danny McKillop (Glenburn), Arthur Delargy (Altmore)
    Front Row L-R: Hal Harvey Glenariffe, John McKeegan (Tully), David McIlwaine (Tully), Hugh McKeegan (Tully)
    Richard McCurry (Tavnagharry), Kevin McCollam (Glenariffe)
    Seated L-R: Charlie Hamill (Cushendall), Henry O’Rawe (Tully House)
  • Shane O’Neill’s, Glenarm
    Founded - 1903
    Founders – John ‘Benmore’ Clarke, Francis Joseph Biggar,
    James McRann
    Ground – Feystown
    1928 - North Antrim Senior Championship
    1933 – North Antrim Senior Championship
    1945 – County Minor Hurling Championship
    1957 – County Junior Championship
    1975 – North Antrim Junior Football Championship
    1976 – Intermediate Hurling Championship
    1998 – Intermediate Hurling Championship
  • John ‘Benmore’ Clarke 1868 -1934
    Founding father of Shane O’Neill’s
  • Carey Faugh’s
    Founded - 1903
    Founders - Denis Maguire, Patrick Moore assisted by Fr Eardly
    Ground - St Patrick’s Park, Ballyvoy
    1904 - Winners of “Shield of the Heroes” at Feis na nGleann
    1906 – first North Antrim team to win the County championship defeating Crowley's
    1916 – 2nd County Championship defeating Belfast Harps in the final
    1923 – 3rd and last County Championship defeating O’Connell’s in the final
    1954 – Senior Feis Cup
    1990 – Intermediate Hurling Championship
  • Shield of the Heroes - 1904
  • Carey Faughs 1906
  • Carey Faugh’s 1906
    Back Row L-R: Alex McBride, John McBride, Alex McKinley, Dan McCarry, John McDonnell, Dan Lamont, John Lynn
    Middle Row L-R: James McAllister, Hugh McCormick, paddy Butler, James McCarry, Paddy Lynn, Dan Gillan, Neil McNaughton
    Front Row L-R: Pat McCarry, Frank Black, Pat Moore
  • Antrim Senior Hurling Champions 1924, Carey Faughs
  • Senior Feis Cup Winners 1954, Carey Faughs
  • Robert Emmet’s, Cushendun
    Founded – 1904 also known as Brian Boru’s, Gaels
    Founders – Dominic Quinn, Denis Black, Willie McLaughlin
    Ground – Lig an Airgid
    1907/08 – North Antrim Championship
    1931 – Antrim Senior Championship
    1963 - North Antrim Junior Championship
    1973 – Antrim Intermediate Championship
    1989 – Antrim Minor Championship (St Pat’s)
    1992 – Antrim Intermediate Championship
    2007 – Antrim Intermediate Championship
  • Cushendun Hurlers circa 1904
  • Training at McBride’s Field Cushendun 1904
  • Cushendun Emmet’s circa 1928 – after training
    Yard at The Strand House, Cushendun
    Back L-R: Dan McAfee, Jimmy (Scotland) McMullan, unknown..
    Middle L-R: Archie McSparran, Charlie Leavey, unknown, Hugh McGavock
    Front L-R: Harry Scally, Jim McKendry, Dan McCormick, Jim (Bach) McMullan, Alex McKay
  • Cushendun Emmet’s 1928
    Back L-R: Jim McKendry, Harry Scally, John (Packer) McLaughlin, Johnny McKiernan, Archie McSparran, Denis McKeegan, Hugh McGavock
    Front L-R:Alex Delargy, Dan McCormick, Archie (The Guy) McNaughton, Denis Black (mentor) Alex McKay, Pat McLarnon, Alex O’Hara, Neil Delargy
  • Cushendun Emmet’s c1929
  • Cushendun Emmet’s c1929
  • Cushendun Emmet’s 1930
    Back L-R:Hugh McGavock, Alex McKay, Denis McKeegan, Neil Delargy Johnny (Baker) McNeill, Archie McNaughton, Dan McCormick, Stephen Cochrane, John (Packer) McLaughlin
    Front L-R:Johnny McKiernan, Alex Delargy, Jim McKendry, Pat McLarnon, Archie McSparran
  • Sports Day Cushendun c1945
    Lawn at Glenmona House
  • “The Rigs”, Cushendun Hurling Field c1931
    Note – the field runs parallel with the beach
  • Official Opening New Pavilion Cushendun 1994
    L-R: Rev P. Delargy, Rev B. Mooney, Rev J. McGurnaghan, Oliver Kelly, Malachy McSparran
    Michael Brogan, Anne Marie McKendry, Jack Boothman, Ian McQuiston, Brigid McSparran, Nuala Boothman
    Seamus Graham, Tom McLean
  • Oisins, Glenariffe
    Founded – 1904 preceded by Michael Dwyer's and the Auld Oisins
    Founders – Master Dan Delargy, John McKillen
    Ground – McAllister and McVeigh Memorial Park
    1935 – County Senior Hurling Championship
    1937 – County Senior Hurling Championship
    1955 – County junior Championship
    1972 – Senior Feis Cup
    1975 - Senior Feis Cup
    1988 – Intermediate Hurling Championship
  • Antrim Senior Hurling Champions 1937, Oisins Glenariffe
    Back L-R: Alex McMullan, Charlie McDonnell, Dan McAlister, Willie Graham, pat McAlister,
    Robert McMullan, Charlie Black, Mick McKillop, Bob Graham, Fr Maguiness
    Front L-R: Alex McDonnell, Mick Graham, Aneas Black, Jim McMullan, Archie Darragh,
    Charlie McAlister, Dan McKillop, George Harvey
  • County Junior Hurling Champions 1959 Oisins Glenariffe
  • Ruairi Og, Cushendall
    Founded – 1906
    Founders – Fr George McKillop
    Ground – Pairc Naomh Mhuire
    1946 – Countess of Antrim Cup
    1948 – North Antrim Senior Football Championship
    1955 – Senior Feis Cup
    1963 – County Minor Hurling Championship
    1981 – Antrim Senior Hurling Championship
    1991/93 – 3 consecutive Antrim Senior Hurling Championships
  • Minor Team, Ruairi Og Cushendall circa 1935
    Back L-R: Neilly Mullan, Chris Mullan, Benny O’Loan, John McNaughton, Willie McKillop,
    Paddy McCollam, Dan McNaughton, Dan McAlister, Pat McNaughton
    Front L-R: Tommy Scollay, Mick McKillop, Mannix McAlister,
    Denis Gore, Harry Blaney, Danny Anderson
  • Ruairi Og Cushendall 1940
  • ”Magnificent Seven” 1947 Ruairi Og Cushendall
  • Ruairi Og Cushendall 1960
  • Senior Feis Cup Winners 1970, Ruairi Og Cushendall
  • 1963 County Minor Hurling Champions, Ruairi Og, Cushendall
  • Ruairi Og Cushendall 1975
    Back L-R: Brendan McAuley, Sean McNaughton, Archie McNaughton, Kieran Kearney, Paddy McAteer,
    Kieran Dempsey, Jamie Quinn, Brendan McGaughey, Archie McKeegan
    Front L-R: Malachy Delargy, Cathal McNaughton, John Delargy, Danny McNaughton, Kevin McNaughton
    Donal McNaughton, Jock McKay
  • McQuillan’s, Ballycastle
    Founded – 1907
    Founders – Eddie Donnelly, William Scally, John Jennings, Pat Duffin
    Ground – Pairc MacUilin
    1909 - North Antrim Hurling Championship
    1913 – County Senior Hurling Championship, retained 1914
    1934 – County Junior Football Championship
    1952 -1954 – 3 consecutive County Senior Hurling Championships
    1986 – last Senior Hurling Championship
  • Sinn Fein Sports, Ballycastle
    Tug – o – war
    Sept 6th, 1924
  • Ballycastle McQuillan’s Minor Team 1940
    Back L-R:Seamus Clarke, Kevin O’Connor, Brendan Donnelly, Frankie Fleming, Dessie Donnelly, John Kearns
    Middle L-R: Jimmy Kelly, Sean Barton, P. McFaul, Frank Butler, Phelim McAuley
    Front L-R: Brian Kearns, Liam McCormick, Mickey Butler, Paddy Jennings
  • Ballycastle McQuillan’s Antrim Senior Hurling Champions 1964
    Back Row L-R: Jimmy Harkin, Eddie Donnelly, Paddy McShane, Jim McToal, Kevin Donnelly, Sean McShane, Brendan Donnelly
    Front Row L-R: James Brown, Dessie Elliott, Colm Lynn, Robbie Elliott, Rab Coyles, Seamus McShane, John Harkin, Brendan Elliott
  • Ballycastle McQuillan’s – Antrim Senior Hurling Champions 1964
    L-R Jim Toal, Fr Charlie Denver, Brian McShane, Robbie Elliot, Seamus Clarke, Eddie Donnell, Club Sponsor
  • Dunloy Cuchullain's
    Founded – 1908
    Founders – Andy Dooey, Paddy McCamphill, Bob Black, Dan Boyle
    Ground – Pearse Park
    1911 – North Antrim Championship Hurling title
    1923 – All County junior Football Championship
    1924 – All County Senior Football Championship
    1925 – retained All County Senior Football Championship
    1936 – last All County Senior Football Championship
    1990 – first All County Senior Hurling Championship
    2009 – Senior Hurling champions
  • Cuchullain's Dunloy – Football 1922-1927
  • Cuchullain's Dunloy – Football 1935
  • Cuchullain's Dunloy – Late 40s
  • Shamrocks Loughgiel
    Founded – 1915 preceded by Tir na nOg and Dalriada (1907)
    Founders – Eddie Connolly, Harry Connolly, John Campbell
    Ground – Fr Healy & Fr Barrett Parks
    1919 - North Antrim League
    1920 – Antrim Senior Hurling Championship
    1924/25 – Antrim Senior Hurling Championship
    1938 – County Minor Hurling Championship
    1966-68 – 3 consecutive County Senior Championships
    1983 – All Ireland Club Championship
    1989 – Last Antrim Senior Hurling Championship
  • Shamrocks Loughgiel 1924/1925
  • Shamrocks Loughgiel 1960
  • Shamrocks Loughgiel 1968
  • Shamrocks Loughgiel
    All Ireland Club Champions 1983
  • Shamrocks Loughgiel 1989
  • Con Magee’s, Glenravel
    Founded – 1916/17
    Founders – Rev T. Toal, Danny Fyfe, Charles O’Loan,
    J. Higgins
    Ground – Fr Maginn Park
    1920 - A.O.H. Tournament Winners (Loughgiel)
    1937 – County Junior Football Championship
    1942,42,44,46 – North Antrim League
    1956 – County Intermediate League
    1957 – All County Division 1 League
    1964 – County Minor and Under 21 Football Championship
    1966 – County Senior Football Championship
    1976 – Antrim Junior Hurling Championship
  • Con MagAoidh Glenravel – early 20th Century
  • Con Magee’s, Glenravel
  • Con Magee’s , Glenravel 1933
  • Con Magee’s, Glenravel
  • Antrim Senior League Champions 1958, Con MagAoidh Glenravel
  • Antrim Minor Football Champions 1964, Con MagAoidh Glenravel
  • Con Magee’s, Glenravel
  • St Mary’s GAC, Rasharkin
    Founded – 1943 preceded by Rasharkin St Olcan’s 1909
    Founders - John Dougan, Terry Mc Shane Tony Mc Lernon, Stephen Mc Auley and Fr. Agnew.
    Grounds – Jamsie McLernon Memorial Park 2000
    1958 Antrim Junior Football Championship
    1963 Lost in final of Antrim Senior Football Championship to St John’s
    1978 – Antrim Intermediate Football Championship
    1991 – Junior Hurling Championship also 2009
    1997 – Reserve Football Championship
    2003 – Junior football Championship
    1993- 2003 – 1 U21, 2 Minor and 2 Under 16 Football Championships
  • Rasharkin Senior Team 1963
  • Glen Rovers, Armoy
    Founded-1956 preceded by Armoy Lamh Dhearg (1912 -22), Armoy GAC (‘40-’42),
    Glenshesk GAC (‘43-’44), St Olcan’s GAC (‘45-’52),
    Founders – Charles Molloy (Lamh Dhearg)
    Grounds – Pairc an Cromach
    1956 – County Junior Championship
    1971 – County Intermediate Championship
    1974 - Senior Feis Cup
    1976 – County Minor Championship
    1984 – Intermediate Championship also 1986, last win 1994
    2007 – County & Ulster Junior Championship
  • Glen Rovers, Armoy 1959
    Back L-R: Paddy McAuley (Manager) Frank McCaughan, Robbie Traynor, Seamus Donnelly, William Devlin, Jim McToal,
    Joe Reilly, Hector Cassley, Paddy McToal, Jim Devlin, and John McCaughan (Assistant Manager)
    Front L-R: Barney Laverty, Olcan Loughridge, Arthur Devlin, Robert Dallas, Joe Smith, Pat Doherty.
  • 1986 Antrim Intermediate Hurling Champions, Glen Rovers, Armoy
    Back L-R: Gerry Burns, Hugh Connolly, Joe Mc Fetridge, Hugh Mc Donnell, Mickey Mc Clafferty,
    Sean Mc Bride, Paddy Strickland, Raymond Mc Fetridge, John Mc Arthur, Seamus Kane,
    Paul Mc Clafferty, Paddy Stewart, Nealis McAuley, Paddy Watson, George Mc Bride, Hector Devlin
    Front L-R: . Paul Mc Bride (standing), Sean Close, Colm Mc Bride, James Mc Donnell, Paul Stewart,
    Gerard Mc Clafferty, Colm Mc Erlain, Seamus Mc Erlain, Tommy McCormick, Eugene Laverty,
    Olcan Mc Fetridge, Vincent Mc Erlain, Edgar Dornan, Mervyn Forsythe.
  • Armoy Glen Rovers 1992
  • Latharna Og, Larne
    Founded 1965 – preceded by St Mary’s (1922)
    Founders Rev John Moley, James McCaughan, Alex McGarry, Denis McKillop
    Jim McKermitt, Dominic Magill, John Brown
    Ground - Brustin Brae
    1974 – Minor Camogie Championship
    - North Antrim Junior Hurling championship
    1981 - North Antrim Junior Hurling Championship
    1988 – Junior Feis Cup
    1989 – Junior Feis Cup retained
    2008 – McCaughan Cup Winners, New training Complex opened
  • St Mary’s GAC, Larne – 1922 Antrim Junior Football Champions
    Note a ‘Robert Fulton’ 3rd from left, front row – better known as Bertie Fulton
  • All Saint’s , Ballymena
    Founded – 1975 preceded by McCracken’s 1920s, St Patrick’s 1959,
    All Saints 1965-68
    Founders – Fr Fergus Jordan, Seamus MacCrory, Anthony Mulvenna
    Ground – Slemish Park
    1977 – South West under 16 League
    1978 – All Ireland Scor Ballad Winners
    1978 – Grounds Purchased that would become Slemish Park
    1979 – Antrim Club of the Year
    1987 – Official Opening of Slemish Park
    1997 – Official Opening of Pavilion by GAA President Jack Boothman
  • North Antrim Football Select 1923-24
    Players from McCracken's Ballymena
    Back row - 4th - 6th from left, Jack Miles, Barney McNally and Alex Mc Manus
    Middle Row 3rd - 5th from left, Danny McQuillan, Charles and Dr Wm. Ludlow
    Front Row - Barney McCambridge, Unknown?
  • St Patrick’s, Ballymena 1959
    Back row - D O’Connell, F McAuley, T Quinn, S Davis, H MacRory,
    J McGuckian, C Mc Manus, H Crawfoot, J Duffy, Fr Scullion
    Front Row - C Kelly, M McReynolds, J O’Loughlin, S McKervey,
    J Agnew, A O’Hara, B Mc Cambridge, B Goldring, B Agnew.
  • St Brigid’s, Cloughmills
    Founded – 1991 preceded by Patrick Og’s 1940
    Founders – Davy Martin, Michael McCann
    Ground - Fr Leonard Park
    1997 – Antrim Junior Hurling Championship
    1997 – Junior Feis
    1999 – Grounds Purchased
    2005 – Pitch Completed
  • St Brigid’s Cloughmills
    Antrim Junior Hurling Champions 1997
  • St Brigid’s Cloughmills 1997
  • Antrim All Ireland Hurling Final 1943
  • Antrim All Ireland Hurling Final 1943
  • Antrim Ulster Senior Hurling Champions 1938
    Back L-R:Tom Best (trainer, O’Connell’s), John McAlister (Glenariffe), Tom Walsh (O’Connell’s), Sean McKeown (Gael Uladh), Gene Thornbury (Gael Uladh),
    Dan Gibson (Glenariffe)Paddy Byrne (Rossa), Jimmy Walsh (O’Connell’s), Tom Rice (Eire Og), Bob Foley (Manager)
    Front L-R: Tom McAlister (St John’s), John Clarke (Sarsfield’s), Willie Graham(Glenariffe), Malachy McDonnell (Rossa), John McNally (Tir Na nOg),
    Jack Donnelly (O’Donnell’s), Harry Devlin (Eire Og), Dan McAllister (Glenariffe),
  • Ulster Railway Cup 1940’s
  • Antrim Parade 1959 Final Casement Park
  • Antrim (All Ireland ‘Home’ Junior Champions - 1959
  • Antrim All Ireland Hurling Finalists 1989
    Grand Hotel Malahide
  • All Ireland Hurling Final 1989 - Antrim (v Tipperary)
    Back L-R: Paul McKillen, Brian Donnelly, Des Donnelly, Niall Patterson,
    Terence Donnelly, Dominic McKinley, Dominic McMullan
    Front L-R:Terence McNaughton, Olcan McFetridge, Donal Armstrong, Ciaran Barr,
    James McNaughton, Gary O’Kane, Leonard McKeegan, Aidan McCarry
  • Ulster Football Final 2009 Antrim v Tyrone
  • Antrim Camogie (founded 2004)
    1932 – First All Ireland played for the O’Duffy Cup
    Players wore gym frocks below-knee, black stockings, black boots, white blouses and belts
    1972 – Camogie Congress permitted more modern uniforms
    1944-1947 Antrim win 3 camogie titles in a row
    Two players of 1947 team went on to referee All Ireland finals – Nancy Murray and Lily Spence who went on to hold the office of President of the Camogie Association
    Antrim won further titles in 1956, 1967, 1979
    2004 Mairead McAtamney named in Team of the Century
    1956 – Six Dunloy players in the Antrim team incl. Kearns sisters, Madge Rainey Eithne Duggan
    1979 Birthday girl Carol Blaney playing in goals in the final named as player-of-the-match
  • 1946 Antrim Retain O’Duffy Cup
  • 1947Antrim Make It 3-in-a-Row
  • The Changing Shape of the Caman
  • The Gaelic Athletic Association
    “When one sits down and really looks at the hard work that has gone into this project, it really brings home the true meaning of club loyalty .... it should serve as an example to all those various organisations .... who are prepared to tolerate poor facilities, instead of knuckling down and having a go at bringing standards up to scratch”
    “In this aspect a progressive GAA club .... scores time and time again over rugby and soccer outfits. Family involvement is extremely important and bonds formed often in childhood, are carried over and developed on the playing field. In other team games, the majority of players only see each other at training sessions and on match days and consequently it is that bit harder to create lasting club loyalty.”
    Willie John McBride – former Ireland and British & Irish Lions Rugby Captain at the opening of the New Complex at Con Magee’s, Glenravel