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Charon hts

  1. 1. Charon half-height turnstiles and swing doors
  2. 2. «The inauguration of our new head office was a great success. The entrance hall is spacious, transparent and open. Rather than clashing, the access control units blend in perfectly with the interior design» Stylish access control
  3. 3. Charon half-height turnstiles manage access control efficiently at high-profile entrances, in VIP rooms or at access points to executive suites and comple- ment their surroundings at the same time. Throughput rate = up to 25 persons per minute Security level = •• Staff supervision = yes An all-stainless steel version without glass elements is suitable for outdoor installations.
  4. 4. Why Charon turnstiles? • stylish, transparent design • units made of stainless steel and glass • range of design options for glass swing doors, guiding elements and bar handles • easy passage thanks to power- assisted drive We recommend matching Charon automatic swing doors to provide access to people with reduced mobility.
  5. 5. Fields of application • Office and administrative buildings • Ministries • Government buildings • Airports • Banks and financial institutions
  6. 6. Multiple units in entrance hall within sight of reception staff Space-saving solution with integrated swing door for goods access A smart solution for any entrance With matching swing door for people with reduced mobility Harmonious combination: wood, glass and stainless steel A narrow passage cleverly secured with Charon units Customised solution with special length glass doors
  7. 7. Charon half-height turnstiles Seven versions, multiple options We have developed a special turnstile line for access to sports facilities such as stadiums, swimming pools, spas, or fitness studios. Please ask for our PSS products. 10201E8•2008 Drive housing column Door wings Door handle Power-assisted drive Outdoor installation Charon HTS-E03 Glass door wings in 3 versions More transparency due to half-height drive housing stainless steel stainless steel, half-height toughened glass toughened glass, tall half-height bevelled tall tall stainless steel bar handle no handles Guiding element: stainless steel wood standard no Drive housing column Door wings Door handle Power-assisted drive Outdoor installation Charon HTS-E01 stainless steel stainless steel tube angular stainless steel tube standard yes Drive housing column Door wings Door handle Power-assisted drive Outdoor installation Charon HTS-M01 With integrated door for the transit of goods stainless steel toughened glass, tall elements stainless steel bar handle standard no
  8. 8. Kaba Ltd Unit 27 Bates Industrial Estate Harold Wood Romford Essex RM3 0HU Tel: + 44 (0)870 000 5292 Fax: + 44 (0)870 000 5293 Email: Kaba Ltd Lower Moor Way Tiverton Devon EX16 6SS Tel: + 44 (0)870 000 5625 Fax: + 44 (0)870 0000 5397 Email: