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Security update-1-2013

  1. 1. page 4 Emmi looking to the future – and relying on CardLink Emmi opts for a flexible, cost-optimized and expandable access control system and chooses Kaba as supplier. CardLink leaves the Emmi Group plenty of scope for further growth. page 8 From Mariachi via boxing to Disney on Ice In the Mexico City Arena, a Kaba system ensures safe access for more than 22,000 visitors. page 12 5-star locking system Giardino Mountain in St.Moritz chose Kaba as its partner right from the start for the access system. Convenience and user-friendliness are the most obvious benefits. Security updateNo 47, Edition 1/2013
  2. 2. Producing solutions that satisfy customers’ needs – that’s our job. We always have to keep one step ahead in our develop- ment work, so we can fulfil their requirements in the future too. This is why we have our own internal worldwide network of developers, and why we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with researchers and universities. We develop solu- tions and products that deliver clear added value for custom- ers and users. Three examples: Emmi, one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe, grew strongly last year and is pursuing a long-term expansion “We see innovation as a mandate from our customers” Imprint Publisher Kaba Management+Consulting AG, 8153 Rümlang (Switzerland), Editor Kaba Corporate Communications. Photography Emmi Group (pp. 3–7), Arena Ciudad de México (p. 8), Giardino Hotel Group (pp. 3, 12–13), Snoozebox (p. 19), Hahn Group (pp. 20–21), Matthias Schönhofer (p. 24), The Hong- kong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (p. 24), Caleffi Group (p. 25), Gras Savoye (p. 25), Cour des Comptes (p. 26), Seisenbergklamm (p. 27), Ursina Schwarz (p. 34). Cover Mexico City. Reproduction is subject to permission from Kaba. Security update is published in spring and fall in English, German, Spanish and Chinese. Kaba® , Com-ID® , Ilco® , La Gard® , LEGIC® , SAFLOK® , Silca® , etc. are registered trademarks, CardLinkTM , TouchGoTM , PowerStarTM , etc. are trademarks of the Kaba Group. Due to country-specific constraints of marketing considerations, some of the Kaba Group products and systems may not be available in every market. strategy. We have implemented an access solution for Emmi that can grow along with the business. It gives the company the flexibility it needs, and future-proofs its investment. It’s an understatement to say that Mexico City is a lively place. The city offers a huge variety of leisure activities, boasts a very diverse theater scene, and is now also home to the largest indoor arena in North America. The complex includes bars, res- taurants, a shopping center and a hotel. Kaba has made sure that visitors have easy access to all the facilities on offer. The Giardino Mountain Hotel in the Swiss Alps is dedicated to the ultimate in luxury. Thanks to the Kaba CheckIn hotel solu- tion, it’s easy for staff to manage the guests’ access badges and reprogram them whenever necessary. The hotel and its guests very much appreciate the convenience, reliability and design of Kaba’s access solution. What do you think? Once again, you will find a short questionnaire in the middle of this edition of Security update. We really want to keep improv- ing our customer magazine, so I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions. Thank you. And if you provide your e-mail address along with the questionnaire, we can keep you up-to-date with the latest information even more efficiently. Andreas Häberli, CTO Kaba Group
  3. 3. Security update 1/2013 3 p. 8 From Mariachi via boxing to Disney on Ice In the Mexico City Arena, a Kaba system ensures safe access for more than 22,000 visitors. p. 12 5-star locking system Giardino Mountain in St.Moritz chose Kaba as its partner right from the start for the access system. Convenience and user-friendliness are the most obvious benefits. Content Taschkent’s new architectural jewel 10 Uzbekistan’s capital has one of the most modern football stadia in the world. Access to it is controlled by an integrated Kaba system. Our brand promise “Beyond security” 11 Two words express what the Kaba mission is. Flexible locking system for the 2012 Summer Olympics 14 A locking system for thousands of athletes. Travelling through Uzbekistan at 250 kph 16 Kaba keeps mobile hotels safe and secure 19 The right solution for every door 20 The first Winter Olympics in the subtropics 22 Spotlights 24 What is Kaba ARIOS – security for RFID systems 28 Products 30 News 34 p.4 Emmi looking to the future – and relying on CardLink Emmi opts for a flexible, cost-optimized and expandable access con- trol system and chooses Kaba as supplier. CardLink leaves the Emmi Group plenty of scope for further growth.
  4. 4. Security update 1/20134 Emmi looking to the future – and relying on CardLink
  5. 5. Security update 1/2013 5 The Emmi Group has been growing for many years. Which is why the producer of dairy and fresh products opted for a flexible, cost-optimized and expandable access control system supplied by Kaba. Twelve locations have been fully integrated, with others to follow. CardLink leaves the Emmi Group plenty of scope for further growth.
  6. 6. Security update 1/20136 maintaining its market leadership in Switzerland and achieving targeted growth abroad. Thinking of tomorrow today This robust growth presents a number of major challenges to the Emmi Group. In particular, the Group-wide IT infrastructure with its various component systems needs to be flexible to keep pace with changing requirements. One example of this is the networked access control system. When the Emmi Group com- missioned Kaba to design the access solution, the task was clear: to plan for tomorrow already today. “For the Emmi Group, the main issue, besides security, was the need to protect their capital assets,” says Roger Bregenzer of the Kaba sales team, recalling the beginning of the project. The access solution implemented by Kaba can grow as the Emmi Group grows and is therefore a lasting solution. All the compa- ny’s local access control systems are networked with each other and can be expanded in a flexible manner. Furthermore, new production locations can easily be integrated into the system whenever necessary — without disrupting production. “When Kaba integrated our Ostermundigen plant, we did not even notice the switch and the system being incorporated into the network,” confirms Martin Loosli, System Administrator at the Emmi Group. That is important, since any disruption of produc- T he Emmi success story began 106 years ago. In 1907, 62 central Swiss cooperatives banded together to set up the Lucerne Milk Association, or MVL in short. In 1919, the MVL took over the Neuhüsern cheesemak- ers’ cooperative in Emmen. From this place name, the brand name “Emmi” was derived, and applied for the first time in 1947 to soft cheese and yoghurt products. In 1993, the Lucerne Milk Association decided to separate its activities as an association from its commercial activities, resulting in the establishment of Emmi AG. Today, Emmi is the leading Swiss producer of dairy and fresh products and counts as one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. Strong brands, popular products The Emmi Group develops and manufactures its products in Switzerland and markets them worldwide. Its full range is enor- mous: Under the Emmi brand it sells yoghurt, muesli, fondue, cream, and butter, under the Kaltbach brand cave-aged cheeses such as Emmentaler or Gruyère, and under the Caffè Latte brand milk-based beverages with perfectly roasted and freshly brewed coffee. In addition, it markets a number of well-being products, such as Aktifit and Benecol. The Emmi Group has seen strong growth in recent years and pursues a sustainable growth strategy with the objective of
  7. 7. Security update 1/2013 7 tion can soon become very expensive. The project team was finished after only three weeks, in which time the Kaba exos 9300 access system was seamlessly tied into the existing IT environment. Easier, more convenient and more secure The flexible system can be expanded almost without limit. Thanks to the Card- Link function, stand-alone doors without a cable connection and online doors with a cable connection can be operated using the same access control system. All data are configured in a single user interface and need to be entered only once. This makes it much easier to administer the system, i.e. to manage personnel data, modify access authorizations, replace lost ID cards or issue visitor passes. Access authorizations for doors without a cable connection are saved on the ID card and verified directly on site by the stand-alone component. The unique validation procedure checks whether these access authorizations are valid every time the ID card is used. If an authorization needs to be updated, the system signals this to the user there and then at the door. Cards can be updated easily and conveniently at the card reader or via computer using the system oper- ator’s desktop reader. The new access authorizations are then simply transferred from the card. In this way, the stand-alone component always has the latest data, even though it is not networked. “A unitary access solution saves a lot of time, and its consistent processes guarantee reliable outcomes. That cuts costs.” Pius Rösch, Head of Security, Emmi Group No card is quite like any other Thanks to CardLink, the only associates who can pass through an access point secured by a stand-alone component are those in possession of an ID card with an unexpired authorization that has under- gone additional validation. The time for which an access authorization remains valid can be set on a case-by-case basis according to differing security require- ments. What is more, with CardLink all access- and security-related events can be entered via the card into the Kaba exos system, which can be modified and upgraded whenever required. And lost ID cards are blocked immediately, without any need to reprogram the stand-alone components. In this way, CardLink im- proves operational security at little cost. In choosing CardLink, the Emmi Group also decided in favor of RFID (radio fre- quency identification) technology. The reader devices on all online and stand- alone components read the cards without any contact. “We wanted a system with a future,” explains Pius Rösch, Head of Security at the Emmi Group, “and thanks to Kaba that’s what we’ve found. I’ve been impressed by the professionalism with which the Kaba experts have answered every one of our questions. Kaba also pro- vided us with in-depth knowledge concern- ing RFID technologies.” >
  8. 8. Security update 1/20138 S ince the Mexico City Arena was first opened in late Feb- ruary 2012, it has hosted performances by Santana, Lin- kin Park and Maroon 5, among others, as well as the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the Monster Jam Truck Show and Disney on Ice. 600 visitors in just one minute 22,300 is a lot of people. Especially when they want to find their seats in a hurry. A+I, our sales partner in Latin America, designed an access system with 44 tripod barriers, seven dou- ble tripod barriers and twelve half-height swing doors for wheel- chair users or people with children’s buggies. The system checks in up to 600 spectators per minute, so that the whole hall can be filled within 36 minutes. The system is simple and efficient: visitors insert their tickets, each bearing a bar code, into the electronic readers, the computer checks the access entitlement and releases the barrier. Because the Arena complex also houses a hotel with 126 luxury suites, a number of bars and restaurants and a shopping center, the system controls access to all the separate areas. So, for instance, admission to the suites is via fully automated revolv- ing security doors. A computer carries out real-time checks on access authorizations and compares them with the database. From Mariachi via boxing to Disney on Ice In the Mexico City Arena (Arena Ciudad de México), North America’s largest indoor arena, a Kaba access system ensures that up to 22,300 visitors can enter and exit safely.
  9. 9. Security update 1/2013 9 Each ticket allows the visitor access to only those areas for which he or she is authorized. A+I joined forces with the high-tech integrator Human Factor to develop an interface which links the tick- eting and access systems with each other. Real-time system communication Anyone buying a ticket for a Mariachi con- cert or a boxing match can reserve a hotel suite at the same time. The ticketing sys- tem generates a ticket with a bar code and sends all the information to the Mexico City Arena’s computer system, where it is saved in the central database. As a result, every tripod barrier and revolving door “knows” who has access and when. If a guest cancels his booking, the data are automatically deleted. “In this way, we can be sure that only those people who hold valid tickets will have access to the event” explains Javier Elizondo, managing direc- tor of the ticketing firm Superboletos. But the access system can do lots more besides. For example, based on the ven- ue’s operational rules and the number of tickets sold, the system determines how many entrance points to open up in order to manage the flow of visitors in the best possible way. Also, the tripod barriers operate only if the power supply is main- tained. If it cuts out suddenly, the barriers fold down, leaving all escape routes clear. The barriers can also be opened from the control center, e.g. in the event of a fire. In this way, the system reduces the potential for panic and enhances the safety of visitors. Icon of the city But the Arena’s building is not noticeable for its architectural design and high-tech functions alone. Its impact on one of the biggest cities in the world goes deeper. Guillermo Salinas, CEO of the Avalanz Group, puts it this way: “I wanted it to be astonishing on an urban level, like an icon of the city.” Salinas knows the signifi- cance of the venue: “This Arena built for the people will modernize the current entertainment infrastructure, since the last place built for that kind of purpose was the Sports Palace Dome, constructed in 1968.” It already shows lasting influ- ence in one particular aspect: around 2,500 permanent jobs have been created. > “We have chosen Kaba and the integrator Human Factor because of their experience when it comes to cost-effective alternatives, high performance, world-class tech- nologies, punctual delivery, immediate response and tailored solutions for clients. The access control system designed for the arena fulfills the requirements of a high-caliber venue.” Miguel Ángel Murillo, COO of Superboletos
  10. 10. Security update 1/201310 The on-the-pitch success of Bunyodkor Tashkent meant that the club soon out- grew the old stadium. So, on 13 November 2008, work began on the construction of a new ground designed to hold up to 34,000 spectators. In spite of a number of difficulties, such as the collapse of one general contractor, the country’s president Islam Karimov was able to formally open the new sta- dium on 28 September 2012. With its futuristic roof design consisting of back- lit sail-like structures giving it the appear- If you think of Uzbekistan, football scarcely springs to mind. That could soon change. The capital Tashkent now has one of the most modern football stadia in the world. Access to it is controlled by an integrated system implemented by Kaba. I t reads like a fairytale – a football fairytale, to be precise. Bunyodkor Professional Futbol Klubi – Bunyod- kor Tashkent for short – was founded on 6 July 2005. At the first attempt, the club won promotion to the second divi- sion, and a year later repeated the feat to reach the first division. In only its third year of existence, Bunyodkor Tashkent won the first of (so far) four champion- ship titles. In 2008 and 2012, the club also reached the semi-final of the AFC Champions League, in which the best teams from Asia and Oceania compete. ance of a crown, the arena is an architec- tural jewel. UEFA president Michel Platini likened it to the top football stadia of Europe and confirmed that it meets all UEFA requirements. This is due in no small measure to the physical access con- trol system installed by Kaba, with its 24 turnstiles, four security barriers and fully integrated ticketing. The entire system can be operated centrally via a dedicated software solution. > Tashkent’s new architectural jewel
  11. 11. Security update 1/2013 11 M any companies add a brand promise to their logo – like Nike’s “Just do it” or McDon- alds’ “i’m lovin’ it”. The promise should sum up the main message about the product or service. The Kaba project group’s task was to create a brand promise that can be used all over the world, taking account of cultural differ- ences. It also had to be descriptive as well as inspiring. Beyond security The unanimous choice was “Beyond security”. In just two words, “Beyond security” expresses our mission. We offer our clients security, but that is not all – we go further: Beyond security. For example, Kaba’s products also meet very high standards of design, they are compatible with a wide range of tech- nology platforms, can be integrated into many different types of infrastructure and provide solid investment protection. What is more, Kaba products also help simplify organizations and improve efficiency. By adding the “Beyond security” tagline to its logo, Kaba is making a brand promise, i.e. that the customer should get more than “just” a security solution. The introduction of the promise around the world will help make people’s perceptions of Kaba simpler and more accurate. Brand promise “Beyond security” Kaba has been following a single-brand strategy since 2006, presenting itself in the same consistent way to customers, suppliers and investors all over the world. Internationally active customers in par- ticular want to get all the products and services they need worldwide from the same supplier at exactly the same high quality. By focusing on one brand, Kaba can increase its impact in more than 60 sales markets. At the same time, a strong brand raises the company’s credibility and creates trust. >
  12. 12. Security update 1/201312 5-star locking system T he Hotel Giardino Mountain in St. Moritz promises the ultimate in luxury, providing everything its guests could possibly wish for. Unsurprisingly, the hotel demanded the very highest standards of security and convenience for its new locking system. The Giardino Group went for Kaba as its partner right from the start. It chose the Kaba evolo access system and the inno- vative Kaba Checkln software, which is specially designed for hotels. The hotel has been impressed with how simple the products make it to manage and program access authorizations for guests and per- sonnel while also meeting the needs of apartment owners. >
  13. 13. Security update 1/2013 13 “The many different security requirements within the project determined the choice of system.” Roland Hinzer, architect Interview with Katrin Rüfenacht, Resident Manager at the Hotel Giardino Mountain Mrs. Rüfenacht, your hotel has no fewer than 350 doors. How do you manage to keep track of them all? It really is a big building, so in the plan- ning phase we played through every pos- sible scenario. By separating the hotel and staff areas as well as the apartment area from each other, we have come up with a very good solution. What if a guest accidentally forgets to hand a key in? Wouldn’t this present a security risk? It is no problem for us if a guest takes a key away by mistake because keys are automatically deactivated on checkout. Most keys are returned, but if someone forgets, it is not a big deal. What feedback have you had from guests? Feedback has been positive on the whole. Guests naturally like the fact that they do not have to carry huge keys around with them anymore. Most guests hang on to their keys rather than handing them in at reception when they go out. It is much more practical for guests, and they appreci- ate this. All the staff have badges too — what is their take on the system? Our experience with staff badges has been very positive. We had a couple of issues in the first few weeks, of course, and quickly had to do a little reprogramming. But we expected this because we knew how hard it is to cover every tiny detail in the planning phase. We have already had to move some offices since opening, and it only took a single mouse click to immediately give the employees concerned the right access authorizations again. Security was obviously an important factor when we chose this locking system. So far, we have only had good experiences in this regard.
  14. 14. Security update 1/201314
  15. 15. Security update 1/2013 15 M ore than 10,000 sportsmen and women from all over the world competed for gold, sil- ver and bronze and for pride at the 2012 Summer Olympics. For the duration of the Games, most of them lived in the Olympic Village in East Lon- don. The athletes’ security was a top pri- ority for the organizers, so they asked Kaba to come up with a locking system that could be easily adapted to different security requirements before, during and after the Olympic Games. The solution: pExtra cylinders with “1-2-3” functionality. Flexibility and sustainability These cylinders can be reconfigured with a master key to be activated with differ- ent sets of keys. During construction, only the architects’, construction work- ers’ and suppliers’ keys could open the doors. During the Games, only the ath- letes’ keys worked. And following the planned conversion of the residential units into apartments, the doors will only be able to be unlocked by tenants. This flexible solution ensures that the right degree of security is applied at all times, and that access is controlled reliably. It also guarantees the longevity of the capi- tal investment. This kind of sustainability was very important to the organizers. Olympic village, Stadium and Velodrome As well as fitting locks for 3,300 residen- tial units at the Olympic village, Kaba also supplied pExtra cylinders and keys for the Olympic Stadium in Stratford and the Velodrome in Leyton in the Olympic Park. In the Olympic Stadium, which holds 80,000 spectators, 700 cylinders and 1,000 keys help to control access, while the Velodrome required 300 cylinders and 466 keys. The project is the largest key system Kaba has ever installed in the UK. > The 2012 Olympic Games in London are well and truly over, but memories remain of the breathtaking opening and closing ceremonies, and the many outstanding performances of the athletes. Kaba is proud to have played an important role at the 2012 Games. Flexible locking system for the 2012 Summer Olympics
  16. 16. Security update 1/201316 Travelling through Uzbekistan at 250 kph
  17. 17. Security update 1/2013 17 W hen the Talgo 250 acceler- ates, the villages, fields and woods begin to rush by in a blur. Since 8 October 2011, the Spanish-built high-speed train, which on some stretches of normal track can travel at speeds of up to 250 kilome- ters per hour (kph), has linked Uzbeki- stan’s capital, Tashkent, with its third city, Samarkand. Between the two lie 344 kilo- meters and four provinces (Tashkent, Syrdarya, Jizzakh and Samarkand). Yet the Afrosiyob, to give the train its official name, takes just under two hours – half as long as the journey used to take. Once all stretches of the line have been modified to take high-speed traffic, the journey time will become even shorter. Fast trains for rail routes with lots of bends The Talgo 250 was developed and manu- factured by Patentes Talgo in Las Matas, near Madrid. The company specializes in producing trains that can travel faster on routes containing lots of bends – routes of the kind that occur very frequently in Spain. To achieve this, the engineers reduced the mass of the locomotives and carriages and improved their bogie design. Today, trains made by Patentes Talgo operate principally on the highly developed rail networks of Europe and North America. For instance, until the December 2012 timetable alterations, the Talgo train Pau Casals operated as a luxu- rious hotel train and sleeper service, link- ing Zurich and Barcelona Estació de França three times a week in 16 hours. A prestigious project for Uzbekistan In the Afrosiyob, Uzbekistan has the first high-speed train to run in Central Asia, a region which (as defined by Unesco) also includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, The Afrosiyob is the pride of Uzbekistan. This high-speed train service links Tashkent, the country’s capital, and Samarkand – in only two hours. The State railway company has purchased two Talgo 250 sets, expanded the rail network and modernized the stations in both cities. Kaba has supplied the electronic security barriers that control access to the platforms. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajik- istan, and Turkmenistan. Although a number of Talgo sets also operate in Kazakhstan, these are pulled by Chinese four-axle electrical locomotives with a top speed of 200 kph. Compared with the other countries of Central Asia, Uzbekistan is technologically advanced and a leader in many areas. As such, a project like the Afrosiyob is an important way of boosting the prestige of this young nation.
  18. 18. Free to go – whatever the gauge The Talgo 250 sets acquired by Uzbekistan are delivered ready- made from Spain. The two Afrosiyob trains running daily between Tashkent and Samarkand since May 2012 are made up of two power cars, eight passenger carriages, and a buffet car. The trains are divided into three classes – Economy, Business, VIP – and can seat up to 257 passengers with plenty of space. The sets have variable-gauge axles and can automatically switch gauge from 1,435 millimeters to 1,668 millimeters. This will be an important capability if the Central Asian countries ever decide to develop and expand their high-speed rail network – for instance, to connect with the Arabian Sea, since the region currently has no direct access to the world’s maritime routes. Kaba system controls access at railway stations In parallel with the development of the line between Tashkent and Samarkand, the terminals at either end needed to be mod- ernized. To control physical access to the platforms, the State railway company Uzbekistan Temir Yo’llari opted for half-height electronic barriers supplied by Kaba. The control technology allows for safe and convenient passenger access even at high throughput rates. With the L-shaped sensor corridor separating out each passenger so that the system can tell immediately if a second person enters at the same time in an attempt to outwit the system – a feature that was very important to Uzbekistan Temir Yo’llari. In addition, because they are made of strong, low- maintenance stainless steel, the half-height barriers blend inconspicuously into the station architecture, and their motor- driven operation guarantees them a long useful life, even out- doors. Following positive initial experiences, in August 2012 the State railway ordered a further eleven electronic barriers for the two stations, including four of the wider, 900-millimeter design for use by wheelchair users. >
  19. 19. Security update 1/2013 19 A Snoozebox hotel is built out of container rooms that can be put together in different configura- tions. A hotel can be set up anywhere in the world and be ready for the guests within 48 hours. Every Snoozebox has its own water and power supply, and it can be built on uneven terrain if necessary. The rooms each have their own bath, air conditioning, TV and free WiFi. The size of the hotel can range from 40 to 400 rooms. One of the main advantages of the Snoozebox concept is that it lets peo- ple stay directly on location at big events. Locking solution without card reader Everyone can sleep soundly in a Snooze- box hotel thanks to Kaba’s state-of-the- art locking solution for the doors: the Ilco E790 contactless electronic lock. This uses RFID to verify guests’ identity using electromagnetic waves. The locks are tamperproof and provide a log of the last 400 transactions. From the very first tests, Ilco locks have performed extremely well for Snoozebox and have now been rolled out nationally. Debut at Formula 1 The Snoozebox Hotel made its debut at the British Grand Prix in 2011. This was largely thanks to former F1 driver David Coulthard (see picture), who immediately recognized the benefits of the Snoozebox concept. During the 2012 Olympic Games, Snoozebox operated a large temporary Olympic hotel in Essex. Simpler versions can also be used on building sites or in military settings. > Kaba keeps mobile hotels safe and secure The innovative Snoozebox concept has already provided portable, temporary hotels at Formula 1 events and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Security is provided by one of Kaba’s premium hotel locking solutions.
  20. 20. Security update 1/201320 The right solution for every door W ith more than 1,100 associates, Hahn Group is one of Germany’s largest motor vehicle dealers. A fam- ily firm founded back in 1919, it has grown from a small vehicle repair workshop into a Group with 24 branches in the Stuttgart region with headquarters in Fellbach. The brands it deals in are Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, Porsche and Škoda. To guarantee the best pos- sible service quality, Hahn branches are continuously developed to ensure they remain modern customer centers. Over the past 16 years, Hahn Group has invested more than EUR 70 million in refurbishments, extensions and additions to its dealerships. Flexible system Hahn Group’s steady growth and continual acquisition of new branches have had implications for the security systems deployed by the Group companies, creating an urgent need for standardization. “It got to the point where we had 37 premises that needed to be locked up, with around 1,600 keys and 1,500 doors,” explains Thomas Wöhrle, head of Premises and Energy Technology at Hahn, describing the situation before the security systems were reorganized. Problems were bound to arise when- ever keys were lost, employees transferred location or external service providers (tradesmen, suppliers, etc.) needed access,
  21. 21. Security update 1/2013 21 because of the limited number of desig- nated key-holders for each locking-up cir- cuit. Therefore, in 2009, the search began for a suitable, standardized system to be installed at all Hahn Group locations. The project specifications included the incor- poration of all the existing doors, man- ageable refurbishment costs and high security standards. “We were looking for a flexible system that was easy to man- age, user-friendly and of course secure,” Wöhrle explains. After talking to various manufacturers and carrying out a num- ber of pilot projects, Hahn decided in favor of the Kaba exos access manage- ment system combined with mechatronic Kaba evolo components. It was ultimately won over by the quality of the digital cyl- inders, the ARIOS security software con- cept and the flexible system for managing access entitlements. “Thanks to its broad product range, Kaba was able to offer us the right solution for every door,” says Wöhrle. Phased introduction Responsibility for technical implementa- tion and installation of the complete sys- tem was assumed by Hahn’s own project team – an ambitious undertaking, espe- cially as a number of challenges had to be overcome when implementing the concept and putting the system in place. Once all the preparatory work was completed, the next step was to install the Kaba exos sys- tem and Kaba evolo components in Hahn’s administrative offices in Fellbach. After that, further Group locations were incor- porated into the system in stages. Every employee carries a card on which his or her personal access entitlements are stored. In addition, a validation procedure checks whether those entitlements are still current, since all Hahn Group entitle- ments are limited in duration: They remain valid for only ten hours, after which they must be revalidated by the employee. So far, 74 exterior doors and more than 300 interior doors have been secured at seven locations. “We now have a secure access system for all doors to our buildings and to important indoor areas. If an identity card is lost, we can immediately block the access entitlements that were on it. We no longer need to change any locks. All the installed equipment is working well, as is the Kaba time-recording system we have been operating for quite some time,” com- ments Wöhrle. The project still has several years to run before all locations have been linked into the system, but so far Hahn Group is very satisfied with its collabora- tion with Kaba. >
  22. 22. Security update 1/201322 The first Winter Olympics in the subtropics
  23. 23. Security update 1/2013 23 The next Winter Olympics will take place in Sochi, a bathing resort on the Black Sea. In just a few years, the organizers have redeveloped the area’s entire infrastructure. Kaba has designed and installed the physical access control systems for a number of important facilities. T he Russian city of Sochi is situ- ated on the Black Sea. It is a popular bathing resort and spa that lies on the same latitude as Nice. Summers in Sochi are long and hot, winters short and mild. Tempera- tures seldom fall below zero degrees Cel- sius. And yet, the 2014 Winter Olympics are being held here. Or, more precisely, in Sochi and the town of Krasnaya Polyana, some 70 kilometers away. Sochi will host the opening and closing ceremonies and all indoor events, while Krasnaya Polyana will be the venue for all events held on snow, the toboggan run and the ice track. The Caucasus Mountain skiing area is considered a safe bet for snowfall: in Jan- uary, February and March, it is usually as much as two meters deep. All venues and facilities built from scratch The Games were awarded to Sochi in 2007. Back then, the organizers had to rely on computer simulations in their presenta- tions to the International Olympic Com- mittee, because none of the five venues had yet been built. A huge construction project in which Kaba was determined to be involved. To that end, we joined forces with our Russian partner RTC KG to set up a showroom on the spot in Sochi to pro- mote our range of physical access control solutions. This generated a number of pilot projects with the system integrator SOGO Nikiret, which resulted in several orders, including for the Olympic Park, the Shayba Arena ice hockey hall and the railway con- necting Sochi with Krasnaya Polyana. The right access control solution for every requirement Access to the Olympic Park is controlled by 33 TPB-E01 turnstiles with 13 PGB-E01 per- sonal guiding bars and ten HSD-E01 swing doors. Space-saving and robust, the turn- stiles have proved their worth in many sta- dia and sports parks. Six FTS-L01 full-height turnstiles regulate access to the Shayba Arena, which can be fully dismantled and rebuilt in a different location. The FTS-L01 turnstiles are mounted on palettes for mobility, in case the venue does actually relocate one day in the future. Meanwhile, access to the railway stations at Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana is controlled by 20 HSB- M04 security barriers. Six of these are designed in a wider, 900-mm format to allow easy access to wheelchair users. >
  24. 24. Security update 1/201324 Hong Kong – The Peninsula Hotels is a subsidiary of The Hong- kong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH) and is a by-word for five-star luxury accommodation. Opened in 1928, The Penin- sula Hong Kong is HSH’s flagship hotel property. It sets global standards in the topmost category of luxury hotels. It has 300 guestrooms and suites, a number of restaurants and bars, a spectacular spa and an exclusive shopping arcade. All guest- rooms are equipped with Quantum RFID hotel locks and con- nected via the Saflok Messenger LENS system. “Kaba has supplied us with first-rate, non-contact Saflok RFID locks for the guestrooms together with an online control system, which gives our guests even greater peace of mind,” comments Shane Izaks, General Manager Information Technology of HSH. › The Peninsula Hong Kong Munich – With over 1,800 events and performances a year, the Gasteig, Munich’s premier center for culture, education and conferences, offers its audiences a colorful and highly varied program. Open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., the center attracts nearly 6,000 visitors every day. Since it was first opened in 1985, this cultural and educational hub in the Bavarian capital has served – as it was designed to – as a place for meetings and encounters, an open house for all. Even so, certain rooms and spaces are closed off and need to be protected against unauthorized access. The security of the backstage areas of the halls, offices and numerous technical areas is ensured by a Kaba exos system with 1,300 mechanical cylinder locks and 800 Kaba evolo digital cylinder locks. “We have found a fully integrated solution from a single provider which gives us a high degree of security and lots of transparency concerning access entitlements,” comments Martina Beauchamp, head of the center’s premises and construction department. › Gasteig Munich Spotlights
  25. 25. Security update 1/2013 25 Puteaux – Gras Savoye, France’s number one in insurance broking, is a 100-year-old company that is also active in rein- surance and risk management. Gras Savoye decided to review and standardize its entire personnel information system (PIS). The main aim of the project was to harmonize the individual HR modules and create a single interface to the HR Access system. For its time and attendance records, Gras Savoye opted to employ Kaba B-Net 93 20 terminals. The collected data are transferred to Access via the communications plat- form B-COMM ERP. The integrated solution involving HR Access and Kaba results in considerable time savings for Gras Savoye in its personnel administration. The system was imple- mented in all Gras Savoye group offices in France and the French overseas territories and successfully went live on the same day. › Gras Savoye Caleffi Group Fontaneto d’Agogna – The Caleffi Group is Italy’s leading manufacturer of components for domestic and industrial heating as well as for air conditioning and plumbing systems. The group has various offices and production sites in Italy, as well as sales units and representative branches in Europe, America, China, Japan and Australia. The Group sells its prod- ucts in more than 50 countries. In its production sites in Northern Italy, the company has installed 15 new B-web 93 00 terminals, equipped with individually configured Legic reader technology, to manage time recording for 700 associates. These user-friendly terminals have an attractive design fea- turing a full-face glass screen and integrated display. The data is integrated directly into the client’s salary accounting sys- tem. In addition, Kerberos TPB-E02 turnstiles have been installed at the entrance to the company’s two staff restaurants. ›
  26. 26. Security update 1/201326 Paris – The Cour des Comptes, France’s “Court of Auditors”, conducts audits of, for example, government finances, pub- lic institutions and public and private-sector organizations that receive state support. The Cour des Comptes has been based in the Palais Cambon in Paris since 1912. Faced with the need to update its security, the court decided on a Kaba exos 9300 solution with traceable access, Kaba elolegic digi- tal cylinders and badges containing Legic chips. The Cour des Comptes often has to handle strictly confidential docu- ments, so it always has to be able to control who has access and at what time. It was also important that the new prod- ucts could be integrated seamlessly into the existing archi- tecture. The locks and electronic cylinders were fitted with polished brass surfaces imprinted with the Cour des Comptes logo. › Cour des Comptes Paris Flemington – The Victorian Racing Club runs Australia’s best- known horse race track, Flemington. The track is home to the world-famous Melbourne Cup, an event which attracts 120,000 spectators each year. Kaba has worked with the Vic- torian Racing Club for many years, forging a relationship built around an understanding of the venue and the Club’s needs, and was chosen to update Flemington’s physical access sys- tems prior to this year’s Spring Racing Carnival. Seven new tripod barriers were installed at the stadium’s entrances, as well as two swing gates to allow for services and diability access. Each barrier was fitted with a scanner for two-dimen- sional barcodes and a full graphic display, while eleven of the Club’s existing tripod barriers were retrofitted with barcode scanners to match the technology at the other access points. > Victorian Racing Club Spotlights
  27. 27. Security update 1/2013 27 Deerfield – Walgreens is the USA’s largest drug retail chain and one of the country’s 500 largest firms. It has more than 8,000 sales outlets in all 50 states as well as in Puerto Rico, and it employs 240,000 people. Walgreens uses Kaba’s Gitcon locks to secure access to its entire fleet of around 2,200 trail- ers throughout its 19 distribution centers. Using a dedicated project manager, deployment took place over an 18-month period. These locks control access to each container based on templates/schedules programmed via the client/server soft- ware. The lock’s integrated RFID unit displays a seal number that is used by the receiving location as assurance that the integrity of the Walgreen’s supply chain has not been compromised. › Weissbach bei Lofer – The Seisenberg Gorge is a natural fea- ture that gives visitors a profound insight into the irresistible force that flowing water can exert. Now protected, this place of special natural beauty was formed some 12,000 years ago. The first path giving access to the gorge was built in 1831. Nowadays, visiting the gorge involves a 90-minute walk along sturdy wooden walkways. Recently, Kaba Kerberos tripod barriers were installed to regulate access and facilitate ticket control. With their strong and almost entirely smooth stainless steel housings, the tripod barriers reduce the staff’s workload. They are linked via network to the till sys- tem, allowing staff to carry out remote checks on site entrances and prevent tickets from being misused. Clear symbols and color-coded signals provide guidance for users and ensure that visitor access is quick and reliable. › Seisenberg- klamm Walgreens
  28. 28. Security update 1/201328 What is Secure ordering of ID cards Card manufacturers receive a temporary code called the “production key,” which is valid only during the production process: no unnoticed copying of ID cards! Secure system installation Invisible, randomly system-generated system keys: no misuse or theft! Security of system components Security chips in all components protect the data keys using recognized encryption mechanisms: no unprotected data keys! Security of ID cards Each individual ID card is protected by its own unique access key: no data theft during operation! Kaba ARIOS – security for RFID systems
  29. 29. Security update 1/2013 29 N owadays, RFID applica- tions are as much a part of everyday life as using a mobile phone. People use non-contact RFID technology all the time: for example, whenever they use their staff ID cards to pay for their lunch, to clock on and off, or to gain access to their office. For their users, such applications are convenient, easy to use and intuitive. To provide underlying protection for the application, system operators have to stick to strict security procedures. This is why Kaba has developed the Kaba ARIOS (Advanced RFID Operation Security) secu- rity concept, which protects access con- trol systems that employ RFID technolo- gies. How it works without Kaba ARIOS To enable the card reader to access the data on the card, an access key (data code) is required. The access key is com- parable to the PIN code for a credit card. It is defined by the system operator when the system is first installed. When Mifare- based systems are installed, the data key is entered into the system by the techni- cian and then distributed to the compo- nents. In addition, the system operator entrusts this access key to its card manu- facturer, who programs the access key onto the cards. It is thus unavoidable that a number of different persons will become aware of the access key during installation, operation and maintenance. And what happens if the system operator switches suppliers or an associate leaves the company? Even with the strictest security precautions it is impossible to establish and maintain fool-proof protec- tion of RFID keys – a loophole in the secu- rity setup that has defied all previous attempts to plug it. How it works with Kaba ARIOS The Kaba ARIOS security concept pro- tects the data by operating with non-read- able access keys. The access key is not known to anybody, is never visible and is stored securely on a security card. In addi- tion, every card has a different access key, and security chips in the system compo- nents ensure that the data key never appears externally in unencrypted for- mat. The key remains secret even during the card production process, since Kaba ARIOS automatically generates a tem- porary code (the “production key”) that the card manufacturer programmes onto the card. When the new ID card is presen- ted to the card reader for the first time, the system registers the credential num- ber and automatically replaces the tem- porary production key for the secret, per- manent access key. Secure and certified with Kaba ARIOS With the Kaba ARIOS security concept, Kaba has opened up new avenues for RFID technology security. So far, Kaba ARIOS is the only concept in the world that ensures process security over the complete Mifare supply chain and con- forms to security guideline BSI TR RFID 03126-5: This guideline issued by the BSI (the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology) lays down methods for achieving the requisite level of security in RFID-based system solu- tions. >
  30. 30. Security update 1/201330 Products Oracode is an electronic code-activated lock specially designed to meet the needs of resort and holiday rental property manag- ers. The access codes needed by holiday guests renting the properties can be generated via the E-Code website with vari- able periods of validity depending on the length of stay. The codes are e-mailed directly to the guests in advance. This reduces the administrative workload and eliminates the risk of keys being lost. For cleaning and maintenance purposes, codes can be generated separately for associates. The code genera- tion website has now also been designed for use via mobile devices. Property managers can go to the website using their tablet or smartphone and log in using their usual ID and pass- word. Once generated, codes are then forwarded to the guests automatically. › Oracode E-Code mobile website New Legic advant components The new access management and remote reader modules offer enhanced investment protection and all the benefits of Legic advant technology. For instance, remote readers can now be deployed in a Kaba evolo system. In any switch to the Kaba exos system class, they are simply assimilated. Furthermore, all com- ponents are already compatible with future expansions. By means of a simple update, new security functions and expansions can easily be added, ensuring that the system always remains at the cutting edge of technology. In addition, all the peripheral appliances are near field communication (NFC)-capable, so that they are ready to be used via mobile telephone for upcoming access applications. Mifare-compatible variants of the compo- nents are also available. ›
  31. 31. Security update 1/2013 31 The Kaba doorframe reader, part of the Evolo series, fits in stylishly and unobtrusively in any building. It can be inte- grated seamlessly into Kaba systems as an online or stand- alone solution. It supports various RFID standards, including Legic prime or advant, and Mifare. Thanks to their slim and compact design, Kaba doorframe readers can easily by fitted even where space is limited – on the frames of automatic slid- ing doors, elevators, garage doors or car park barriers. They are built to withstand the weather and so can also be installed outside without any problems. The introduction of Kaba’s doorframe readers is planned for mid-2013. › The new Release 3.1 for the Kaba exos 9300 access system brings many advantages for new and existing clients: Legic advant offers cutting-edge technology and secure applications. Does the system operator wish to switch the exterior access points or the complete building over to secure Legic advant technology? With the Kaba exos 9300 Release 3.1, such a switch can be made either in stages or in one fell swoop on a set date. CardLink with Legic advant also offers faster read and write per- formance and on demand now automatically transfers door data via the card into the system. The integration of Kaba TouchGo into the Kaba exos system likewise makes new conve- nience applications possible: With Kaba TouchGo, doors can now be opened at the merest touch, without the need to use a key or access card. › Kaba doorframe reader Kaba exos 9300 Release 3.1
  32. 32. Security update 1/201332 Products Kaba’s half-height electronic self-boarding barriers are now available in a wider (900 mm) variant that makes it possible for wheelchair users and equipment trolleys to pass through with ease. Kaba offers all models of the Argus HSB product family in this variant. They have exactly the same design as the standard- width stainless steel and glass series. However, their greater width also means that two persons can pass through the barrier side by side, so that they form an exception to the single-file passage enforced in other stages of the security process. But this is only a minor drawback, given that this kind of barrier is normally installed in areas supervised by security personnel (e.g. reception areas). The swing-gate motor is designed to have the same useful life as in standard-width models, despite the greater size and hence weight of the swing gate. › Argus HSB 900-mm-wide Orthos detect PIL-M06 This Kaba innovation is the world’s first personal interlock to combine reliable detection of hazardous substances with effi- cient individual screening and access control. The interlock com- bines the advantages of tried-and-tested scanning sensor tech- nology with an advanced ion mobility spectrometer which permits detection of dangerous substances in even microscopic quantities. Using a sealed-off volume of air in the interlock allows the analysis of samples taken from all parts of the clothing, body and possessions of the person passing through. The entire detec- tion procedure is lengthened by a mere ten seconds to approxi- mately 25—30 seconds. The analysis can be calibrated to detect all currently relevant explosives, poisonous gases and narcotics. Sixteen of the current list of 240 substances can be selected for detection per machine. This product is still in its pilot phase. ›
  33. 33. Security update 1/2013 33 Smarty is the latest innovation in new key material proposals from Silca S.p.A., a Kaba subsidiary. It is an ultralight, extremely resilient bit and double bit key type, made out of a special polymer for which a patent has been requested. This smart key has inside mineral fibers, making it very resistant to bending, twisting, compression and breaking in compari- son to brass keys. Its peculiarity relies on the material capac- ity to return to its shape due to this polymer ability to adjust while fitting the lock mechanism. Smarty returns each time to its original shape without breaking. The state-of-the-art material of which the Smarty is made guarantees its durabil- ity and a competitive advantage. But the Smarty is more than just cutting-edge technology in action: It is also cool, coming in five different colors with a highly distinctive design. › The locks of the Paxos family are redundant, motorized safe locks that are a byword for maximum reliability as well as easy and intuitive operation. The new safe lock Paxos advance allows for a simple connection of multiple locking and input devices in one locking system, even with smaller lock dimensions. The con- nected components are detected and configured automatically. Existing safe installations may be retooled without difficulty and, thanks to the system’s modular design, may also be retro- fitted whenever required. The standard version of Paxos advance already incorporates a wide range of functions, such as individual scaling of code rights, input of eligible code profiles and code groups, event recording and many other features that satisfy even the most demanding client requirements. › Smarty Paxos advance
  34. 34. Security update 1/201334 SAP TechEd in Pudong News ZISC day Knowledge and technology transfer between academia, business and society is one of the goals of ZISC, the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, known as the ETH for short. Kaba has asked ZISC to carry out various proj- ects as part of a research funding partnership. At the beginning of October, the doctoral students working on the research presented their latest findings to the busi- ness partners – Kaba, Google, Credit Suisse and Arma- suisse – in the beautiful surroundings of the Villa Hatt. They reported on subjects including privacy for smart- phones, secure data deletion and the development of a new generation of access systems. SAP TechEd took place at the Shanghai International Confer- ence Hall in Pudong (China) in December 2012. This technology conference brings together IT specialists who develop, imple- ment, optimize and update SAP systems. The 2,400 guests from more than 400 companies who attended could choose between 120 sessions, product and application demonstrations and workshops. Kaba had a stand at the con- ference where it presented data recording systems with inter- faces to SAP applications. Sukrit Bansal, Managing Director Dorset Kaba
  35. 35. Security update 1/2013 35 Intersec in Dubai Intersec took place in Dubai from 15 to 17 January 2013. This year’s event, formally opened by HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Mak- toum, featured some 990 exhibitors, around 10% more than in the previous year. Intersec is the most important trade fair, trading platform and network- ing event for the security industry in the Middle East. As in previous years, Kaba made a strong impression at this year’s Intersec with its innovative prod- ucts, such as the Orthos detect personal interlock, a space-saving interlock capable of detecting explosives and narcotics. Kaba solutions incorporating near field communication (NFC) technology also made a big splash. Over the entire duration of the exhibition, some 20,000 boarding passes were handed out at the show’s registration point. These enabled exhibition visitors to try out the self-boarding gates set up by Kaba and, by so doing, to enter a prize draw to win one of five Airbus flights from Dubai to Zurich and back. The winning tickets were generously donated by SWISS International Airline.
  36. 36. Passenger Terminal Expo 2013 9.4.—11.4.2013 Geneva ISC West 10.4.—12.4.2013 Las Vegas PoP 2013 – Power of People 18.4.—19.4.2013 Rust Safety & Security Asia 7.5.—9.5.2013 Singapore Exposec 14.5.—16.5.2013 São Paulo SicherheitsExpo 3.7.—4.7.2013 Munich ALOA 18.7.—20.7.2013 Baltimore Security in Government Conference 12.8.—14.8.2013 Canberra Trade shows