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Photo reference-brochure

  1. 1. Kaba Gallenschütz Come in
  2. 2. Founded in 1950, Kaba Gallenschütz has been developing, manufacturing and selling automatic access systems for over 30 years. Today we are one of the three leading European suppliers in the field of physi- cal access systems. The name Kaba Gallenschütz stands for high-quality products and proven competence. First class customer references from a vast range of businesses and organisations vouch for the values we believe in: security, comfort and design. Read on to find out more about our company. There are a wide range of innovative solutions in entrance technology for you to discover. Come in
  3. 3. 2 ACS business area 4 PSS business area 6 PFS business area 8 You can rely on us 9 The Kaba Group Table of contents 1
  4. 4. Access Control Solutions Solutions to control the admission of authorised persons to areas with restricted access. Users are verified using their ID. 22
  5. 5. Advantages • modular systems • attractive design • high level of safety and comfort for the user • well-proven drive and control unit technology • sturdy, durable units • smooth motion • customer-specific configurations possible • variety of resistance categories for protection against intruders and bullets. Range of products Half-height units • Kerberos tripod barriers • Charon turnstiles • Charon swing doors • Argus sensor barriers and sensor gates Full-height units • Kentaur turnstiles • Geryon security revolving doors • Orthos personal interlock systems • Orthos one-way corridors Fields of application • Office and company buildings • Ministries and government buildings • Industrial plants and grounds • Airports • Banks and financial institutions • IT centres • R&D centres • Power plants 3
  6. 6. Public Systems & Solutions Access control units for high-volume entry to public and leisure facilities. The door units are operated by means of a ticket-reader which checks validity. 44
  7. 7. Advantages • sturdy, durable units • functional design • easy and fast entry and exit • compatible with all ticketing systems • proven drive and control unit technology • high level of safety for both users and operators • solutions for emergency escape routes Range of products • half-height turnstiles • full-height turnstiles • tripod barriers • HSG Sensor gates • all-round solutions with, for instance, pay machine, people counter and/or exit control station Fields of application • stadiums and sports facilities • swimming pools and spas • fitness studios • leisure parks • exhibition centres • zoos • museums • casinos • public transport 5
  8. 8. Personal Flow Solutions Door units with optimal thermal insulation at the entrance to a building. They allow for easy entry and exit thanks to built-in sensors which automatically open the door. 66
  9. 9. Advantages • customised design • excellent thermal insulation • solutions for emergency escape routes • TÜV tested products • burglar-resistant versions • options with night shutters • access for the disabled • low canopy • stylish all-glass versions Range of products • Talos revolving doors • Talos all-glass revolving doors Fields of application • hotels • office and administrative buildings • shopping malls • airports • stations • hospitals • banks and financial institutions • museums • concert halls 7
  10. 10. You can rely on us! A committed team One of the main reasons for our success is a human one. We currently have over 300 employees from 15 different nations committed to meeting specialised market demands with their experience, their know-how and their innovative energy. Our service Personalised consulting services, prox- imity to customers as well as flexibility and regular training courses are all and will always remain an important part of what Kaba Gallenschütz has to offer you – from one-off orders to large-scale projects. Kaba worldwide Thanks to the worldwide presence of the Kaba Group and to our long-standing international partnerships, we have es- tablished an extensive distribution and marketing network in Europe, America and Asia. Wherever you are, we’re not far away! 88
  11. 11. 30095E7•2010 Kaba Gallenschütz has been part of the international Kaba Group since 1990, a pioneer in security tech- nology worldwide. An internationally active, listed company, it employs approximately 10,000 staff in more than 60 countries. Kaba provides innovative, comprehensive access control solutions for buildings, facilities and other sites, as well as solutions for collecting personal and enterprise data. All our solutions are designed with an emphasis on security, organisational flexibility and ease of use. The Kaba Group
  12. 12. Kaba /LPLWHG )XWXUD 3OD]D +RZ 0LQJ 6WUHHW .ZXQ 7RQJ +RQJ .RQJ Tel. + Fax + www.kabaKN