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Do you  really exist?
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Do you really exist?


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If you are not in the networks ….Do You Really Exist? …

If you are not in the networks ….Do You Really Exist?

A fundamental shift is taking place in how companies and business professionals
communicate each other. The social media culture and social networking platforms are having a major impact on
business communication, practices and processes.
- How can these tools be best utilised?
- How can you employ strategies within your company to increase profitability?
- How can you sustain reputation and empower your employees to be brand
- Indeed should you employ internal social networks within your own
organisation as a means of facilitating a sharing community amongst your
employees, or should you use public open platforms?
- How can your career benefit from using social media?

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  • 1. Ifyou are not in thenetworks....Do youreallyexist?Social Media for Business Growth & CareerProgress
    European Professional Women´s Network
    Sponsored by
    AON, a Corporate Partner of EuropeanPWN
    Barcelona, April 21th
  • 2. Jordi Gili
    (Personal branding)
    for a carreerboost
    Armando Liussi Depaoli
    digital markets
    Ifyou are not in thenetworks....Do youreallyexist?
  • 3. Do youreallyexist?
    Who am I?
    Bright professional with a success career track
    I’ve heard about the great things of Social Media and Web 2.0
    But I have no time. What can they do for me?
    (*) Source:
  • 4. Do youreallyexist?
    The real thing
    • 52 M potential clients
    • 5. 5.2 M recruiters on Linkedin TODAY (*)
    • 6. 1 in 10 people on Linkedin are recruiters (*)
    Real career
    (*) Source:
    Image: Nasa ®
  • 7. Do youreallyexist?
    How do I position myself? (I)
    Be on
    Complete your profile to 100%
    Make it look like your CV, oriented to what you would like to be
    Make your e-mail /contact info visible
    Include websites to showcase your work
    Think 5 min about your Description Line
  • 8. Do youreallyexist?
    How do I position myself? (II)
  • 9. Do youreallyexist?
    Who we are?
    Small size, mid-range company or major corporation
    We blocked all Social Media access,… people do truly business right there?
    (*) Source:
  • 10. Do youreallyexist?
    60” Facts
    24 hs uploaded onto Youtube
    37.100 tweets sent on Twitter
    36 new Twitter users
    665 new blog posts
    2.208 images uploaded to Flickr
    414 new internet users globally
    3635 iPhone apps downloaded
    (*) Source:
  • 11. Do youreallyexist?
    4 words to find them all
    Fault-finder, analytical, sociable, updated, friendly to share, mobile, global, so weneedtobuildchannelsto listen, tomotivate, and to chat withthem
    Play with your competitor on networking
    Focus on loyalty, mutual firm-customer value
  • 12. Do youreallyexist?
    The game has changed
    • Ask, listen, learn
    • 13. Work on message, culture, communications
    • 14. Your best ambassadors: your employees
    • 15. Form your staff, call them for involvement
    • 16. Distribute media tasks, decide how long by network
    • 17. Things to consider before entering a network
    • 18. Define goals to reach, select networks to achieve them
    • 19. Be constant and participative, add value to your network
    • 20. Choose whom to contact
  • Do youreallyexist?
    How do I communicate? (I)
    Proactively send invitations to peers, managers, collaborators, clients, providers,
    Send invitations to ex- …
    Ask for recommendations
    Off-line: Join EPWN! and Online: Join Groups
    Search for Relevant Professionals – clients and strategize
    More Network!
  • 21. Do youreallyexist?
    How do I communicate? (II)
    Update your Status frequently – relevant info
    Join groups, share, answer questions, make questions
    Participating in Q&A positions you as a Subject Matter Expert in front of a very large audience
    Strong settings section where you can control what is sent out
    Devote 20 min. a day
  • 22. Do youreallyexist?
    How to begin
    • Corporate culture shift
    • 23. Web 2.0 is about culture not technology
    • 24. Involveyourorganization
    • 25. Pushthemtonetworking
    • 26. Communications plan
    • 27. The Simplicity of Objective, Strategy and Action
    • 28. CRM to FRM (Friends Relationship Management)
  • Do youreallyexist?
    Layout, Plannning, Action!
    • Start with something "simple"
    • 29. Set goals and measure results
    • 30. Define your strategy
    • 31. Make a communications plan
    • 32. Analyze your competitors
    • 33. Study how consumers talk
    • 34. Involve your employees
    • 35. Involve your past clients
    • 36. Involve your partners
  • Do youreallyexist?
    Work on corporate ID profile
    Setup clear corporate page in networks
    Unify our brand staff
    Standardize the message
    Run how-to guidelines
  • 37. Do youreallyexist?
    What can we corporately achieve?
    Promote products
    Promote events
    Polls & surveys
    Working party
    Online advertising
    Employee search
  • 38. Do youreallyexist?
    How will they find me? (I)
    If you do all the above right you are promoting your profile to make it available to be found
    Linkedin ranks GREAT on Google
    Additional visibility: Twitter, Blogging
  • 39. Do youreallyexist?
    How will they find me? (II)
  • 40. Do youreallyexist?
    Final Thoughts do we do?
    Try new or different things
    Have FUN!
    If you do things different than the rest, Results will be different
  • 41. Jordi Gili
    (Personal branding)
    Positioningfor a carreerboost
    Armando Liussi Depaoli
    Embracing digital markets