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Do you really exist?


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If you are not in the networks ….Do You Really Exist?

A fundamental shift is taking place in how companies and business professionals
communicate each other. The social media culture and social networking platforms are having a major impact on
business communication, practices and processes.
- How can these tools be best utilised?
- How can you employ strategies within your company to increase profitability?
- How can you sustain reputation and empower your employees to be brand
- Indeed should you employ internal social networks within your own
organisation as a means of facilitating a sharing community amongst your
employees, or should you use public open platforms?
- How can your career benefit from using social media?

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Do you really exist?

  1. Ifyouarenotinthenetworks.... Do you really exist? SocialMediaforBusinessGrowth&CareerProgress European Professional Women´s Network Sponsored by AON, a Corporate Partner of EuropeanPWN Barcelona, April 21th
  2. Ifyouarenotinthenetworks.... Doyou really exist? JordiGili (Personalbranding) Positioning foracarreerboost ArmandoLiussiDepaoli (Corporate communication) Embracing digitalmarkets
  3. Who am I? • Brightprofessionalwithasuccesscareertrack • I’veheardaboutthegreatthingsofSocialMediaandWeb2.0 • ButIhavenotime.Whatcantheydoforme? Doyoureally exist?
  4. The real thing • 450Mpotentialclients • 20Mrecruiterson LinkedinTODAY(*) • 1in22peopleon Linkedinarerecruiters(*) Doyoureally exist? Real career booster! Image:Nasa® * Nielsen Feb 2016
  5. How do I position myself? (I) Doyoureally exist? Checklist: • • Completeyourprofileto100% • MakeitlooklikeyourCV,orientedto whatyouwouldliketobe • Makeyoure-mail/contactinfovisible • Includewebsitestoshowcaseyour work • Think5minaboutyourDescription Line
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