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  • All of us are precious,
  • Running away had caused Scar to abuse their natural resources.
  • So basically I learned that we should always think before you act.
  • The Outsiders

    1. 1. The Outsiders By: S.E. Hinton
    2. 2. Relationships and bonds can make you turn away from things that could better one's own life situation. We've learned that people sometimes give up things for the sake of others because he/she cares for them. The proof from the book is that Darry, who could be a Soc, chose to be a greaser because Pony and Soda are there and because their friends are there. Apply to another: in Aladdin, Aladdin gave the bread he stole for himself to the children who he knew needed it more, causing Abu to give his bread to them too.
    3. 3. Sometimes insensitivity is a given when people only look at what concerns them. When people have a lot on their mind, they forget that others have things that weigh on their minds too and turn out to either not listen or rub salt on the wound. They forget to include the others into the equation. This also appears when they only look at things that they want to do, forgetting about who they care for sometimes for what they want. Proof from book: Pony always talked about things that upset or bothered him to Soda yet he never really listened to Soda's problems. He would just zone off and only be alert when he's the one talking. Apply to another: When Tiana kept on talking about her dream, when the prince was trying to say that he loves her, this discourages him since Tiana never even thought to mention him in that dream of hers. This is not as heavy a magnitude as Pony and Soda's situation but you get the point.
    4. 4. Directors, who can't ever get it right, should be severely reprimanded. (The ones with the book movies, I mean) What is it with directors trying to change the movie according to what they like even though the book says otherwise? It is so incredibly frustrating that fans who haven't learned directors' behaviours have to suffer for an hour or two of torment because of trying to keep themselves from correcting things and groaning. They should do their jobs right. Proof from book: It clearly stated in the book that. Johnny is not one to talk but from what we just witnessed in the movie, well, he talked a lot. I could a point out a lot of other things, but this one irks me the most. Apply to another: Harry Potter so did not break the Elder wand. He kept it and mended his original wand that was broken accidentally by Hermione.
    5. 5. Wisdom and braininess and other definitions of smartness are not quite the same. We can see this in the book as we witness Pony's good grades but with him not exactly using his head. Pony's quite reckless and doesn't think things through. The reason why Darry always worries about him is due to that. He's brainy all right, but not really wise. Johnny on the other hand though not exactly stellar in school, is wise. The poem written by Robert Frost that Pony had memorized because he couldn't get it was deciphered by Johnny. He was able to decipher it in a short time while Pony who knew it for longer, couldn't. See the difference? Johnny is admirable. He has that aura that is sometimes seen in characters who learned from his or her experiences. We believe that his short time dying got him to understand the poem in a really wonderful way. When reading his understanding of it and the poem side by side, it heartwarmingly moves you. The poem had such a deep meaning. These instances in the book show you that there is a difference between them. Braininess is, in denotation, intellect or the smarts. Being brainy therefore is having the intellect or the smarts. Wisdom, however, is a far more complex concept. It can mean you are knowledgeable but it also means you have good sense, an accumulated philosophic learning. It's just not simply having the brains but being able to utilize it to understand things in a well-rounded perspective and so, make good decisions. You can also see in a quite similar occurrence in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a book that might be used a lot in other topics too since it's awesome. In Book 4, The Battle of The Labyrinth, we see how Annabeth was telling Daedalus how children of Athena should be wise, not clever. Daedalus hid in the Labyrinth, and agreed to helping Kronos for his own gain. He did not stop and look at the repercussions this would bring and was blinded by what Kronos promise him that he didn't think that treachery could be involved in the future. If he was wise, he would have foreseen that. Though he was able to redeem himself in the end, his previous act was still unwise.You see, Kronos was rising from Tartarus which is like prison in the Underworld. He had an army while he was still trying to reform and Camp Half-Blood needed to be attacked since the demigods -half human, half god- mostly fight for the gods. There was a passage in the Labyrinth that led straight to the heart of Camp but the Labyrinth is not that easy to navigate. The Mist - a supernatural force that twists a mortal's sight from seeing monsters, mythological beings and supernatural occurrences by replacing them with things they can comprehend - is very strong in the Labyrinth and can affect monsters and Half-bloods so they get lost and sometimes don't ever see the surface again and die there. He gave Ariadne's string to Kronos' army which was not as precise as a clear-sighted mortal's sight but good enough that it could navigate the army to Camp.
    6. 6. People, humans, can be kinder or more evil than most, but never purely evil, or purely good unless you have a disorder but that's a different matter which is not our problem but psychology's. People are just shades of grey, some are darker, some are lighter. we're changeable. We don't just stay in that shade of grey. We could have started out as white since we were not jaded by the ways of the world yet but that doesn't mean we can stay that way. When you're a kid, you have probably killed an insect due to childish innocence or cruelty and you've been told that killing such is bad but as you grow up, what you were taught to be bad or not good will be done by you consciously even though it's disagreeable. That's what makes your shade darker, you sin. And when you redeem yourself and do not do such a thing anymore, it helps make your shade lighter. This applies to our precious Bob as seen in the book: on page 115-116, Randy and Pony's talk; and Cherry with Pony on page 129.
    7. 7. “Stay Gold” Meaning: We have a different interpretation of this: • For some “staying gold” means that everything precious such as gold won’t last forever, • Don’t loose faith in the world because there’s still some left good in it. • Live every moment in life when you’re still young because you’re precious and you still have a lot of time, because you won’t be young forever and you never know what might happen. Proof from the book Chapter 7 , pg. 77 Chapter 9, pg. 148 Chapter 12, pg. 178 Johnny was dying in this scene, he was saying his final goodbye to Pony and he advised Pony to “Stay gold.” Johnny was advising him to stay pure innocent, because he has more to live for. Pony was “Nature's first green is gold, innocent, he liked sunsets and that was good, like Johnny said there’s still some good left in the world. Her hardest hue to hold. (Chapter 9, pg. 148) Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.” - Robert Frost “You’re gold when you’re a kid, like green. When you’re a kid everything is new, dawn. Its just, when you get used to everything that its day. Like the way you dig sunsets pony, that's gold. keep it that way, its a good way to be” (Chapter 12, pg. 178)
    8. 8. Proof From Another: The book: Fault In Our Stars Hazel Grace Lancaster , is a teenager that was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. In the novel , she meets Augustus Waters who is also facing his own health problems. They met through a mutual friend named Isaac in a support group they are in. Immediately, Augustus took interest in Hazel which turned the story into a beautiful yet tragic love story of two lovers who ran out of time. Proof: • Well these two young teens, have fallen in love, but it was too late they both are in death’s door by the time fate decided to let them cross paths. (SPOILER) Augustus dies, and Hazel replied to his eulogy, saying that she was happy because she did enjoy the happiness that he gave her within the numbered days they had together as much as he said he enjoyed his with her. Even if she lost him she stayed golden with her remaining time. • Peter Van Houten, author of an Imperial affliction, spent his life wasting away because of the death of his loved one and has reduced him to just a slobbery old drunkard. He loved his daughter so much that when she died he was not able to move on, but by the end he changed his life. • Isaac a true friend of Hazel and Augustus. He also has cancer and he had to loose his eyesight because of this. His girlfriend Monica, broke up with him because of this reason. Isaac is devastated, "Well, I believe in true love," Isaac said. "And I love her. And she promised. She promised me always.” Being heartbroken and blind leaves Isaac sad and angry, but in the end of the book he embraced it and went on living a life as he if he never had the surgery.
    9. 9. Running away won’t solve anything If you run away from your problems it will build up an end up chasing you 2 times bigger. So once you have a problem face it head on so it will be done and over it. Do what’s right. Proof from the book: Chapter 3, pg. 50-51 Chapter 4, pg. 61 Chapter 10, pg. 154 Darry just hit Ponyboy which causes him to run away with Johnny. Running away didn’t help, they just got into more trouble by deciding to “run away.” Well Pony should’ve never left the house, and because of that decision it leads them into another problem. They just killed Bob, and decided to hide and run away from the problem they caused. They were scared to face it, but they’ve committed a crime and they must face the consequences. It didn’t really solve anything by hiding, because in the end they decided to give up, but before that a bigger problem came and they had to face and conquer it. Proof from another: An example is the famous Disney movie The Lion King. After his father died Simba ran away from all the responsibilities that his father left him, That’s why when he finally decided to come back to face the cruel reality, the problem got so much bigger and so much harder to resolve.
    10. 10. Sibling misunderstanding Sometimes you have to understand the people you love, because sometimes the decisions they make is for your own good. Proof from the book: Darry and Ponyboy’s relationship. Chapter 3, pg. 42 Pony misinterprets Darry. Darry loves his siblings he just shows it in a Chapter 4, pg. 49-50 protective way, that’s why Pony misunderstands him because he always Chapter 12, pg. 173-74 yells at him. and the decisions he makes are for Pony's own good. “Now he just can't stand me.” That’s what Ponyboy said from the very beginning. Which clearly isn’t true, if Darry couldn’t stand him why would he worry so much about him. Pony had come home late, and anyone who would come home at 2 in the morning would probably get yelled at. Well Pony was at fault here, but Darry didn’t give him a chance to explain. Pony can’t see that Darry was just worried and being protective, but Darry was just too tough to show a little affection to his younger brother. They’re not giving each other chances, which makes them not understand each other. By the end Pony and Darry still fought, and they would’ve never stopped if Soda hadn’t said what he said. All those times Soda was the on who tried to understood both of them but he just had enough of it, Darry and Pony was just blind, they never tried to understand what Soda had felt all those times.
    11. 11. Proof from another: The movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Summary: The Pevensie siblings, are playing hide and seek and then Lucy the youngest discovers a closet which lead to this magical world called Narnia. Her siblings didn’t believe this at first but when they accidentally broke a window while playing, they all decided to hide out in the closet which led them to Narnia. In this world, we meet Aslan, who defends the land of Narnia against the cruel and evil White Witch. Proof: In the beginning, Peter scolded Edmund about joking and believing Lucy about Narnia. This led Peter to yell about when he was ever going to grow up, this made Edmund yell back and storm out of the room. The Pevensie siblings had an argument in Narnia when Edmund changed sides and went to the white witch, because she had offered to make him a prince if he brought his siblings to her. Later they made up because of Aslan. This only means that no matter what happens between siblings, they will always forgive each other because they are the only ones who will understand, when times get rough and you have no one to turn to.
    12. 12. “Think before you act” Proof from the book: Chapter 3, pg. 50 • Basically a lot of things in the book teaches us to “think everything through Chapter 4, pg. 61 before you act so you wont have to regret the actions that you will take.” Chapter 6, pg. 91 Chapter 10, pg. 153-54 Here are some of the main evidence that the characters weren’t thinking properly: Pony had come home late that night, Darry was extremely mad about this, they both have said something's they shouldn’t have and that leads them to arguing, fighting and eventually Darry physically hurt Pony by hitting him. This shows that Darry didn’t mean to hurt Pony he was just so angry he let his emotions get to him, without even thinking what would happen, and that led Ponyboy to run away. They’ve just killed Bob, they had nowhere to go so they got help from Dallas. They did as what he suggested and that’s hide out in the abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain. They weren’t thinking right while making this decision. Anyone who would murder someone wouldn’t be thinking right. They didn’t even think it through. They didn’t even think what would happen next and what they would do. Johnny just died, Dally couldn’t handle this and it made him do something that was completely stupid. He robbed a grocery store, he used a unloaded gun and the cops were after him so he bluffed and pretended that he was going to shoot. He wasn’t thinking at all, his emotions overpowered him to doing something he clearly didn’t think about. He just couldn’t handle loosing Johnny, and he wanted to die because of this, without even thinking about what he had left behind. Now he had left a scar, to the friends he had left behind.
    13. 13. Real life decisions. For example: …..
    14. 14. The bonds you make with people can weaken or strengthen. The relationship you have with people can make you stronger, and can make you weaker. Proof from the book: Pony’s and Johnny’s relationship with the greasers make them both strong and tough like the others, because they’re much stronger when they’re all together. Dallas’ weakness is Johnny, he was the only thing Dallas really loved. Dally was introduced as someone who’s tough strong and someone who’s not afraid of anything even jail and policemen, but when Johnny died he becomes weak, he couldn’t handle it, and it got to the point where he couldn’t take it no more.
    15. 15. Proof from another: Katniss’ bond with Peeta Mellark made her extremely strong as a woman and a competitor at the game. She had enough courage to sacrifice her own life in order for Peeta to survive. But their care for each other made them both weak, because neither her nor Peeta had the strength to kill each other. Meanwhile she is very vulnerable and weak when it comes to her sister Prim because of the way she would do anything for her, but she also makes Katniss strong because Katniss is willing to go through hell just to keep he sister safe. Her family is her weakness but they are also the reason that’s keeping her strong. Even though she was an enemy Rue made Katniss strong even if they are in opposite sides. The two worked together to survive, because of Rue Katniss was able to survive the competition.
    16. 16. #1 What I learned is the difference between greaser (poor) and sosc (rich), they have similarities yet different. Meaning their economic status is different, the greaser's are poor and the sosc were rich. The sosc and the greasers have the same issues with their problems yet it's different. Prove: On page 38, Cherry told Ponyboy that “The greasers are more emotional and have different set of values”. “The sosc are sophisticated, cool to the point of not feeling anymore. Nothing is real with us”. Those lines prove that the greaser and rich have difference to each other. On page 12 chapters 1 and 116 chapter 7 shows a little bit of similarities and the same topic about their parent’s yet a different issue. On page 12 it had said that Johnny’s parents don’t care about him anymore. “His father was always beating him up, and his mother ignored him, except when she was hacked off at something, and then you could hear her yelling at hum clear down at our house”. On page 116 chapter 7, bob have the same problem with Johnny yet a different issue. Randy talked about what Bob wants from his parents. The quote is “He keeps trying to make someone say No and they never did. That was he wanted for somebody to tell him No and also, to have somebody lay down the law, set the limits. Bob parents never do that to him”. Proof from another movie is the Les Miserable’s. Les Miserable’s is a French movie but it has an English subtitles. It can relate because the rich guy left the poor girl because they don't have the same status in life. The rich guy's name is Tholomyes and the poor girl's name name is Fantine. Fantine is a young poor girl who fell in love with Tholomyes yet in the end he left her because she is poor. Also, Tholomyes get Fantine pregnant and then abandon her. This movie was similar for what I learned in “The Outsiders” book.
    17. 17. #2 What I learned is how people desire or want to belong and become angrier to each other because they got separated Meaning is people want to be part of something and want to belong. They not content for what they have so they want to go somewhere. Paul Holden is an example he wanted to be a part of the sosc group. Proof: Based on the book page 142 chapter 9 said about Paul Holden “ He had been the best halfback on Darry’s football team at high school and he and Darry used to buddy it around all the time. When Paul becomes a sosc he and Darry become enemies. He wants to be a part of the sosc and after Paul moved they didn’t talk anymore. When the rumble starts he finally sees each other yet they felt to each other hate and pity. Proof from other movie is Mean Girls is quite similar because Lindsay Lohan seems she wants to be part of the three mean girls. Lindsay Lohan always watches the three girls to see what they do. At the point the she didn’t notice she become more and more like them. I pick this because this is one of my favorite movies and it is kind of related.
    18. 18. What I learned is even the toughest people having their weaknesses. Meaning is the stronger people or the toughest people have their own weaknesses. Some of the toughest people don’t show their weaknesses because they don’t want to ruin their reputation to the society. Prove: In the end of page nine page149, Dally is the toughest and meanest in the greaser group and when Johnny was dying he said to Johnny “Johnny, don’t die, please don’t die”. That scene Dally is very worried because Johnny is the only person that he cared for. After that moment he suddenly bolted through the door and down the hall. Ponyboy said to their friends on page 152 that “Dally was gone, he ran out like the devil was after him, and he couldn’t take it”. Also, Ponyboy said that” Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. And now dally was gone, so he finally broke”. At that time, he robbed a grocery store in page 153, and same day Johnny had die. After that moment he died because he got shot by the policeman's gun. Ponnyboy thinks that Dally wanted to die the same as Johnny. This proves that Dally’s weakness is Johnny. Proof from another movie the Superman. Superman is the toughest and the strongest hero in the movie. His weakness is Kryptonite. Based on the movie, when he sees the green ball (which it is kryptonite) it causes physical severe pain to him and loss that can his powers. This is the thing that can defeat him. I picked this movie because it is a great movie and it’s applies for what I learn in the book.
    19. 19. #4 What I learned is do not be blinded by prejudice and hatred. The characters were judging each other because they just didn't like each other. The characters were blinded by their hatred on the socs. Prove: On page 15 Ponyboy said to the sosc is they only hate us because we are greasers on page 15 Ponyboy said sosc only hated us because they are poor and in the lower class. The quote is “Some were afraid of us and remembering Dallas Winston, I didn’t blame them. But most looked at us like we were dirt, gave us the same kind of look that the sosc did when they come by in their Mustang and Corvairs and yelled “Greaser” at us. The sosc just don’t like them because the greaser is poor and low class and it’s not the same level of the sosc. Sosc was judgmental about their look and status in life. Also, Johnny said on page 47 “It wasn’t fair for the sosc to have everything we were good as they were; it wasn’t our fault we were greaser. I couldn’t just take it or leave it, like Twobit, or ignore it and love anyway, like Sodapop, or harden myself beyond caring, like Dally, or actually enjoy it of me and I knew something had to happen or I would explode”. It seems like Johnny was hurt and he couldn’t take the sosc anymore. Proof from another book is In search of April Raintree. I picked this because it's a very good book and it relates with what I learned. People hated them and they judged them just because they have an Indian blood. April lived in DeRoisiers family, which is a foster home because their parents were addicted to drinking alcohol. One of the lines proves that they judged April because of her looks “I heard you half breeds were dirty but now I can see its truth”. Also half breed is a racist word that can offend people. People judged them so many times, saying bad and hurtful words. Based on the book, Cheryl made a little song Half-breed, that’s all I ever heard Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word Half-breed, she’s no good they warmed Both sides were against me since the day I was born This book really applies because as you can see in “The outsiders” The sosc were judging the greasers and they hated them because they are poor. In the book In search of April raintree they judged them and hated them just because they have Indian blood.
    20. 20. What I learned is that reputation is precious for them and they're proud for what they have yet one of them's not proud of what he has in life. Meaning their reputation is really important to the greasers because they want to keep their look strong and tuff than the sosc. Most of the characters were proud of what they have and happy of their status in life. Proof: The greasers take care of their reputation, and the sosc even more. Also, Ponyboy is an example he always tries to keep his hair slicked back because he wants to look tuff. It said on the book page 132 that “the greaser may not have, but they have reputation”. “That and long hair”. In additional he also said that what kind of world it where all I have to be proud of is a reputation for being a hood, and greasy hair. I don’t want to be a hood, but even if I don’t steal thing and mug people and get boozed up, I’m marked lousy. Why should I be proud of it, why should I even pretend to be proud of it? Ponyboy was not proud for being a greaser anymore because he always got beat up by the sosc. Proof from another movie is the Kung Fu Divas. Kung fu divas is a Filipino movie, it’s quite similar because two enemies comes together and saves people from the person who tries to kill everyone. In the first place they are supposed to be beauty queens in their town yet something happened, they became heroes that saves the other nations from bad people. They are proud of being a hero/savior and the good point is they became friends.
    21. 21. * One's goodness of the heart can lead you to sacrificing your own safety. -People who are generally kind and are willing to do the right thing, help people they're close to or even someone else, even though it could risk their own life. When Ponyboy and Johnny save the children from the burning church, a piece of timber caught across Johnny's back, which made him risk his life. (Chapter 6) (Chapter 12- pg. 178) Johnny said from the letter - "I don’t mind dying now. It's worth it. It's worth saving those kids. Their lives are worth more than mine, they have more live for." PROVE TO ANOTHER: Hunger Games * When Katniss' younger sister, Primrose, were selected to represent district 12 for the Hunger Games, Katniss voluntarily took her place. - For her sister's sake, she'd sacrifice herself in a dangerous fight. (clip to hunger games: Volunteer for Tribute)
    22. 22. * Never truly judge a person before you've truly see his/her perspective. * Everyone have different view of perspective, therefore we have different opinion. You cannot just judge other person or people because you don't know what the purpose of their decision, unless you see the outcome. -Page 116, Chapter 7 -( Randy told Ponyboy about Bob) "He was the best buddy a guy ever had. I mean, he was a good fighter and tuff and everything, but he was a real person." - Bob is not entirely bad, he also has a good side. It's just that people around him have spoiled him and he wanted somebody to say 'No' to him but his parents never did. APPLY TO ANOTHER: Beauty and the Beast • When the villagers found out about the (hideous) beast that lives in a castle was real, Gaston convinced the villagers that he is a threat to them and must be killed before he can hurt anyone. * (Clip)
    23. 23. * Weird people attract their fellow weird people -Birds of the same feather, flock together. A weird person attracts another weird person. * The greaser gang- Darry, Two-Bit, Steve, Sodapop, Dally, Johnny, Ponyboy- although they stick together, each one of them have different personality and perspective. For example: * Dally- the toughest member of the gang * Two-Bit- "the wisecracker of the bunch" * Ponyboy- wise, smart, have good grades, high IQ, but he doesn't use his head APPLY TO ANOTHER: * Selina's friend (also for others) - She have a big group of friends. (From what I know, each of them have different individuality). - There's always be the one who is talkative, the loudest, and there's one who is quite. - Definitely an entertainer, the funny one.
    24. 24. * Live your life, make the most out of it, time is fleeting and before you know it is out of your grasp. -Life is short, and before you know it, your time is running out. Set a goal in yourself, do whatever you want, and do what makes you happy. (Chapter 8- pg. 121-122) Johnny was telling Pony he doesn't want to die. For sixteen-years of his life, Johnny hasn't done so much stuff, and many things he hasn't seen, yet. PROVE TO ANOTHER: * The bucket list- Two men were diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. During their time on the ward, Carter starts to write a "bucket list," things he wants to do before he die. Meanwhile when Edward saw the list, he pursue Carter to do everything from the list. Although Carter's wife were against it, both of them went to a trip, including skydiving, fly over the North Pole, and visits the Taj Mahal.
    25. 25. * The movie does not give the book justice. -If you were to finish a book, and watch it's movie later on, you'll recognize some of the scenes from the book aren’t in the movie. some movies change it characters' physical look, some change the plot. In the novel- (At chapter 12) Sodapop got a letter from Sandy and Darry and Ponyboy starts to argue again. - at the beginning of the book, Ponyboy was jumped by the Socs when he was walking home alone. AN EXAMPLE: - Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief From the book The actual film Annabeth has curly blonde hair, and gray eyes. Annabeth has straight brown hair, and blue eyes. Medusa is fought by looking at her through a glass ball. Medusa is seen through the reflection of an iPod Touch. (Percy doesn't own any type of electronics in the book) Medusa is an old, Middle Eastern woman, with coffee-colored skin. Medusa appears to be a young, Caucasian woman. After Percy's fight with Medusa, her head was then mailed to Olympus. They kept the head and Grover later uses Medusa's head to turn the Hydra into stone. Chiron is the only centaur at the Camp-Half Blood. Other centaurs were seen along the beaches of the Camp with him. ( website