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Writing Book Reviews


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Handout for students to help them write a book review.

Published in: Education
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Writing Book Reviews

  1. 1. WRITING A BOOK REVIEW 1. CATCH YOUR READERS’ ATTENTION • Quote TIPS EXAMPLE • not too long – short and ''The rules of the Hunger Games are simple. Each sweet is best! of the twelve districts must provide one girl and • should capture or express one boy, called tributes. Over a period of several the flavor of the book weeks, the competitors must fight to the death. The last tribute standing wins.'' • Phrase that tells something about the book or introduces the book TIPS EXAMPLE • connect the book to your I cannot imagine fighting to the death, but after life reading Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins I feel • paint a picture or convey like I have seen a glimpse of what it would be like. an emotion about the book 2. WRITE A SHORT SUMMARY TIPS EXAMPLE • focus on major events Kat Everdeen has been chosen to represent her • interest your reader District in the Hunger Games. Now she is in a • don’t give away the televised fight to the death. Survival is the only ending thing that matters. 3. TELL ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE PART TIPS EXAMPLE • briefly summarize the part My favorite part is when Kat is showing her skills • explain WHY you like it to the judges. When she feels like the judges are so much not really paying attention, she takes matters into her own hands in an unexpected way. I love when characters respond perfectly to hard situations.
  2. 2. 4. IDENTIFY ONE MAIN IDEA/THEME FROM THE BOOK TIPS EXAMPLE • Select a theme from the Suzanne Collins' book deals with the themes of list or come up with your power and survival. Hunger Games warns us of own the dangers of a too-powerful, corrupt • Explain WHY you view government, but it provides hope in the characters this as a theme of the book who choose to survive and dare to stand up to a system that creates fear, hatred, death, and hunger. THEMES Friendship Journey Power Fate Fear Discovery Death Hope Family Isolation Greed Conformity Love Betrayal Survival Jealousy Race Hero/Heroine 5. EVALUATE THE BOOK TIP EXAMPLE • Explain what is good and/ Hunger Games is one of my new favorite books. or bad The use of the Games to "control" the people reminds me of Nazis during WWII, the Soviet Union, & the Roman gladiator games. The characters that Collins' has created are strong and complex. Kat and Peeta are two unlikely heroes. Kat has always been a survivor, ever since her father died and she began taking care of her family. Peeta is the strong and silent type. He is in love with Kat. There is more to him than meets the eye. Many times he appears to be something that he is not, but he always remains true to himself. 6. GIVE YOUR RECOMMENDATION TIP EXAMPLE • Do you recommend the I recommend this book to readers who enjoy book? adventure, science fiction, survival, and suspense. • Why? As a reader, you will quickly become immersed in • Who would like the book? the story and characters. You feel the stress, fears, thrills, losses, etc. that the characters experience. Book review format adapted from