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Geo wt dp m sedit2012pptx

  1. 1. Geology, Wildlife Tracking and Digital Photography STEM EXPEDITIONS
  2. 2. What are YOU doing this summer?Curious about the Do you love thegeology of the Earth? outdoors? Want to learn how to take better digital photographs? Do you like to travel? Want to discover how to track animals?Do you want to earn High School credit over the summer in science and technology?
  3. 3. Spend some of yoursummer with us!Students in grades 7-12 during the 2012-2013 school year can take the course 0.5 HS Elective Science Credit 0.5 HS Elective Technology Credit Family and Community members are also welcome to participate!
  4. 4. GeologyHands-on labs and researchStudy of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocksPlate tectonics theoryProperties of the Earth’s exteriorGeological mapping and investigationTwo night stay at Crater Lake National ParkTour with Dr. Grunder from Oregon State University
  5. 5. Wildlife TrackingLearn how to read the footprints and other clues left behind byanimals in the wild. Identify what lives in New Albany andwhere and then travel to Oregon to study with trackers toexpand your skills in different ecosystems. The focus will be ontrack identification, gait patterns and data collection.Work with wildlife biologist Dave Clayton who is researchingradio-collared fishers.Learn how US Fish and Wildlife Forensic Lab uses scientificprocedures to analyze physical evidence in crimes againstwildlife.
  6. 6. Digital Photography•Develop digital photography expertise whileenhancing artistic expression of your photos.•Learn how to adjust the camera for your subjectmatter and environment.•You will be analyzing, photographing, anddocumenting the geographical studies, animal tracks,wildlife, landscapes and much more.•Learn how to organize, retouch and present yourphoto documentation through the art of retouchingand final presentation software.
  7. 7. CraterLake Spring arrives Crater LakeOur lodging atCrater Lake Hiking the rim Dinner in the lodge
  8. 8. Crater LakeAccommodationsWhile at Crater Lake we willbe staying in Cabins atMazama Village.
  9. 9. Green Springs InnWhen not at CraterLake we will bestaying in cabins atGreen Springs Inn.
  10. 10. Class ScheduleAPRIL A few meetings will take place in April for logistical purposes.MAY The class will meet once a week after school hours.JUNE 80% of the class will take place during this time. June 11-15 Full day classes on the New Albany School campus. June 16 Group flies out to Oregon June 22 Group returns from Oregon June 25-29 Complete all class work and final project in New Albany.Students will be expected to share their final projects with the community at a later date.
  11. 11. NAPLS StaffClaire Monk, Pat Samanich, Leslie Shea8th grade science teacher, Digital Photography Digital PhotographyGeology Teacher Teacher Teacher
  12. 12. NAPLS StaffTechnology Support Educational Technology Wildlife TrackingServices Coordinator Coordinator Teacher
  13. 13. Partnerships and CollaboratorsMike Kessler, Wildlife Renie Brady, retired Southern Joe Kreuzman, director ofTracking teacher from Oregon University professor Coyote Trails School ofthe University of Vermont and author. Nature, professional Tracker, teacher and EMT
  14. 14. Partnershipsand Collaborators Dave Clayton, US Fish and Dr. Anita Grunder from the Wildlife, research study on Department of Geosciences fishers in Oregon. at Oregon State University.  
  15. 15. Partnershipsand Collaborators Jonah Evans, Wildlife DiversityDean Swartz, local resident, Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlifedad to two New Albany students Department, Track and Sign Evaluatorand professional photographer. for
  16. 16. Estimated CostsCosts will depend on how many participants sign up for the course.Final costs will be announced mid-March.Course fees will include the following:• Round trip flight to Medford, OR• Cabin lodging and tours at Crater Lake National Park• All meals and lodging at Green Springs Inn, Ashland, OR• Van rental, gas for transportation• Instructors, guest speakers• US Fish and Wildlife Forensic Lab visitParticipants will be expected to supply their own personal gear such ascamera, journal, small backpack, flash drives, and meal purchases at airportsand while at Crater Lake, including a special dinner overlooking the crateron our last evening there.
  17. 17. ParticipantOrientation NightCome meet the teachers of the course andlearn more details about the class. We’lldo a short presentation and then answerquestions. WHEN: March 14, 2012, 6:30pm WHERE: Mini Theater at NAHS
  18. 18. Course Application and InformationCheck out the course website for more information and a course application. Applications are due MARCH 23rd. Questions? Contact Sandy Willmore at