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Founded in 1951 by Roland Meinl. As well as being one of the "big four" cymbal manufacturers (with Paiste, Zildjian and Sabian), they are noted for their fibreglass congas, and plywood gongs, which ...

Founded in 1951 by Roland Meinl. As well as being one of the "big four" cymbal manufacturers (with Paiste, Zildjian and Sabian), they are noted for their fibreglass congas, and plywood gongs, which proved for many percussionists that such modern materials could be used in this musical application, and similar innovations.



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Meinl Cymbal Guide 2010 Meinl Cymbal Guide 2010 Document Transcript

  • Cymbal Guide 2010
  • FRieNdS OF meiNl CymbalS 4 CymbalS 6 dRum GeaR 104 meRCHaNdiSe 112 meiNl dRum FeSTiVal mOSCOW 120 eVeNTS 124 2 3
  • We Would like to thank each and every MEINL CYMBALS participant for taking part in our contest. David Klekovic, USA IN AN oNLINE CAMpAIgN, wE ASkEd EvErYoNE to SENd uS photoS of thEMSELvES wIth Anton James Olsson, Sweden SoME rEAL ChArACtEr. froM ALL of thE ENtrIES wE rECEIvEd, wE ChoSE thE oNES wE LIkEd BESt ANd INCLudEd thEM IN our CYMBAL guIdE AS "frIENdS of MEINL CYMBALS." ALL of Micah Della Porta, Andorra thESE photoS CAN Now BE SEEN throughout our NEw 2010 CYMBAL CAtALog. Victoria, Russia Ritchie B.B., Germany Fabian Hütte, Germany Carlos Carrasquilla, Panama Shane Butler, USA Kyle Conkle, USA Ruben Albarracin Fernandez, Spain Daniel O'Brien, Australia Vladimir Kustov, Russia 4 Zsolt, Hungary 5
  • AggReSSive Sound, AggReSSive deSign • B20 BroNZE ALLoY • hANd hAMMErEd INto ShApE • MuSICALItY ANd MAXIMuM proJECtIoN Meinl’s Mb20 cymbals are a combination of superior materials, craftsmanship and strength, resulting in an aggressive sound. They are heavy cymbals which have been developed to meet all of the requirements for today’s hard hitting drummers playing loud music. Recommended StyleS Alternative +extreme metal +Hard Rock toMMY CLufEtoS (uSA) +Heavy metal roB ZoMBIE +Punk +Rock 6 7
  • roCk SpLAShES hIhAtS CrAShES A loud, tight high-pitched sound hEAvY SouNdwAvE MEdIuM hEAvY Fra n ky C ost with an extremely direct and cutting a n za (Fra n ce Aggressive, powerful and loud with Explosive with fast response, bright tonality of D a goba pl ) attack. A very durable splash. a ys the 10" a penetrating, energetic open hihat with powerful feeling. Medium to heavy weight R o ck S pl a sh 10" MB20-10RS-B and a cutting chick. boosting its volume, making them the perfect 12" MB20-12RS-B sonic complement to the Mb20 heavy crashes. 14" MB20-14HSW-B 15" MB20-15HSW-B 16" MB20-16MHC-B 18" MB20-18MHC-B 20" MB20-20MHC-B hEAvY A mix of explosive power and tone for cutting projection. Loud and direct with a clarified response. Stephen Maginnis, UK Northern Ireland 16" MB20-16HC-B Ben Hammou Amine, Morocco 17" MB20-17HC-B Searge "Rodrigues" Rodygin, Russia 18" MB20-18HC-B 19" MB20-19HC-B 20" MB20-20HC-B Julian Bendixen, Germany Snake (Russia) of Naive loves his 19“ Heavy Crash Belyavsky Sergei, Russia 8 Jan, Germany Jonathan Denton, USA 9
  • roCk ChINAS rIdES hEAvY BELL rIdES Hand hammered Rock China with an aggressive and brash sound. Effective for riding, accenting MEdIuM hEAvY Solid, large bell produces a clear, and effects. Highly polished finish and medium dominant sound with full-bodied attack. 18" MB20-18RCH-B heavy weight gives a defined clear stick Loud and powerful, yet musical. 20" MB20-20RCH-B definition with a nice wash. 20" MB20-20HBR-B 20" MB20-20MHR-B 22" MB20-22HBR-B lwork hEAvY Dirk Verbeuren (Be lgium) of Soi digs his 22“ Hea vy Bel l Ride Heavier weight and highly polished finish gives a bright, dry and glassy ping. Excellent stick definition with medium sustain. Claudio Hector Sobrales, Argentina 20" MB20-20HR-B 21" MB20-21HR-B 22" MB20-22HR-B Michael Galeza, Aram Khlief, Carlos Ciliberto, Venezuela Dustin Cox, USA Germany Germany Ale xAn dr "Shum" le viche v , ruSSiA Chelsie Stulz, USA Callum Coupland, UK 10 Isaiah Rodriguez, USA 11
  • If you’ve never questioned your ride sound before, try the Pure Metal Ride and you will not only understand why you should have, you never will again. ChrIS AdLEr (uSA) LAMB of god purE MEtAL rIdE Massive bell, extreme heavy weight and highly polished finish make this cymbal a distinctive ride with outstanding sound qualities for louder musical settings. 24" MB20-24PMR-B Includes a free 24" Professional Cymbal Bag SIgNAturE CYMBAL 12 13
  • Recommended styles: Alternative | country Hard Rock | Heavy metal | Pop TRADITIONAl Punk | RnB | Rock | studio • B20 BRonZe Alloy • HAnd HAmmeRed FoR An UnIQUe soUnd • tRAdItIon And IndIVIdUAlIty SpENCEr SMIth (uSA) pANIC At thE dISCo 14 15
  • trAdItIoNAL MINI hAtS hIhAtS CrAShES TRADITIONAl Traditional finish cymbals have a completely lathed surface and a warm, smooth and rich sound. The har- monic spectrum has slightly Fast, quick responsive hihat with an thIN thIN energetic, controlled open sound Light weight with increased Light weight, sounds fairly washy and dominant mids. and a defined, warm, cutting chick. sensitivity and response. Ultra warm dark in a narrow frequency range. and fine sounding with a soft, Soft attack and a fairly short sustain. 10" B10MH smooth chick. Outstanding musical 12" B12MH 14" B14TC 17" B17TC cymbal, ideal for studio work. SpLAShES ChINAS fLAt ChINAS 14" B14TH 15" B15TC 16" B16TC 18" B18TC N EW! MEdIuM thIN MEdIuM Washy and fairly dark sound with a full Wide dynamic spectrum with a soft, frequency spectrum. Loud attack with warm sound. Unobtrusive and moderate sustain. controlled open hihat sound with a crisp chick. 16" B16MTC 18" B18MTC 17" B17MTC 19" B19MTC 13" B13MH 14" B14MH MEdIuM 15" B15MH Traditional, warm sound in an extremely A nice spread with great attack. Aggressive, brash attack with a complex Outstanding and exceptional chinas. wide dynamic spectrum. Energetic, Punchy and washy but still with spread. Trashy sound with an explosive They are produced without a bell and hEAvY exploding attack and a louder response. a traditional feel. response and long sustain. have a short sustain. Soft attack with Heavier weight for a powerful 16" B16MC 21" B21MC a simmering, sizzling sound that is sound, with a brash open hihat 6" B6S 14" B14CH 18" B18MC 22" B22MC focused. in a wide dynamic range. 8" B8S 16" B16CH 20" B20MC C hin a e ll 10" B10S 18" B18CH 16" B16FCH 14" B14HH 12" B12S 20" B20CH 18" B18FCH tb hEAvY 22" B22CH withou Heavier weight increases power and focus, for a direct and loud response. r Dave Atkins (Australia) of Wolfmother uses an 16" B16HC 18” Medium Crash 18" B18HC 16 17
  • trAdItIoNAL trAdItIoNAL rIdES SIZZLE rIdES pINg rIdES thIN Dark and shimmering in the traditional style. Clear bell definition and a mellow stick response with a washy ping. 20" B20TR MEdIuM Balanced, controllable stick response with a defined ping and a blend of bright overtones. Warm basic sound with medium sustain and bell. 20" B20MR 23" B23MR MEdIuM Excellent stick definition with a bright, clear ping. 21" B21MR 24" B24MR Sizzles, along with the outstanding sound Glassy, high-pitched sound with short sustain for 22" B22MR attributes of this Medium Ride, combine to form extremely busy patterns. a shimmering sound with an extremely long 20" B20PR hEAvY sustain. 22" B22PR Powerful and focused sound with a defined, 20" B20MR-S bright bell. Solid, full-bodied stick response 22" B22MR-S with a clear ping. 20" B20HR 22" B22HR 21" B21HR 23" B23HR Billy Kefalas, USA tch Jea n-Paul Gaster (USA) of Clu plays the 23” Medium Ride Michael, Russia Mike Villarreal, USA Michael, Poland Francesco Carloni, Dimitrije, Serbia and Montenegro Italy 18 Andrew Cairns, UK Dennikov Valentin, Russia 19
  • BRIllIANT recommended styles Alternative … country … fusion … Hard rock … Heavy metal … Pop … rnB … rock … studio … JASkA rAAtIkAINEN (fINLANd) ChILdrEN of BodoM • B20 Bronze Alloy • HAnd HAmmered for An unique sound • BrigHt ricH sounds 20 21
  • BrILLIANt hIhAtS fASt hIhAtS BRIllIANT SIgNAturE CYMBAL Brilliant cymbal s are polished up six times to a hi to gh gloss finish. in this manner ca Only n the unique ap pearance of Mei - nl’s brilliant cymb be guaranteed. als These cymbals ca tivate with thei p- r reflective surf and bright, rich aces sound. MEdIuM A brilliant, bright sound, based on SpLAShES ChINAS the highly polished surface and bright finish. A wide dynamic spectrum. Hihat features two different finishes, enabling a dry immediate response, an extremely fast chick, and a short sustain. 13" B13MH-B 13" B13FH 14" B14MH-B 14" B14FH hEAvY Increased focus through heavier weight with a very clear and brilliant sound and a bright, powerful open hihat. 14" B14HH-B High-polished finish, brilliant and Brilliant, bright overtones with a sizzling, bright sound with fast response. trashy, brash sound. Tyler Coste, USA 6" B6S-B 14" B14CH-B 8" B8S-B 16" B16CH-B 10" B10S-B 18" B18CH-B 12" B12S-B 20" B20CH-B It barks when I whack it with my stick. It screams when I ride it half open, and Anton James Olsson, Sweden it snaps at me when I slam my boot down. thoMAS LANg (AuStrIA) 22 Sam Cronenberg, USA Pedro Pires, Brazil Antonio Converti, Italy 23
  • BrILLIANt BrILLIANt CrAShES rIdES thIN MEdIuM High-polished finish contains bright High-polished finish effects a clear, warm sound overtones with a silky, washy, dark with bright overtones. Defined ping with medium sound. Short sustain. sustain. 14" B14TC-B 17" B17TC-B 20" B20MR-B 15" B15TC-B 18" B18TC-B 21" B21MR-B 16" B16TC-B 22" B22MR-B 24" B24MR-B MEdIuM thIN Bright and brilliant overtones with a Rachel Rep (Germany) of Farin Urlaub Racing Team hEAvY Kai Hahto (Fin land) of Wintersun moderate sustain that is silky, clear. favors her 18” Medium Thin Crash High frequency range caused by the plays the 20” Heavy Ride high-polished finish. Penetrating, defined, 16" B16MTC-B 18" B18MTC-B bright bell and a glassy, clear ping. 17" B17MTC-B 19" B19MTC-B 20" B20HR-B 22" B22HR-B MEdIuM Medium weight, high-polished finish with a clear, warm sound. Lots of bright, brilliant overtones with a medium sustain. Will Hankey, UK 16" B16MC-B 20" B20MC-B 18" B18MC-B Fips Ascon, Germany Nick, Russia 24 Topi Nykänen, Finland Tommy Nikiforov, Finland David Keller, USA 25
  • BrILLIANt BrILLIANt SIgNAturE CYMBAL SErpENtS rIdE A blend of definition and tone in a cymbal with shimmering sound and feel. Big-sized heavy bell produces a clear and cutting bell sound. 21" B21SR-B Swift, delicate, accurate, powerful, mystical, intense, scary. These terms describe the adapta- tions of my Serpents Ride in its world: Music. dErEk roddY (uSA) SErpENtS rISE 26 27
  • DARK · B20 bronze alloy · Hand hammered for an unique sound BEN SESAr (uSA) BrAd pAISLEY · Unlathed surface and dark sounds RECOMMENDED STYLES Country | Funk | Fusion | Jazz | Latin Pop | RnB | Rock | Studio 28 29
  • dArk rIdES rAw BELL rIdE DARK Dark cymbals are not lat have their original appea and sound characteristic hed and rance . They N EW! are distinguished by an ea rthy sound with a fairly short sustain. SpLAShES ChINA CrAShES N EW! Low frequency range with esoteric character Outstanding ride cymbal with excellent sound due to the untreated finish. Dark, earthy, with features and an extraordinary dark look. Untrea- a short sustain and a defined ping and bell. ted raw bell creates a fat, projecting sound that has a wide spectrum. 20" B20DAR 21" B21DAR 20" B20RBR Dark, earthy sound with a strong, Low frequency with a dark and Dark in a low frequency range, and punchy attack. Short sustain in dirty appearance in sound and look. esoteric character caused by the a low frequency range with esoteric Aggressive attack with a washy, untreated finish. Earthy with a strong character. short sustain. attack and a short sustain. 8" B8DAS 18" B18DACH 16" B16DAC 10" B10DAS 17" B17DAC 18" B18DAC Chris Coleman (USA) of New Kids on the Block loves his 20” Dark Ride 30 31
  • dArk dArk hIhAtS SpECtruM hIhAtS This cymbal transcends genres. SIgNAturE CYMBAL A classic elegant sound combined with an aggressive clear projection. rodNEY hoLMES (uSA) Untreated finish. Esoteric, dark Unique pairing, designed with Rodney sound with a dirty, earthy open hihat Holmes’s personal inspirations in mind. and a short sustain and chick. Solid, strong chick sound with tight stick response and plenty of presence. 13" B13DAH SIgNAturE CYMBAL 14" B14DAH 13" B13SH 14" B14SH Crisp, but full. Clean, yet earthy. SpECtruM rIdE Cutting, while being warm at the same Distinctive, clear and penetrating bell. Low to mid time. Some call it a contradiction. frequencies with a fairly dark ping. Very harmonic Fe lix Lehrmann (Germany) digs the 13” Da rk Hihat But I call it completeness. and musical ride with a special spiral-lathing. 22" B22SR rodNEY hoLMES (uSA) 32 33
  • dArk dArk StAdIuM rIdE SkY rIdE The 22" size combined with the relative light weight, the dark Unique sized ride cymbal in dark finish. finish top, and lathed bottom create a smooth wash with a It has the same sound character as the buttery feeling. The big-sized heavy bell produces a pingy and 20" dark ride, yet with a higher pitch and penetrating sound. faster response. 22" B22STR 19" B19SKR SIgNAturE CYMBAL SIgNAturE CYMBAL "T his ride is the king of rides!" "Plea se enjoy this deep and vast soun d!" NorIAkI kuMAgAI (JApAN) trIX trEvor LAwrENCE Jr. (uSA) dr. drE 34 35
  • exTRA DRy RECOMMENDED STYLES Ambient | Drum’n Bass | Experimental Funk | Jazz | Latin | RnB | Pop | Studio JoSt NICkEL (gErMANY) JAN dELAY & dISko No.1 · B20 bronze alloy · Hand hammered for an unique sound · Natural appearance and extra dry sounds 36 37
  • EXtrA drY CrAShES rIdES exTRA DRy Extra Dry cymbals have big hammer marks which in combination with the untreated, natural finish enable an extremely dark sound with a short sustain. Dominant lows with an esoteric character. thIN MEdIuM SpLASh ChINAS hIhAtS Unique light weight crash with Extremely musical cymbal with dry stick an extremely dry and low pitched definition and an outstanding short sustain. sound. Trashy overtones, soft Unlathed surface and big hammer strokes N EW! response with a fast decay creating produce a dry and warm sound in a low an overall “dryness”. frequency range. N EW! 16" B16EDTC 20" B20EDMR Nick D’Virgilio (USA) of 18" B18EDTC 22" B22EDMR Spock’s Beard uses the 20" B20EDTC NEW! 20” Extra Dry Medium Ride An especially crisp sound that has Unique china with a dark, dirty MEdIuM a wide spectrum ranging from low sound that has a wide spectrum of Distinctive hihat due to its weight to high frequencies. Very musical frequencies. An explosive attack due relation between top and bottom. splash with an unusual appearance to the medium thin weight and the Dry and defined, fat chick due to in sound and look. partial lathing. heavy bottom. Light weight top produces a dark stick response 10" B10EDS 18" B18EDCH with little wash. Paul Tetzlaff 20" B20EDCH (Germany) of 13" B13EDMH Clueso plays the 14" B14EDMH 18” Extra Dry Thin Crash 38 39
  • Recommended Styles Ambient | Funk | Jazz | Latin | RnB | Studio | World JAZZ woLfgANg hAffNEr (gErMANY) · B20 bronze alloy · Hand hammered for an unique sound · Complex blend of sounds 40 41
  • JAZZ CrAShES ChINA rIdE The award winning Byzance Jazz cym- bals have a regular finish JAZZ and contain outstanding sound qualities. They were developed for the natural vintage sound that traditional Jazz requir es. With a complex blend of sounds, an overall darkness and a nice spread , these fac- tors come together to for m a warm, musical mix. EXtrA thIN Extreme light weight crash with a warm and natural vintage-sound. Washy, dark attack SpLASh hIhAtS with a fast, full-bodied response. Suitable Exotic, trashy sound with a soft feeling. Very as a light ride. controllable and responsive in a wide dynamic range. Well suited for a smooth, sizzling ride 16" B16JETC or a slow swelling crash. 17" B17JETC 18" B18JETC 22" B22JCHR thIN SwEEt rIdES Delicate and musical Jazz cymbal. Fast and explosive with a warm, low-pitched thIN sound. Complex frequency range with Musically deep and dark. Colorful Exceptional light weight hihat with a smooth decay. Suitable as a light ride. with a papery, washy attack and a a low volume stick response and a wide smooth spread. 16" B16JTC soft, smooth chick. Blends well 17" B17JTC 10" B10JS and has a comfortable feel. 18" B18JTC Winner of the M.I.P.A. 13" B13JTH Musikmesse International 14" B14JTH Press Award MEdIuM thIN Fast and explosive with a warm, dark sound, yet with a clear projection. Complex frequency range with a fast decay. Suitable as a light ride. Delicate, sensitive cymbal with a sweet feel. 16" B16JMTC Soft stick response with a sparkling spread 17" B17JMTC and long sustain. Perfect for brush work. 18" B18JMTC 20" B20JSLR SWEET LigHT RiDE Oli Rubow (Germany) of De Phazz 20" B20JSR SWEET RiDE loves the 14” Jazz Thin Hihat 42 43
  • JAZZ JAZZ rIdES fLAt rIdE CLuB rIdES Distinctive Flat Ride with a great presence. Big hammer marks enable the cymbal to sound dark and warm, yet soft and smooth. Long, sizzling sustain. 20" B20JCR 22" B22JCR SIgNAturE CYMBAL EXtrA thIN A clear, sweet ping with a subtle hum, little My Club Rides sound perfect both Extreme light weight ride with a dark, smooth build-up and a long sustain. Excellent for low live and in the studio. They have and complex tonal structure. A beautiful, wide spread and shimmer with a long sustain. to medium volume situations. a cool touch and look absolutely 20" B20JETR 20" B20JFR stunning. woLfgANg hAffNEr (gErMANY) 22" B22JETR thIN Traditional Jazz Ride with a perfect blend of spread and shimmer. Intensive hammering results in a harmonic, colorful sound with lots of depth. 20" B20JTR 22" B22JTR MEdIuM thIN Low pitched sound, yet with very nice washy overtones. Warm and full-bodied stick response with a soft buttery feel. fa vors Huge spread with a long sustain. Gergo Borla i (Hunga ry) in Ride 20" B20JMTR the 20” Ja zz Extra Th 22" B22JMTR 44 45
  • vINtAgE Superhuman, modern abilities with that great vintage sound...unreal! s cymbals are VINTAGe Byzance Vintage Serie traditionally made from and feature innovative B20 bronze alloy designs with un- BENNY grEB (gErMANY) e sounds. Made for conventional yet uniqu g for a truly indi- drummers who are lookin to express musicality vidual sound in order pieces of art with to its fullest. Distinct teristics. stunning sound charac N EW! SIgNAturE CYMBAL SANd rIdE The ba ck of the Sa The sandblasted top combined with the partially nd Ride lathed bottom produce an outstanding dry and fast stick sound with a very quick decay. The bell has a clear, bright and articulate voice. 20" B20SAR 46 47
  • New series! rALf guStkE (gErMANY) XAvIEr NAIdoo Recommended Styles Alternative 1 Funk Fusion 1 Heavy Metal Mainstream 1 Pop Rock 1 Studio ModErN CoNCEpt, trAdItIoNAL SouNd • B20 Bronze alloy • high-tech computerized manufacturing • rich sounds and utmost in musicality M-Series cymbals are made in Germany from B20 bronze alloy featuring high-tech computerized manufacturing standards. These cymbals have a traditional look and feel, but with a modern sound and distinct clarity. They have been developed for the needs of literally all styles of music and are therefore the perfect all around professional cymbal series. 48 49
  • New series! Made in Germany B20 bronze alloy High-tech computerized manufacturing 50 51
  • New series! hIhAt rIdES MEdIuM MEdIuM Outstanding clear and bright stick Clear, crisp stick definition with a shimmering sound with a fat chick, due to the spread. Rich sound with a good degree of heavy weight bottom. Strong and color and plenty of warmer undertones. Nice powerful response with a controlled shaped bell that projects loud and clear. feeling. ba l bo t to m cy m 20" MS20MR Exce p tio n a lly he a vy n se a n d a s tick re spo 14" MS14MH 22" MS22MR for a fa s t s o u n d. d, fa t chick more d e fin e CrAShES MEdIuM Rich sounds characteristic of B20 bronze alloy. Speaks very quickly with beautiful warm undertones, Irvin, France and shimmers with brilliance and musicality. Mark Mcguinness, Ireland lars Stefan Pillen, Germany 16" MS16MC 18" MS18MC Dylan Smith, USA Alex larson, USA Christophe Verbeek, Belgium lawrence Napoco, Brian Jones, USA 52 Philippines 53
  • exPeRience muSicAlity And A Stunni ng look guStAv SChäfEr (gErMANY) tokIo hotEL • B12 Bronze alloy Recommended StyleS • high-tech computerized hammering • two finishes in one cymBal country / Hard Rock / Heavy metal Pop / Rock / Studio The Soundcaster Fusion cymbals combine two different finishes in one cymbal. Unlathed, brilliant finish and closed lathing finish for a washy sound with short sustain. This outstanding finish and the laser-engraved logos results in a stunning and distinctive look. 54 55
  • CrAShES trASh CrAShES rIdES N EW! Winner of the M.I.P.A. Musikmesse International Press Award sion The new Soundcaster Fu Tra sh Crash MEdIuM Special designed Trash Crash thIN Full frequency spread with an with a stunning, unique look. A combination of a soft feel with an articulate enhanced shimmer. Combination Light weight, eight holes and response. A great stick sound with a nice of an outstanding warm character the typical Soundcaster Fusion controllable wash. Perfect for any application SpLAShES ChINAS hIhAtS and a clear sound. lathing pattern create an extreme trashy and biting sound effect. where a washy ride sound and a clear ping are both needed. 14" SF14MC NEW! 16" SF16MC 16" SF16TRC 20" SF20TR NEW! 17" SF17MC NEW! 18" SF18TRC 18" SF18MC MEdIuM Defined, solid stick attack with a strong bell powErfuL due to the unlathed surface. Outside lathed Enhanced brightness yet retains edge increases spread with a medium sustain. plenty of warmth while maintaining a wide frequency. Swelling attack 20" SF20MR with a long sustain. Suited for Clear and warm sound. Combination of trashiness and brilliance. MEdIuM powerful accents. powErfuL Very musical splash. The close lathing at the edge effects an Smooth and voluminous open hihat enhanced washy sound. sound with a defined chick. 16" SF16PC NEW! Energetic, powerful, and warm sound due 8" SF8S NEW! Wide dynamic spectrum with a warm 18" SF18PC NEW! to its special lathed edge. Fat, strong stick 10" SF10S 16" SF16CH NEW! character. 20" SF20PC NEW! response with a loud bell. 18" SF18CH Javad (Russia) of Plastillinn 20" SF20PR 20" SF20CH NEW! 13" SF13MH NEW! favors the 20” Powerful Ride 22" SF22PR 14" SF14MH 56 57
  • dANIEL SvENSSoN (SwEdEN) IN fLAMES exPeRience BRilliAnce And wARmtH • B12 Bronze alloy • high-tech computerized hammering • rich, warm, glassy tones R ec o m m en d ed S ty le S co un tr y / Ha rd Ro The range of Soundcaster Custom cymbals is the result of extensive ck / He av y m et al Pu nk / Po p / Ro ck R&D efforts in finding new exciting sounds. The B12 bronze alloy combined / St ud io with the brilliant finish results in a mirror-like surface for a brighter, richer, and more brilliant sound, yet with a controlled amount of high frequencies. 58 59
  • hIhAtS SouNdwAvE CrAShES hIhAtS The Soundcaster Custom surface cymbals have a mirror-lik e MEdIuM MEdIuM SouNdwAvE thIN SpLAShES dIStortIoN ChINAS Full frequency attack with an outstanding warm and brilliant Highly polished finish and waved bottom increases brightness, Light weight crash with a brilliant, clear attack, fast response and SpLASh sound. Smooth open hihat with response, crispness and volume. a warm, shimmering, short sustain. a defined chick. A strong cutting chick. 16" SC16TC-B 13" SC13MH-B 14" SC14MSW-B 18" SC18TC-B 14" SC14MH-B powErfuL SouNdwAvE MEdIuM powErfuL Combination of heavier weight, Combination of warmth and clear, Very energetic and powerful with waved bottom and highly bright overtones, due to the a brilliant high-pitched open hihat polished finish produces a clear polished finish. sound. Strong chick caused by and penetrating sound. 14" SC14MC-B 17" SC17MC-B heavier weight. 14" SC14PSW-B 15" SC15MC-B 18" SC18MC-B 14" SC14PH-B 16" SC16MC-B Extra thin with open, glassy sound. An exceptionally powerful effect Loud and warm spread with a trashy, A sharply, focused, penetrating cut cymbal defined by a narrow sonic clear attack and explosive response. powErfuL with brilliant, high overtones. range. Fairly hard attack with an Good for riding, crashing and effects. Strong, penetrating attack and extremely crisp, flashy and high- 6" SC6S-B 16" SC16CH-B cutting power. Lots of bright, brilliant pitched sound. Long shimmer and 8" SC8S-B 18" SC18CH-B overtones with a medium sustain. lively fade. 10" SC10S-B 20" SC20CH-B 16" SC16PC-B 19" SC19PC-B 12" SC12S-B 12" SC12DS-B 17" SC17PC-B 20" SC20PC-B 18" SC18PC-B Fredrik Andersson (Sweden) of Amon Amarth plays the 18” Powerful Crash 60 61
  • rIdES MEgA BELL rIdE 4 pIECE CYMBAL SEtS MEdIuM Enormous distinctive bell with a piercing, Soundcaster Custom cymbal sets are available in two versions: BOTH SETS Defined, clear ping with a warm, brilliant penetrating glassy sound. Lots of cut for The CyMBAL SET includes a 14" Medium Soundwave Hihat, INCLUDE A FREE response and a medium sustain. A balanced high volume settings. a 16" Medium Crash and a 20" Medium Ride. 22" PROFESSIONAL and musical bell. The PoWER CyMBAL SET includes a 14" Powerful Soundwave CyMBAL BAG! 22" SC22MBR-B Hihat, an 18" Powerful Crash and a 22" Powerful Ride. 20" SC20MR-B CYMBAL SEt powEr CYMBAL SEt powErfuL SC-14/16/20 SC-14/18/22 Heavy weight and highly polished finish 14" MEDIUM SOUNDWAVE HIHAT 14" POWERFUL SOUNDWAVE HIHAT produces a solid high frequency stick attack 16" MEDIUM CRASH 18" POWERFUL CRASH with a clear penetrating ping and bell. 20" MEDIUM RIDE 22" POWERFUL RIDE 20" SC20PR-B 21" SC21PR-B 22" SC22PR-B John Boecklin (USA) of Devil Driver Aleksey Voloshin, Ukraine Simone lehmann, Germany Michael Galeza, loves the 22” Mega Bell Ride Germany Jim Kempf, USA Drew Hinckley, USA 62 63
  • RECOMMENDED STYLES Alternative | Country | Hard Rock | Heavy Metal | Punk | Pop | Rock | Studio INNOvATIvE SOuND, INNOvATIvE DESIgN • B10 Bronze alloy • high-tech computerized hammering JEff fABB (uSA) IN thIS MoMENt • cutting yet warm sounds Mb10 series cymbals are made out of B10 bronze alloy. The fundamental sonic characteristic of this alloy is responsible for an extremely modern and sophisticated sound. An extensively lathed and highly polished cymbal surface results in a modern look and plenty of attitude. 64 65
  • SPlASHeS CHINAS HIHATS FAT HAT Oversized hihat for more volume and a thick response. Special hammering and air-lock-elimination effect a low pitched, dark sound. An exceptional hihat. 16" MB10-16FH-B SIgNAturE CYMBAL Flexible, buttery feel with an out- Explosive attack with a biting, crispy and trashy MEdIuM SouNdwAvE I wanted a different and louder standing crisp and well-balanced spread. Fast and very controlled sound. Brash and penetrating, but very musical in its spread. Cutting, high pitched sound with quick attack. Energetic open sound hihat sound than the average 14”. attack with a bright and warm sound. 17" MB10-17CH-B with a sharp and crispy chick. The I am really happy and proud to have 8" MB10-8S-B 19" MB10-19CH-B waved bottom eliminates air lock for maximum clarity. been able to design my own 16” Fat 10" MB10-10S-B 12" MB10-12S-B 14" MB10-14MSW-B Hat. I love it. fLo dAuNEr (gErMANY) 15" MB10-15MSW-B dIE fANtAStISChEN vIEr hEAvY SouNdwAvE Heavier weight increases the volume and raises the pitch. Powerful and sizzling open sound with a full- bodied, fat chick. The wavy bottom eliminates air lock for maximum clarity. 14" MB10-14HSW-B John Bengtsson (Sweden) of Sonic Syndicate uses the 10” Splash 66 67
  • CRASHeS RIDeS 4 PIeCe CyMBAl SeTS thIN MEdIuM Light weight crash with a moderately bright The ultimate balance of bright stick definition sound. Soft and very responsive feel with a rich with pure tone and glassy ping. The big sized BOTH SETS and warm shimmering character. sweet-spot bell offers a penetrating loud sound. Mb10 cymbal sets are available in two versions: INCLUDE A FREE A great cymbal for rock! The CyMBAL SET includes a 14" Medium Soundwave Hihat, 22" PROFESSIONAL 16" MB10-16TC-B a 16" Medium Crash and a 20" Medium Ride. CyMBAL BAG! 18" MB10-18TC-B 20" MB10-20MR-B The HEAvy CyMBAL SET includes a 14" Heavy Soundwave 21" MB10-21MR-B Hihat, an 18" Heavy Crash and a 20" Bell Blast Ride. MEdIuM Bright, warm and well-balanced sound in a wide hEAvY CYMBAL SEt hEAvY CYMBAL SEt dynamic range. Full, even and soft responsive feel Fairly wide range with a defined ping. MB10-14/16/20 MB10-141820H with an extensive spread. Versatile, all-purpose The large sweet-spot bell delivers a 14" MEDIUM SOUNDWAVE HIHAT 14" HEAVY SOUNDWAVE HIHAT classic rock crash. full-bodied and fat sound. Perfect for 16" MEDIUM CRASH 18" HEAVY CRASH louder playing. 20" MEDIUM RIDE 20" BELL BLAST RIDE 14" MB10-14MC-B 18" MB10-18MC-B 15" MB10-15MC-B 19" MB10-19MC-B 22" MB10-22HR-B 16" MB10-16MC-B 20" MB10-20MC-B 17" MB10-17MC-B hEAvY Total power and presence with an explosive attack. Heavy weight delivers high-end tones, yet with a basic warm character. Sherman Jones, USA Kevin, USA 16" MB10-16HC-B 20" MB10-20HC-B Norman Bonink (Netherlands) of Blof Hendrik Czirr, Germany 18" MB10-18HC-B 21" MB10-21HC-B NEW! loves his 21” Medium Ride Jesus Fernandez Flores, Mexico 68 Krystian Schenk, Germany 69
  • BELL BLASt rIdE The combination of a heavy weight, a highly polished finish and a large bell offers an extremely high-pitched, glassy ping with a penetrating, loud bell, resulting in defined and articulated sticking. 20" MB10-20BBR-B SIgNAturE CYMBAL Spea kin g of the be ll, it is simply IN TENS E! It does exac tly what it’s supposed to do – JASoN BIttNEr (uSA) ge ts yo ur at te ntion! ShAdowS fALL 70 71
  • eS R e c o m m e n d e d Styl Rock reme metal + Hard Alter native + ext k + Rock + Stud io + Heavy metal + Pun A new StAndARd ALLEN BLICkLE (uSA) BAroNESS of Sound And APPeARence • B8 Bronze alloy • high-tech computerized hammering • precise with energy levels The Mb8 cymbals prove Meinl’s long-time know-how and competence in manufacturing cymbals out of B8 bronze alloy. They offer the best possible sound of a B8 bronze in combination with an outstanding look and performance. The cutting, explosive and crystal clear sound sets a new standard of cymbal sounds. 72 73
  • SPlASHeS HIHATS CRASHeS CHINAS RIDeS Glassy, clear sound with a focused and penetrating cut. Fast explosive attack yet with a nice spread. 8" MB8-8S-B MEdIuM MEdIuM Nice, wide spread with lots of highs, MEdIuM 10" MB8-10S-B Powerful feeling with an exceptio- Aggressive, energetic sound with and a fundamental tone. Classic rock ride cymbal with an extreme 12" MB8-12S-B nally clear voice. Precise and sharp shimmery highs and a responsive clear and defined ping. Big bell offers 16" MB8-16CH-B chick sound for articulate playing. feel. Powerful attack with medium a glassy, penetrating and full-bodied sound. 18" MB8-18CH-B sustain. 13" MB8-13MH-B NEW! 20" MB8-20CH-B 20" MB8-20MR-B MINI HAT 14" MB8-14MH-B 14" MB8-14MC-B 22" MB8-22MR-B 16" MB8-16MC-B 17" MB8-17MC-B hEAvY hEAvY 18" MB8-18MC-B Based on the medium hihat version, Very powerful and energetic 19" MB8-19MC-B yet with enhanced loudness and ride cymbal. Fairly heavy 20" MB8-20MC-B power for more projection. Perfect feel with a strong, ping stick for live situations. sound and a sweet-spot bell hEAvY for comfortable playing. 14" MB8-14HH-B Strong attack with lots of brilliant Small, aggressive pairing with 20" MB8-20HR-B and shimmery overtones. Strong, lots of glassy overtones and an 22" MB8-22HR-B cutting crash for heavy playing. outstanding biting, sharp chick. Suitable as an auxiliary hihat. 16" MB8-16HC-B 18" MB8-18HC-B 10" MB8-10MH-B 20" MB8-20HC-B Stef Broks (Ne the rlan ds) of Textures favors the 20” Medium Ride Daray Brzozowski (Poland) of Dimmu Borgir uses the 18” China 74 75
  • 4 PIeCe CyMBAl SeTS Mb8 cymbal sets are available in three versions: The CyMBAL SET includes a 14" Medium Hihat, a 16" Medium Crash and a 20" Medium Ride. The RoCK CyMBAL SET includes a 14" Medium Hihat, an 18" Medium Crash and a 22" Medium Ride. The HEAvy CyMBAL SET includes a 14" Heavy Hihat, an 18" Heavy Crash and a 22" Heavy Ride. CYMBAL SEt roCk CYMBAL SEt hEAvY CYMBAL SEt MB8-14/16/20 MB8-14/18/22 MB8-14/18/22H 14" MEDIUM HIHAT 14" MEDIUM HIHAT 14" HEAVY HIHAT 16" MEDIUM CRASH 18" MEDIUM CRASH 18" HEAVY CRASH EVERy SET 20" MEDIUM RIDE 22" MEDIUM RIDE 22" HEAVY RIDE INCLUDES A FREE 22" PROFESSIONAL CyMBAL BAG! eFFeCT CyMBAl SeT The Mb8 EFFECT CyMBAL SET includes a 10" Splash, an 18" China and a free cymbal attachment. MB8-10/18 BArrY kErCh (uSA) 10" SPLASH ShINEdowN 18" CHINA INCLUDING A FREE CyMBAL ATTACHMENT! 76 77
  • recoMMended STYleS ambient i experimental drum n Bass i Fusion Jazz i Pop i rock i Studio nd c haracTer ToTal in novaTion a Winner oF The M.i.P.a. MuSikMeSSe inTernaTional • different sounds PreSS aWard • innovative concepts • high-tech computerized manufacturing Meinl’s innovative and award-winning Generation X cymbals pave the way to a completely new world of revolutionary cymbals. These cymbals have sounds which are consciously different and aimed towards advanced, experimental and unconventional drummers who are motivated to explore new sound territories. Meinl’s Generation X cymbals offer contemporary and modern JoN rICE (uSA) sounds which were designed in cooperation with some of today’s most remarkable drummers. JoB for A CowBoY 78 79
  • ELECtro StACkS x-treme stack ChINA CrAShES AttACk StACkS trASh hAt SIgNAturE CYMBAL SIgNAturE CYMBAL N EW! Hard, sizzling attack due to the The bottom cymbal contains jingles Large cut-outs, exceptionally defined shape and waved china top with a trashy, white which enable an exceptional sizzling wavy edge makes this cymbal outstanding and Special effect stack cymbal designed with Mike Terrana. Holes in the top and bottom eliminate air lock for ma- noise effect and an extremely short attack. An adjustable sustain is innovative. It delivers an extreme trashy sound Aggressive, loud and cutting high-pitched sound. ximum clarity. Dry, immediate response with a rattling, sustain due to the combination of possible by using the wing nut of the with a lot of aggressive bite. Useable as a crash Perfect for short accents that need to be heard. sizzling sound. Adjustable sustain by utilizing the wing two cymbals. cymbal stand. or a china for accenting and punctuating. nut and felts of the cymbal stand. 6"/8" gX-6/8AS-B 8"/10" gX-8/10ES 12"/14" gX-12/14XTS 15" gX-15CHC-B 6"/10" gX-6/10AS-B 12"/14" gX-12/14TH 10"/12" gX-10/12ES 17" gX-17CHC-B 19" gX-19CHC-B fX hAtS An auxiliary hihat with a very sharp and extremely cutting sound. The That Attack Stack is an interesting Tadaaaah! My Trash Hat that I mostly use brilliant, chrome surface and the trademark sound that you can hear on as an x-hat on my right, but can also be laser engraved tribal-design makes many of the CD’s I have recorded in used on a regular hihat stand to create this cymbal’s finish outstanding. Furio Chirico (Italy) the past 12 years. totally new sounds. Stay creative! 8" gX-8FXH plays the 19” China Crash MIkE tErrANA (uSA) Bram Hakkens (Netherlands) tArJA BENNY grEB (gErMANY) 10" gX-10FXH of Kyteman's Hip Hop Orkest 80 digs the 12" /14" X-Treme Stack 81
  • druMBALS SAfArI hIhAt SAfArI CrASh SAfArI rIdE thE rABB pACk CYMBAL SEt SIgNAturE SIgNAturE SIgNAturE SIgNAturE SIgNAturE CYMBAL CYMBAL CYMBAL CYMBAL SEt INCLUDES A FREE 8" DRUMBAL! Placed on any drum, they are Especially designed to meet the The quick decay achieved by the two cymbal Breakbeat ride with a trashy, white noise sound. A complete pre-packed pitch-matched cymbal set-up. perfect for imitating white noise, requirements of today’s Drum’n’Bass combination is perfect for adding white noise Extremely short sustain due to the combination It’s a perfect add-on for the existing set-up. hand claps, and other electronic and Jungle scene. It provides a for simulating loops or effects for whatever style of two cymbals in one instrument. effects. Drumbals transform your multitude of new sounds. The bottom you are playing. gX-12/16/18 18" gX-18SR acoustic drumset into an acoustic hihat contains jingles which enhance 12" SAFARI HIHAT 16" gX-16SC drum machine. the spectrum. 16" SAFARI CRASH 18" SAFARI RIDE 8" gX-8DB 12" gX-12SH 10" gX-10DB Omar, Netherlands David "Keller" Keller, USA Roman Pasichnik, Russia These cymbals sound anywhere from trashy to virtually no decay. They are perfect for adding How to use the white noise for simulating loops or effects. Drumba l JohNNY rABB (uSA) BIodIESEL 82 Andrew Sonne, Andorra Josh Story, USA 83
  • fILtEr ChINAS JINgLE fILtEr CrAShES SIgNAL CrASh/kLuB rIdE toM’S BECkEN SEtS SIgNAturE CYMBAL ChINAS SIgNAturE CYMBAL SIgNAturE CYMBAL SIgNAturE CYMBAL SIgNAturE SEt BOTH SETS INCLUDE A FREE 14" FILTER CHINA! Explosive attack, ideal for bigger accents A complete pre-packed pitch-matched cymbal set-up. A fast, sharp and almost sinister Equipped with three jingles along An extremely fast crash with a con- due to a great response. When played with It’s a perfect add-on for the existing set-up. sound. Quieter than most chinas, with the distinctive sound temporary “white noise” quality. Short lighter sticks, it turns into a sweet and jazzy they have a short sustain due to attributes of a Filter China. It has sustain due to the waved edge. Ideal sounding ride cymbal with little wash. gX-TB14/16/18 gX-TB14/17/18 the waved edge. a shimmering, rattling sound for fast accents. 16" SYNTHETIk CRASH 17" kOMPRESSOR CRASH with a slight bell-like characteristic. 18" gX-18SC 8" gX-8FCH 16" gX-16SyC SynTHETiC 18" SIGNAL CRASH/kLUB RIDE 18" kINETIk CRASH An exceptional effect cymbal. 10" gX-10FCH 17" gX-17KC KoMPRESSoR 12" gX-12FCH 10" gX-10FCH-J 18" gX-18KC KinETiK 14" gX-14FCH 12" gX-12FCH-J 16" gX-16FCH 14" gX-14FCH-J A db compressed, pitch-matched range of contemporary David N. Dornecker, Germany cymbals that provide drummers with modern sounds that Josh Scott, USA resemble artificially engineered cymbal samples. Krzysztof Humeniuk, thoMAS LANg (AuStrIA) Poland Michael Galeza, Germany 84 Wolfgang lang, Germany 85
  • rECoMMENdEd StYLES Alternative | Pop | Rock trIvEtt wINgo (uSA) thE Sword hIgh quALItY ANd A wIdE SELECtIoN of ModELS • B8 Bronze alloy • excellent craftsmanship • outstanding sound characteristics Meinl Classics series cymbals prove their worth with matched sounds and outstanding quality. But moreover, Classics cymbals are unparalleled in the semi-professional range with regard to their extensive selection of different models. 86 87
  • BELLS SpLAShES ChINA SpLAShES MINI hAt Classics bells are used by: Available in three different pitches Very fast attack and sharp, Defined trashy sound with Bright overtones with lots of low, medium, high with a very penetrating cut. Very bright, bright overtones. Fast attack warmth. Penetrating open hihat long sustain and a dry, pingy, clear sound. with short sustain. sound with a fat, cutting, chick brilliant stick response. sound. 8" C8S 8" C8CS 8" C8BL LoW Chris Adler (USA) 10" C10S 10" C10CS 10" C10MH 8" C8BM MEDiuM Lamb of God 12" C12S 8" C8BH HigH T h o ma s La ng (A ustria) Mario Arambula, Mexico Makarov yuriy, Russia Jon Rice (USA) Julia Nesterova, Job for a Cowboy Russia Be nny Greb (Ger Da niel Sve nsson ma ny) (Swede n) Alexandr "Shum" In Flames levichev, Russia Owen Broad, Australia Calsou, France 88 89
  • hIhAtS SouNdwAvE CrAShES ChINAS rIdES hIhAtS MEdIuM MEdIuM SouNdwAvE thIN Aggressive, penetrating attack with a clear, MEdIuM Extremely wide dynamic spectrum Waved bottom increases sizzling, Broad frequency spectrum with trashy sound. Cutting bright overtones. Extremely balanced feel with a full, warm with a lively, warm sound. Brilliant loud open hihat sound. Strong, medium sustain. Washy and bright. Explosive response with medium sustain. sound. Clear ping over an even shimmering open hihat and crisp chick. warm character and a fat cutting wash, with a medium bell and sustain. 16" C16TC 12" C12CH chick. 13" C13MH 18" C18TC 14" C14CH 20" C20MR 14" C14MH 13" C13MSW 16" C16CH 21" C21MR 14" C14MSW 18" C18CH 22" C22MR MEdIuM powErfuL Wide frequency spectrum with Cutting, high-pitched sound powErfuL SouNdwAvE a warm sound. Strong, immediate powErfuL with a brilliant open shimmer Strong, fat cutting chick with attack and a medium sustain. extensive Energetic sound with a solid stick response. selection and a defined chick. a sizzling loud open hihat sound. Bright, clear ping, loud bell and long sustain. 14" C14MC 17" C17MC Waved bottom offers energetic, 14" C14PH 15" C15MC 18" C18MC 20" C20PR powerful feel. 16" C16MC 20" C20MC 14" C14PSW powErfuL Combination of clear bright tone with a wide dynamic range. Explosive attack with plenty of volume. Nikiforov Danil, Russia Nathan Ramirez, Andorra 16" C16PC Omar, Mexico 17" C17PC Martin Fullerton, USA 18" C18PC Tiffany Santuyo, 90 Jorge Curiel, Mexico Philippines Zachary Antonucci, USA Ian Ho, Singapore 91
  • ABSoLutE quALItY ANd SouNd Ready matched CyMBAL SET-UPS • B8 Bronze alloy • harmonically matched Available in two versions • unBeataBle value The Meinl MCS Cymbal set-ups and individual cymbals are the standard for today’s ambitious drummer. These harmonically matched cymbals provide the best sound at an unbeatable price. Ready to rock right out of the box. MCS1418 AAron's MCs 14" MEDIUM HIHAT 18" CRASH-RIDE AAroN gILLESpIE (uSA) uNdEroAth MCS 14" MEDIUM HIHAT 16" MEDIUM CRASH 20" MEDIUM RIDE 92 93
  • hIhAt CrASh crash-ride rIdE MEdIuM MEdIuM Multi-purpose balanced cymbal with a clear ping MEdIuM Medium weight cymbal with a wide Fast response with a bright, full-bodied sound. and medium sustain. Played as a crash, it sounds Balanced with a bright, clear ping, and dynamic spectrum and a clean stick Clear and penetrating with a medium sustain powerful and penetrating. medium sustain. Solid bell cuts through response. Warm, brilliant open hihat in a wide range. Well-suited for any set-up. high-volume settings. 18" MCS18CR sound and a clear chick. 16" MCS16MC 20" MCS20MR 14" MCS14MH Robert Ingham Clark, UK Maurizio Andrés Siri Zunino, Chile Andreas Peischl, Germany Steven eliopoulos, Canada Khripunov Alexandr, Russia Axel Tambor, Germany Korbinian Kottmann, Germany Marcel Mizera, Germany 94 Matt Booth, USA lucie Hudson, UK 95
  • NEw StYLE, NEw SouNd • ms63 alloy • specially matched cymBal set-ups • unBeataBle value The specially matched HCS new player CYMBAL SET-UPS are available in three versions: 14" Hihat, 16" Crash 14" Hihat, 18" Crash-Ride 14" Hihat, 16" Crash, 20" Ride The Meinl HCS cymbal set-ups and individual cymbals are an entry level cymbal line that combine quality and value. They are made from MS63 alloy un ds for a warm, harmonic and balanced sound. They offer the best possible B est possib le so price sounds at an affordable price. at an affordab le HCS1416 14" HIHAT 16" CRASH HCS1418 14" HIHAT 18" CRASH-RIDE BrANN dAILor (uSA) MAStodoN HCS141620 14" HIHAT 16" CRASH 20" RIDE 96 97
  • SpLAShES hIhAtS CrAShES crash-ride rIdE Immediate, cutting bright response. A versatile hihat in medium weight. Smooth attack with a medium Clean stick response. Full-bodied and warm with Clean, warm sound, with a defined ping Perfect for fast accents. Warm, clean sound and an articulate sustain. Complex spread with a washy ping and a complex spread. Explosive and nice bell. Good for all situations. open hihat. a warm feel. sound when played as a crash. 8" HCS8S 20" HCS20R 10" HCS10S 13" HCS13H 14" HCS14C 18" HCS18CR 12" HCS12S 14" HCS14H 16" HCS16C 18" HCS18C NEW! ChINAS Daniele Colangeli, Italy ludvig Kennberg, Sweden Sören Palucki, Germany Graydon Taylor, USA Explosive, brash and bright attack with deep, dark and trashy undertones. 12" HCS12CH NEW! 14" HCS14CH NEW! 16" HCS16CH NEW! 18" HCS18CH 98 Mangin Grégoire, France Ilan Bandara, Sri lanka Pat Brown, Canada Mike, Italy Wesley B. Jordan Jr., USA 99
  • rECoMMENdEd StYLES Experimental | Jazz | Latin | Pop | Studio | World CrEAtIvE ANd EXotIC SouNdS MArCIE ChApA (uSA) • B20 Bronze alloy BEYoNCE • hand hammered for an unique sound • extra thin cymBals for percussionists Meinl Candela cymbals have been specially developed to meet all of the requirements for today’s modern percussionists. The Candela series features light, extra-thin cymbals, which reveal their full sound potential when played by hand. 100 101
  • pErCuSSIoN pErCuSSIoN hIhAt pErCuSSIoN CrAShES timBales crash-ride JINgLE BELL SpLASh N EW! Extra thin with a fast response and a A specially designed hihat just for cajon High-polished, extra thin percussion Fairly dark and exotic sound. Soft, washy response Raw and silky finish offers a sizzling, soft sound. Perfect for fast percus- players. Can be played by hand or with crash. Fairly dark and soft sounding. with medium sustain. Loud and penetrating bell dry sound. Six pairs of jingles attached sive accents. Designed to be played lighter sticks. The top is extremely thin Fast response and attack with a with a full, warm sound when played as a crash. to the cymbal produce a rattling effect. by hand. for a fast, controlled response. quick decay. 18" CA18CR 14" CA14PJB 10" CA10S 10" CA10PH 14" CA14C R e co mme n 16" CA16C de d for use with th e M ein l L o w Ha t (pa ge 11 0) Six pairs of jing les are att ached Amadito Va ldes erma ny) (C uba) Bertil M ark (G Buen a Vista Socia l Cl ub T ho ma sD Rola nd Peil (G er Design inspired by Die Fa ntastisc ma ny) Holger Mertin (Germany) Amel Serra (Belgium) he n Vie r Zita Swoon Stephan Maass (Austria) Femke Krone (Netherlands) Jan Smit 102 103
  • druM gEAr dAvE MACkINtoSh (ENgLANd) drAgoNforCE 104 dRum geAR 105
  • druM gEAr druM gEAr profESSIoNAL CYMBAL BAgS profESSIoNAL CYMBAL BACkpACk CoMBo BAgS profESSIoNAL CYMBAL CASE N EW! N EW! MCB22/MSB MCB22/MSB-C1 Sturdy, extra-duty construction for carrying a maximum of Black Original Camouflage MCB24 MCB22 MCB16 9 cymbals up to 22" in diameter. The center bolt goes through up to 24" up to 22" up to 16" An exceptional combination of a Meinl 22" Cymbal Bag and the lid for added durability and is covered with a plastic sleeve a Meinl Stick Bag. They come together from a zipper on the to protect the cymbals. Includes eight foam dividers. The Meinl Cymbal Bags are available in three sizes: 16", The 22” Cymbal Bag has two backpack straps on the backside backside. Cymbals and sticks are always ready at hand. MCC22 22" and 24" diameters. The 16" Cymbal Bag has a small for easy transportation. External hihat/ splash compartment external pocket for other Drum Gear. The 22" and 24" which holds cymbals up to 15” in diameter, includes a glow-in- Cymbal Bags have an external hihat /splash compartment designed to hold cymbals up to 15" in diameter. the-dark Meinl logo for spotting your bag in darkly lit venues. profESSIoNAL profESSIoNAL • Padded dividers MCB22-BP CYMBAL BAg troLLEY CYMBAL CASE • Padded shoulder strap troLLEY retractable handle Open case / trolley dESIgNEr CYMBAL BAgS The Meinl 22" Designer Cymbal Bags are available in four different finishes. Two N EW! external compartments hold cymbals up to 15" in diameter and allow storage of sticks and other drum accessories. The Meinl Cymbal Bag Trolley holds cymbals up to 22" in diameter and has an external compartment for cymbals up to MCB22-LE MCB22-C3 MCB22-C4 MCB22-C1 16" in diameter. The entire bag is mounted on stable wheels Based on the standard Meinl Cymbal Case with stable wheels Leopard Urban Camouflage Earth Camouflage Original Camouflage and has a retractable handle. An extendable leg ensures 100% and a retractable handle for comfortable transportation. stability when not in transit. MCC22-TR 106 MCB22-TR2 107
  • druM gEAr druM gEAr dESIgNEr StICk BAgS prACtICE pAdS druMMEr gLovES The Meinl Designer Stick Bags are available in four different finishes. Four spacious sections for drumsticks and a separate compartment for N EW! drum accessories. N EW! MSB-1-LE MSB-1-C3 MSB-1-C4 MSB-1-C1 Leopard Urban Camouflage Earth Camouflage Original Camouflage MDg gloves The Meinl Stick Bag offers four spacious Sizes: M, L, XL profESSIoNAL sections for drumsticks and a separate StICk BAg compartment for drum keys, small tools and other valuables. • Padded nylon material Used by most • External pocket Meinl artists • Shoulder strap • Extension straps The Meinl Practice Pads are available in 6” and 12” in diameter. MSB-1 The 6” Pad is perfect for drummers on the go, due to the small pocket size. The 12” pad is made for quiet practicing on a snare drum and it can even dELuXE StICk BAg mount in a standard snare stand. MPP-6 The Meinl Deluxe Stick Bag offers some special MDgFL Finger-less gloves MPP-12 features. Spacious sections for drumsticks Sizes: M, L, XL featured with zippered clear window pockets and two external pockets for extra gear. Meinl Drummer Gloves protect your • Padded synthetic leather Develop speed, hands from blisters and prevent • External pockets • Shoulder straps power and precision the sticks from slipping, yet provide a natural feel. Padded areas provide • Elastic cord attachments more durability. MDLXSB 108 109
  • druM gEAr druM gEAr Low hAt NEW! CYMBAL CYMBAL druM rugS CYMBAL CLEANEr AttAChMENt StACkErS The Meinl Cymbal Cleaner is a premium concentrated liquid cleaner. It is designed for regular and brilliant finish cymbals. Simply spray on the surface and then wipe it off, to restore the cymbals’ original shine. MCCL N EW! Minimum height is 27” (69cm) CYMBAL poLISh The Meinl cymbal attachment The Meinl Cymbal Stackers enable The specially designed Meinl drum rugs in two different The Meinl Cymbal Polish is designed consists of the Meinl multi-clamp a space saving set-up of various unique finishes make for an absolutely special look. The exclusively for cleaning and restoring and a Meinl cymbal boom arm. cymbals on top of each other. entire bottom side is covered with rubber to avoid sliding and the high-polished surface of a brilliant It works perfectly for adding it comes with a bag for comfortable transportation. finish cymbal. It’s a combination of MC-CyS ø 6 mm thread cymbals and accessories to any two models of Meinl cymbal cleaner; MC-CyS8 ø 8 mm thread Size: stands. the Meinl concentrated liquid Cymbal 160 cm (5.25 ft) x 200 cm (6.5 ft) Cleaner and the original Meinl polishing MCA MDR-ZB Zebra emulsion. The Meinl Low Hat has been designed with a special low height, made just for MDR-C1 Orginal Camouflage NEW! MCP cajon players. MLH ed for use R ecomme nd a einl C a ndel with the M io n Hiha t 10" Percuss 2) (page 10 110 111
  • meRcHAndiSe fELIX poLLArd (uSA) 112 113
  • MErChANdISE MErChANdISE t-shirt N EW! Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Black Front MEINL logo, small t-shirt Back MEINL logo, big M59 Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Black JAwBrEAkEr Front MEINL logo, small t-shirt Back MEINL logo, big t-shirt M42 poLo ShIrt Sizes S, M, L, XL Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Front Black Skull t-shirt Color Black Front MEINL logo, small M85 dICkIES M25 N EW! workErShIrt longsleeve t-shirt N EW! wIth rEd ArMS Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Black Front Red arm & cymbal N EW! M79 BLACk Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Black Front MEINL CYMBALS AHEAD Sizes S, M, L, XL M43 Color Black jawBreaker longsleeve t-shirt rEd Front Back MEINL logo, small MEINL logo, small Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Sizes S, M, L, XL Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Black/Red M78 Color Black Color Red Front MEINL logo, small Front Skull Front MEINL CYMBALS AHEAD Back MEINL logo, big John ny Ra bb (U SA ) M86 M44 Biodie sel M74 114 115
  • MErChANdISE MErChANdISE SwEAt ShIrt hood ShIrt wIth ZIppEr hood ShIrt SoftShELL JACkEt N EW! Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Black Front MEINL logo, small Back MEINL logo, big M48 Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Sizes M, L, XL, XXL Color Red Color Black Front MEINL CYMBALS AHEAD Front MEINL logo, small M47 M77 Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Black Front MEINL logo, small Back MEINL logo, big M49 (Fin la nd) Ja sk a Ra atika in en m C hildren of Bodo Jost Nickel (Germany) of Jan Delay & Disko No.1 116 117
  • MErChANdISE MErChANdISE trAININg JACkEt ArMY CApS BACkpACk NEoN CLoCkS N EW! Eq uipped wi th a gl owin g fl uo circula r re d- g et th e Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL re scen t tube Color Black MPBB MnC-Eu 230 v Front MEINL logo, small M20 BLACK MnC-uS 110 v Back MEINL logo, big M21 oLivE look M71 trAININg JACkEt BAr StooLS LANYArd Sizes M, L, XL, XXL Color Black Front MEINL logo, small MBS24 Back MEINL logo, big Size 24" From left to right: Thomas Noonan (USA) of 36 Crazyfists, MBS30 M22 M73 Chris Brewer of Meinl USA and Aaron Gillespie (USA) of Underoath Size 30" 118 119
  • thE fIrSt INtErNAtIoNAL MEINL druM fEStIvAL IN MoSCow hAS BEEN A vErY SpECIAL EXpErIENCE for EvErYoNE INvoLvEd ANd A grEAt SuCCESS. ABout 1200 pEopLE AttENdEd thE EvENt ANd You CouLd fEEL how EXCItEd EvErYoNE wAS to BE thErE. uNforgEttABLE MoMENtS for our tEAM, thE ArtIStS, ANd for EvErYoNE IN thE AudIENCE AS wELL. woLfgANg hAffNEr (gErMANY) thoMAS LANg (AuStrIA) MIkE tErrANA (uSA) tArJA BENNY grEB SNAkE (ruSSIA) (gErMANY) NAIvE 120 121
  • SEE You At thE NEXt MEINL druM fEStIvAL in gutenstetten, germany on 26 june 2010 thE MoSCow pALACE of Youth ArtIStS ANd fEStIvAL orgANIZErS prESS CoNfErENCE 122 123
  • MEINL oN vANS wArpEd tour 2009 AtLANtA, gA 28 july 2009 pAuL koEhLEr (uSA) SILvErStEIN ChrIS kAMrAdA (uSA) thErE for toMorrow JEff fABB (uSA) IN thIS MoMENt 124 125
  • MEINL oN vANS wArpEd tour 2009 AtLANtA, gA 28 july 2009 ALEX ShELNutt (uSA) A dAY to rEMEMBEr dANIEL wILLIAMS (uSA) thE dEvIL wEArS prAdA AAroN gILLESpIE (uSA) uNdEroAth 126 127
  • LouISvILLE, kY 12 JuNE 2009 Art CruZ (uSA) wINdS of pLAguE roMAIN gouLoN (frANCE) NECrophAgISt 128 129
  • LouISvILLE, kY 12 JuNE 2009 CAMEroN LoSCh (uSA) BorN of oSIrIS MIkE SMIth (uSA) SuffoCAtIoN 130 131
  • MEINL oN MAYhEM fEStIvAL 2009 St. LouIS, Mo CorEY pIErCE (uSA) god forBId 22 JuLY 2009 kEvIN LANE (uSA) whItEChApEL 132 133
  • CoMMuniCate photocredits Lasse arkeLa – John BaizLey – Markus BuBerL – JaMes CuMpsty - anthony DuBois – arMin enDres – aDaM Gasson – Christoph GeBharDt Chrisitian haBerMeier – heLGe haMer – stephan hänisCh – thoMas hofMann - yoshika horita – seBastian JäGer – otto kaiser heinz kronBerGer – aLiCia LawrenCe – Jorrit LousBerG – riCk MaLkin – BertiL Mark - JaMes "MaGoo" MCGreGor – Matt MontGoMery Mix GuiLLerMo Moreno – naoJyu nakaMura – Diana nitsChke – JessiCa pateL – evan pierri - MarieL pietryroski – nique prokop – L.a. reno Product group from well-managed forests and other controlled sources Zert.-Nr. IC-COC-100017 aLiona roManova – norBert saeMann – toM sChäfer – GeraLD sChiLLinG – Mario sChMitt – JiM shea – aLex soLCa – seBastian steffens ©1996 Forest Stewardship Council atsushi suzuki – hp van veLDhoven – oLya vasenina – naDine voGeL – reinharD weninG 134 135
  • MeINl CyMbalS are eNgINeered aNd MaNuFaCtured aCCOrdINg tO the INduStry’S hIgheSt StaNdardS OF qualIty, eIther by tradItIONal haNd CraFted teChNIqueS IN Our turkISh CyMbal SMIthy, Or by hIgh teCh COMPuterIZed MaNuFaCturINg PrOCeSSeS IN Our gerMaN CyMbal FaCtOry. every CyMbal SerIeS CarrIeS ItS OwN uNIque SOuNd that PerFeCtly FItS aNy gIveN Style. we are PrOud tO have SOMe OF the wOrld’S beSt druMMerS develOPINg OutStaNdINg CyMbalS wIth uS. 8 40553 00873 9 All features are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographic errors. No part of this catalog may be reprinted, reproduced or included in any online-services in any form in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Meinl cymbals. Printed in Germany. M-CA301209 136