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continental drift continental drift Document Transcript

  • Cavite State University Naic Campus Formerly Cavite College of Fisheries BucanaNaic Cavite A Comparative Analysis of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo As perceived by the fourth Year students of Cavite State University Naic Campus Laboratory High School School Year 2011-2012 In Partial FulfillmentOf the Requirements in the Rizal’s Life, Works and Writings (SOSC5) Bachelor of Secondary and Elementary Education Joyce O. Malimban Anel C. Martinez CarilenS.Morallos John ReckL.Niepes Catherine V.Ogalino
  • Table of Contents I. Introduction Rationale of the Study II. The Problem and its Methodology Statement of the Problem Research Instrument Population Sample Size Sample Technique Data gathering Procedure Statistical Treatment III. Findings Conclusion and Recommendation IV. Appendices
  • II.The Problem and its MethodologyStatement of the Problem This study aim to determined the comparative analysis of Noli Me Tangere andEl Filibusterismo as perceive by selected fourth year students of Cavite StateUniversity- Laboratory High School for school year 2011-2012 Specifically, the study sought to answer the question:What is the most influential novel of Dr. Jose Rizal in terms of: 1. Elements of Literature 2. Personal background of studentsResearch Instruments The researchers used questionnairessurvey checklist to know the comparison ofNoli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo as perceived by the selected fourth yearstudents of Cavite State University- Laboratory High School, school year 2011-2012 The instruments used in this study are the questionnaires in terms of Elements ofLiterature (Plot, Character, Setting, Theme, Moral (Point of View), Style, Symbolism)(Appendix A) and Personal Data Sheet of students( Appendix B).Population Sample Size The study was conducted in Cavite State University- Laboratory High School,Naic Cavite. The respondents were the 33 fourth year high school of the said schooltogether with the researchers.
  • Sampling Technique The 33 respondents of the study were selected for a population of 33 students offourth year level. The number of respondents shows at Table 1.Table1.Population and SamplesYear Level Population Samples PercentFourth Year 33 33 100 % Total 33 33 100%Data Gathering Procedure After printing the questionnaires, the permission of school principal was secured.The questionnaires were finally distributed personally to the respondents. Theresearchers simultaneously conducted the survey to the fourth year students. From thistext, the researchers have identified and comparatively analyzed the main focus of thestudy, the most appreciated novel of Dr. Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere or ElFilibusterismo. The comparative analysis served as the basis and evidence or norms by theresearchers in identifying the percentage of the students on appreciation to finallyrealize the main focus of the study. After comparison were identified, the researchers accomplished thequestionnaires- checklist intended for them so as to give background information on the
  • most influential book of Dr. Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere or El Filibusterismo for thestudents.