Assignment 4 marketing plan for social media


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Assignment 4 marketing plan for social media

  1. 1. Marketing plan for social media<br />Creating a strategy<br />Creating a social media strategy is the first thing one has to do when planning social media marketing plan. A strategy is the base of everything and that is why it is supposed to do properly. Without proper strategy one will be sucked into a social media sink. All businesses that are planning to go to social media need a strategy because it prevents misunderstandings and answers the questions why social media is relevant to our business’ goals.<br />Determine capacity, goals and objectives<br />Businesses have to determine how much time they are willing to sacrifice in social media. It depends on a few different things such as:<br /><ul><li>The size of the business
  2. 2. The size of the budget
  3. 3. Personal goals</li></ul>It could be enough for small businesses to spend as little as 15 minutes on Facebook everyday but if you have a business with dozens of brands you might have to have an entire team of social media marketers to update the pages. <br />It is important to understand where social media goals stand in compared to your overall company goals and how to tie them together. <br />Nick Shin said it well in his article in Social Media Examiner web page:<br />“Keep it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Timely”<br />Research, observe and listen<br />One has to decide in which social medias to market. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn or blogs depends on business’ needs and resources. Good thing would be to develop a list of different channels and make some more research about them to get familiar for example how competitors are doing there and how your potential target audience is acting. Keyword search could also be made in order to get to know which topics generate responses and which ones are ignored. That helps when you are building your own content. Listen and observe how social media is being used by people and how competitors are leveraging it.<br />Content and joining the conversation<br />Couple questions to think about when creating the content:<br /><ul><li>What to post in your accounts?
  4. 4. How often?
  5. 5. What your business can reasonably deliver?</li></ul>In the beginning adapting to the atmosphere of social media can take more time than one might have originally thought. One might make a schedule when to post and what to post but still remember that responding to possible clients’ queries should not be scheduled. They should be answered as soon as possible.<br />Joining the conversation and being able to answer the question one gets is crucial. There one should be careful and recognize how much content he is able to supervise. Do not post too much to different social medias if you are not able to respond and control the traffic. Quality must always trump quantity! Relatively short and information containing respond is the way to go. <br />Even if social media nowadays is huge one should not forget the traditional face-to-face conversations with customers. Social media can be a start of new businesses but to strengthen the trust and relationships face-to-face meetings should not be forgotten.<br />Measuring results, analyzing and evolving<br />Social media marketing campaign is not over after posting couple of adds or events to Facebook pages. Remember about setting the goals and objectives in the beginning? After some time it is time to see how it went. Are the goals and objectives accomplished? What we did right what we did wrong? If something should be changed what? Adapt to the new findings and pay attention to the appropriate feedback. <br />I end this presentation with the quote from Nick Shins article to wrap it up:<br />“Testing and experimentation will perfect your social media efforts.”<br />Best of luck to everybody!<br /> <br />7 Steps for a successful social media strategy<br />Nick Shin, 2010<br />Accessed 16th October 2011<br /><br />How to make a social media marketing plan for your business,<br />Kelly Kautz, 2011<br />Accessed 16th October 2011<br /><br />What to include in your social marketing strategy<br />2011<br />Accessed 16th October 2011<br /><br />How to develop a social media marketing strategy that works,<br />Douglas Idugboe 2011<br />Accessed 16th October 2011<br /><br />5 easy steps to a winning social media plan<br />Emily Soares Proctor 2010<br />Accessed 16th October 2011<br /><br />