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Linvest workshops
Linvest workshops
Linvest workshops
Linvest workshops
Linvest workshops
Linvest workshops
Linvest workshops
Linvest workshops
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Linvest workshops


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • 1. Interactive, beneficial, effective, practical<br /><br />1<br />Linvest Services Workshops<br />
  • 2. The Full-Time Part-Timer Turning your part-timers productive<br />9. Integrated Financial Services The complete financial solutions <br />8. Client Servicing ExcellenceEffective post sales client servicing for retention, up selling & cross selling<br />2. Part-Timers’ Leap of Faith Moving productive part-timers into productive full-timers<br />Financial Intermediaries Workshops<br />3. My Dreams, My Reality Internal motivation is the ultimate long-lasting self motivator, essential in your business success<br />7. My Successful Financial Business Practical aspects of adapting business concepts in running an intermediary group<br />4. Mastering Sales Success Practical applications you can apply immediately & start earning <br />6. Be a Recruitment Specialist Purpose-built workshops for different levels of intermediary groups<br />5. Quality Sales with Advisory Selling Render your competition obsolete & strengthen your position with your clients<br /><br />2<br />Linvest Services Workshops<br />
  • 3. My Financial Planning Business Planning for success<br />Financial Planners Workshops<br />3. Success in Financial Planning Approach, Acquire, Action<br />2. Winning Mindset of a Financial Planner Enhancing the mind for the business<br /><br />3<br />Linvest Services Workshops<br />
  • 4. Selling for Non-Sales Professionals Everyone can sell<br />6. Effective Document Management for Small Businesses Managing files effectively<br />2. Lifetime Sales with Need-Based Selling Keep your clients for life<br />Sales & Administration Workshops<br />5. My Personal Sales Goal Setting for Success Personal road map for optimal productivity<br />3. Quality Sales with Niche Selling The Ultimate Sales Advisor<br />4. Acquiring a Successful Sales Mindset The reality of my sales success<br /><br />4<br />Linvest Services Workshops<br />
  • 5. Programmes & Workshops (cont’d)<br />Delivery:<br /><ul><li>Highly interactive & practical with real life case studies.
  • 6. Contents designed based on years of field experience & knowledge.
  • 7. Ultimate objective,participants can apply what is learnt after the sessions for improved results.
  • 8. Synergistic collaboration with complementary entities for impactful workshops.
  • 9. Customized programmes are available upon request.
  • 10. Do check our website periodically for new programmes.</li></ul><br />5<br />Linvest Services Workshops<br />
  • 11.<br />Engagements & Talks<br />PUBLIC FINANCIAL EDUCATION THROUGH: <br /><ul><li>media appearances in Astro (Awani, Pagi & Agenda) & Bernama (Konsumer 1)
  • 12. Financial Planning Association Malaysia financial advisory booth for HP Global Wellness Event.</li></ul>TALKS:<br /><ul><li>‘Building for Growth’, Rockwills Leaders’ Luncheon
  • 13. ‘Children are our Future’, Etiqa insurance & takaful agents
  • 14. ‘Power of Endowment’, Etiqa insurance & takaful agents
  • 15. ‘Quantum Leap your Franchise Business’, Rockwills estate planners
  • 16. ‘Surviving Economic Crisis & Continue Earning’, MAAKL Unit Trust
  • 17. ‘Fufilling Business in Financial Planning’, KMDC
  • 18. ‘Understanding Estate Planning’, ePower Success Club</li></ul>Linvest Services Workshops<br />6<br />
  • 19.<br />Previous Programmes<br />WORKSHOPS & COACHING:<br /><ul><li>Fradulent Encashment of TravellersCheques, MBB & HSBC bank staff
  • 20. Product & Selling Skills for Hand & Hair Dryers to TEE Sales Engineers
  • 21. Business Frontier Workshops, CWA Agency Force
  • 22. Adopting Orphaned Clients, CWA FCC
  • 23. The Power of IPS, CWA FCC
  • 24. The Super Part-Timer, CWA Agency Groups
  • 25. Turning Dreams to Reality, CWA Agency Groups
  • 26. The Ultimate Full-Timer, CWA Agency Groups
  • 27. Asset Allocation for Life, One Stop Wealth Advisors
  • 28. Weekly group sales coaching, OSWS Group (on-going)
  • 29. Powering your EP Business, Rockwills estate planners
  • 30. My Personal Finances for Agents, Etiqa Insurance and Takaful
  • 31. Smart Sales Strategies, Open Workshop for Infotrek
  • 32. Selling Skills for Non-Sales Professionals, MDP Kota Bharu (September 2011)</li></ul>Linvest Services Workshops<br />7<br />
  • 33.<br />Touching Lives Financially<br />Contact: Hp: 0172973211<br />Skype: Linvest Linnet<br />Email:<br />Facebook: Linvest Services<br />Website:<br />8<br />Linvest Services Workshops<br />