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Microsoft dynamics nav 2009 vs 2013 ver1

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 vs. Microsoft Dynamics 2013 Microsoft Dynamics 2009 introduced a new technology platform, the RoleTailored user experience and exciting innovations that help customers simplify access to information, improve organizational agility, streamline integration with a wide range of applications, enhance reporting, and maximize their investment in Microsoft products and technologies. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 builds on the new technology platform released in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and delivers new features and enhancements to help you gain greater control, increase your margins, and grow your business. Powerful new application functionality including Cash Flow Forecast, Cost Accounting and Assembly Management, the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client, and greater choice and flexibility for how to deploy your solution give you the power to realize your business ambitions. The capabilities displayed in this tool are based on core product functionality developed by Microsoft Dynamics. Customers may have some functional variation driven by country or regional localizations and additional capabilities implemented in Microsoft Dynamics NAV by their partner. Solution Group Comparison FOUNDATION Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 includes a new Web Client that enables users to access the solution from virtually and device with an Internet browser. It gives employees – especially light or occasional user-simple and secure access to relevant information and data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, without having to invest in complex cusomizations and technology. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework A new feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework (NPF). NPF provides functionality similar to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client with additional integration capabilitites with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010. With NPF, you are able to build portals, connect web parts and customize your solution for Microsoft Sharepoint access in a eaiser way. Improved Charting Capabilities Unique charting and visualization capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 support on-demand Business Intelligence requirements and deliver more chart types and easier chart  Basic  Basic  Basic
  2. 2. configuration capabilities. Personalize, change or add charts to the Role Center, pages, and list or add FactBoxes that display charts. Create complex custom and interactive charts with Business Chart Visualization Add-in. Some features have business charts included out-of-the-box. Query Take advantage of a powerful way to access and work with solution data and create charts and KPIs easily and enjoy faster ad-hoc reporting. The query object enables access to relevant and dynamic data to various locations within the solution, and externally, via Odata Web services, to other applications such as Excel and PowerPivot Odata Web Services Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 supports the Odata protocol for Web Services, so other systems can work with data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Pages or Queries. This enables the creation of compelling self-service Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using tools like Excel and PowerPivot. Server Administration Tool Manage Microsoft Dynamic NAV from a single point and make administration tasks more efficients. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 includes a new server administration tool for administering Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV sites. The server Administration tool is a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console – a familiar Microsoft framwork for managing server products. Windowns PowerShell Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 provides support for Windows PowerShell – a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. You can control and automate the administration of the Windows operating system and applications that run on Windows. Validation input is built in so there is less chance for errors in managing the installation. Application Server (NAS) Enhancements Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 delivers new enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server (NAS) including 64-bit application server, Unicode support, easier set up and continued focus on aligning with other Microsoft solutions. NAS Services The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server, (NAS) continues in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 but the NAS business logic will now run on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Service Tier (NST). New enhancements include the ability to run multiple background sessions and multiple job queues on the same instance. This speeds the posting of sales orders and  Basic  Basic  Basic  Basic  Basic  Basic
  3. 3. invoices, for example, and makes it more efficient for users. New User Concept Smaller companies who may not have an Active Directory will appreciate the new user concept in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. It is not Windows-related and does not require Active Directory to be present when running NAV 3-tier architecture so users can be local NAV users. Visual Update of Client to Office 2010 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has an even higher degree of familiarity with Microsoft Office products to make navigation easier. The Action Pane has been redesigned and is now referred to as the ribbon as in Microsoft Office 2010. The redesign optimizes the use of action and commands by providing easier and access to them. OneNote Integration Microsoft Dynamics 2013 provides integration with Microsoft OneNote, a flexible productivity tool that enables you to gather and organize text, pictures, and digital handwriting, audio and video recordings – all in one digital notebook on your computer. Enable OneNote integration on a per-role basis in profiles. Link OneNote unstructured information to an Item page or other pages in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Three-Tier Architure Modern three-tier architecture – presentation (Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored user interface client), business logic and communication (Microsoft Dynamics NAV server), and data (Microsoft SQL Server) – work together to improve the user experience by making the product more flexible, efficient, scalable, and secure. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Web Services Web services make data and business logic available to other applications, simplifying information exchange and integration with other IT systems. ADSC Using Web Serices The Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) module has been redesigned to utilize Web services instead of going through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server for improved performance.  Basic  Basic + Existing functionality was enhanced with this release  + Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release  + Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release +  Basic  Existing functionality was enhanced with this release
  4. 4. Role Centers Role Centers give employees an overview of tasks and activities and access to relevant information with just a few clicks, making it easy for employees to organize and prioritize their work. The RoleTailored user experience goes beyond Role Centers in Microsoft Dynamics 2013 and into most used views and pages. Interoperationg with the Microsoft.NET Framework Take advantage of Microsoft.NET Framework interoperability so Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects can interact with .NET Framework objects. In your Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects, you can referance .NET Framework typew and call their members directly from C/AL code. Enhanced features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 include support for events. Connecting the RoleTailored Interface over a Wide Area Network (WAN) Connection Configure the Windowns Client to connect to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server over a WAN connection – even in separate Microsoft Active Directory directory service domains. Application Virtualization Make applications availabe without installing them directly on end-user computers. The application runs its own selfcontained virtual environment on the client computer. Sequenced applications can access data, system services, and configurations either locally or remotely. Intergration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Use the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics to syschronize the types of data that are common to both customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software, such as customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software, such as customer, contacts, and sale order information. As you work with this data, you can keep the information in both systems up-to-date. Integration with Microsoft Office Updated for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 with new features that are compatible with Microsoft Office and the Windowns 7 operating system, including Export Using Office XML and Record Links. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 delivers more intergration with Microsoft Excel, include Excel integration to Query and an Excel add-in for ad-hoc reporting. Job Queue Automate service or schedule tasks such as automatically generating service contract renewals or invoices. Outlook Integration uses the job queue when requesting synchronization. Jobs can be on-time requests, or set up as recurring at specified intervals. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV  + Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release  + Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Basic  + Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release  + Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release
  5. 5. Application Server (NAS) monitors the Job Queue and runs the entries in a prioritiezed order. New enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 include the ability to run multiple background sessions and multiple job queues on the same NAV Server instance. Batch Creation of Journal Lines Create a number of journal lines with predefined information, so the user only has to enter a few pieces of missing information (for example, amounts) Document Aproval Introduce an approval process for sales and purchase documents, including the ability to approve and reject documents with comments, the ability to delegate approval to another, and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail notification to approvers and overdue – approval notifications. Navigation and Productivity Enhancements Enjoy data entry enhancements such as calculations in fields, single-cell data coping, navigation similar to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software, and streaming data entry. Work faster using advanced filters, search, and filter as you type fuctions and new keyboard shortcuts. Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 include “Select All” and “Copy/Paste”, “Link Sharing/Copy Link”, “Find” and “Quick Entry”. Other improvements make it easier to find, use, and share information. XML-port Object Import and export data in XML format. XMLports make the process of exchanging data in XML between systems more simple and streamlined. New enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 include the ability to run XML Ports directly from Object Designer without having to write code. The XMLports and insert new records or update existing records in the database. XMLPorts can also be used to import and export flat file data. Online Map Integrate your data with Microsoft business mapping software. Show customer locations on a map and get directions from one location to another. Use extended address features using the power of Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping software and Windows Live Local. You can evn infuse traditional road maps, labeled aerial photo views, lowangle high-resolution aerial photos, and proximity searching capabilities into your web applications. Outlook Integration Work productively by managing contacts, tasks, team to-do   Basic Basic   Basic Basic  + Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release  + Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release   Basic Basic + +
  6. 6. information, and other data with bidirectional or unidirectional data synchronization between Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 supports Microsoft Exchange Web Services, which enables one centralized email set up for the whole organization making it easier to set up folders and monitor and log emails. Setup Checklist Wizard Give users a faster way to set up a company and fill in the related setup and data tables. Existing functionality was enhanced with this release Existing functionality was enhanced with this release   Basic Basic FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Cost Accounting (Extended Pack) Control costs with greater visibility into budgeted and actual costs of operations, departments, products and projects. Synchronize cost information with the G/L and then allocate that information into different cost centers and cost objects. It’s also possible to import and export cost accounting budget data to excel, create reports, aligning to multiple dimentsions. Cash Flow Forecast Forecast short-term cash flow and improve monitoring of cash receipts and cash disbursements. Users can easily set up a cash flow forecast worksheets. Data is drawn from various sources within the application such as open orders, receivalbles, payables, etc. Flexible on-screen viewing options are availabe, including as a chart on the Role Center or as a FacBox. VAT Rate Change Tool Improved tool to define what master data needs to be updated, match old to new posting groups and implement the changes on open documents and journal lines. When conversion is complete, VAT and general posting groups are converted and changes are implemented in general ledger accounts, customers, vendors, open documents, journal lines, etc. New Dimension Set Entry Table Dimensions sets can now be stored once in the database, preserving database space and improving overall performance. Faster G/L Posting New enhancements to the G/L Table locking architecture enables more people to post sales and purchase orders at the same time without locking the G/L tables.  Basic  Basic  Basic  Basic  Basic
  7. 7. Online Payment Services Use this feature to accept credit and debit transactions in real time across multiple channels, including online storefront, call center, and in-store point of sales. No credit card terminal is needed. Fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to ensure security of credit transactions. *Available only in the USA Bank Account Management Manage an unlimited number of bank accounts in both local and foreign currencies. Void Check has been updated to allow the user to void checks from the Check Ledger Entries window. The user can choose whether to unapply the underlying bacnk ledger entry and the corresponding general ledger entries or just reverse the entries. The user can select a specific posting date for the voiding. Intercompany Purchase Cost Distribution (Extended Pack) Quickly distribute vendor bills to subsidiaries at multiple sites with consolidated ccounts payable processes that eliminate manual distribution of purchase invoices. Prepayments Significantly reduce manual updates by creating one or more prepayment invoices based on a sales or purchase order until the order is fully invoiced. The prepayment can be either a set amount or a percentage of the total invoice. The system keeps track of created prepayment invoices until the order is fully invoiced. Reversal of Journal Posting (Unapply) Reverse all posting and changes related to an application of customer and vendor transactions so they can be applied correctly. Automatically create reversal entries for ledger entries created from lines manually entered in journals or an entire general ledger register created from journal lines. Related entries, for example value-added tax entries, are also reversed. There is a clear audit trail linking the journals reversed and the matching reversal entry. Partial Payment Appy customer payments to the oldest invoices or apply partial payments toward multiple invoices. Customize and automate customer statements and installment payments. Create schedules that calculate interest, amortize amounts, and generate reminders   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Basic
  8. 8. for customers. Define an unlimited number of finance charge terms. Generate finance charge memos manually or automatically. View receivalbes prior to general ledger posting and easily reverse any inaccurate postings with a complete, accurate audit trail. Consolidation Enhancements Consolidate company information from one or more Microsoft Dynamics NAV database or other files – with the ability to import and export financial information. Predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Get fast insight into business health across your organization. View graphical displays with easy drilldown into Microsoft Dynamics NAV applications. Or view in a generic graph component that can be customized by Microsoft partners. See KPIs in financial management, supply chain management, and customer relationship management. Create a simple bar chart diagram cosisting of a limited number of squares and the ability to drill down. Inter-company Postings (Extended Pack) Manage accounting for more than one company in the same posting process. The companies can be in the same or different Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases. You can also send document to partner companies. Users control the document flow through an inbox/outbox feature, and transachtions are completed as general journal transactions or through receivalbes and payables, which enables the use of currencies and correct reconciliation. Fix Assets Create new fix asset cards by copying an existiong fixed asset card. Copy information from fixed asset entries to a G/L Budget using the FA Posting Group accounts. Create new G/L Budget entries when you run the Fix Asset – Projected value report. Get a fixed asset acquisition list report for a specified period. Include assets that have been created but have no acquisition entries posted. The most recent enhancements include 365-day deprecation.   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. Basic   Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. Basic MANUFACTURING Two New Global Setup Fields Default Dampener and Quantity Blank Overflow Level have been added to the Manufacturing Setup window  Basic
  9. 9. for easier reordering when item cards do not have a specific planning paramater. Enhanced Integration Through enhanced integration with Service Management, Warehouse Management and Assembly Management, and better utilization of warehouse functionality, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 helps companies to ensure more accurate inventory, confidence in processes and low stock, thereby freeing capital for other investment. Graphical Production Schedule Use a Gant chart to reschedule operations with simple drag and drop functionality Manual Planning Push core information to your desktop so you can adapt your manufacturing methods and processes quickly and confidently. Direct production reporting combines the functions of both the consumption journal and output journal. When using the Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored user interface, check an overview of production schedules displayed as a Gant chart and use drag-and-drop functionality to reschedule operations. Production Orders Create production orders and post consumption and output; then calculate net requirements based on that production order. The most recent enhancements to this include easy production reporting, the Production Journal window, planning resiliencey, carry out action resiliency, and the prevention of uncritical accepting of suspicious action messages.  Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. Basic SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Item Availability by TimeLine - Starter Pack New business data visualization capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 include Timeline visualization, which provides a unique way to view and analyze Item Availability. See a graphical view of the expected inventory level for a specific item or stockkeeping unit over time. Item Availability by Event - Starter Pack See projected inventory figures by demand or supply event. The Item Availability by Event window has information about the dates when figures change because of an event, such as a sales order or purchase  Basic  Basic
  10. 10. order. You can filter to also include forecasted figures and planning suggestions. Inventory Movements - Starter Pack With Inventory Movements – a new warehouse activity document in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – companies a Additional Default Bins and Dedicated Bins - Starter Pack New integration enhancements extend warehouse fucntionality into the production area to improve the inbound and outbound flow from production. Dedicated Bins enalbes users to better manage the flow of items in and out of an internal operation area. Enhanced Integration to Sevice Management - Starter Pack Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 provides enhanced integration to Service Management to streamline operations by aligning the process of shipping service items with the warehouse. Assembly Management - Starter Pack Reduce inventory and boost customer service. New assembly management fuctionality is integrated with the entire supply chain suite – including Sales, Supply Planning, Warehouse, Inventory Management and Item Tracking to support assembly, light manufacturig and kitting. Supply Planning Setup Enhancements – Extended Pack Control planning suggestion and optimize supply according to inventory and ordering cost. Five reorder period fields have been added to the item card planning parameters. The user can setup specific dampeners ensuring that minor order changes are avoided. Two new global setup fields habe been added to the Manufacturing Setup window to detemine how to reorder when item cards do not have a specific planning parameter. Automated Data Capture System - Extended Pack Use as a primary tracking system for the movement of goods on the warehouse floor. It also simplifies and stabilizes the connection between the VT100 Plug-in handheld (a handheld device to sacn bar codes on goods) and the application server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV using TCP sockets. This feature has been enhanced in Microsoft Dynamics 2013 to utilize web services for improved performance. Item Budgets - Starter Pack  Basic  Basic  Basic  Basic   Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.   Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.  
  11. 11. Make sales and purchase budget on the customer, vendor, and item levels, and in both amounts and quantities. Prepare and record a sales budget that can serve as input to decision-makers in other operational areas, such as purchasing and logistics. Decisionmakers gain information about expected demand they can use for business discussions with customer. Then track the actual sales performance by calculationg the variance. Planning Transparency - Extended Pack From the Untracked Quantity field in the Order Tracking window, it is now possible to drill down to a form that lists the various supply lines that generate the untracked quantity. Pick - Starter Pack Enable warehouse workers to create a pick from the release order. Or manage the pick from a separate user interface when shipping items in a order-by-order enviroment. Standard Cost Worksheet - Extended Pack A reliable and efficient way to maintain accurate and up-to-date inventory costs. Price Management – Starter Pack Work with sales prices and sales line discounts connected with specific campaigns. After you have activated the price or discounts, any customer or contact related to a company currently in a segment associated with a given campaign automatically gets the price or discount. Prices are valid for the life of the campaign or until you decide to deactive them. When you create a sales document or service order, the campaign price or discount is included among the pricing reductions. Supply Planning - Extended Pack Plan material requirements based on demand, with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning. Costing - Extended Pack Understand item costs throughout the production process, including inventory, work in process (WIP), and cost of goods sold (COGS). Recent enhancement include costing data trustworthiness, an inventory period closing feature, correct principles behind costadjustment batch jobs; traceability, revisited principles behind posting inventory value entries to general Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.   Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.
  12. 12. ledger, new reporting tools, improved cost reversal (returns) process support, resilient costing-related batch jobs, the possibility to undo item entry application; simplified costing setup on the item card, and a periodic average costing method. Item tracking – Starter Pack Control items through serial numbering and lot tracking for improved and detailed visibility, quality control, and the reduction of errors. Manage the receipt and shipping of multiple quantities with serial or lot numbers from a single order line entry. It also helps you manage warranty and expiry dates. The most recent improvements include new tracking fuctionality, Item Tracking enhancements, and firstexpired, first-out criterion.   Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & REPORT – STARTER PACK Excell Add-In for Ad-hoc Reporting New reporting enhancement include a new Microsoft Excel Add-In for ad-hoc reporting that is an extension to the existing send-to-excel functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Produce Excel-based reports that use Mirosoft Dynamics NAV pages as data sources. Create PivotTables and reports. Refesh the data in your excel report to reflect updates that are made in Microsoft Dynamic NAV. Excel Integration to Query New Odata Web services capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 enalbe customers and partners to take advantage of the robust analytical tools in Excel, such as PowerPivot and other tools, to perform more advanced business data analysis scenarios by extracting complicated data sets using queries. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV Combined with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 reporting services and SQL Server Analysis Services, Microsoft Dynamics NAV enalbes you to take advantage of powerful performance and business intelligence capabilities to accelerate business insight. Jet Reports Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Create high-impact reports using a familiar Microsoft   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.  
  13. 13. Excel spreadsheet enviroment. Access and merge Microsoft Dynamics NAV data and utilize all of the Excel capabilities, such as Microsoft PowerPivot, formatting, charting, and Microsoft PivotTable, to create powerful, insightful, and well-formatted reports. Open XML Intergration Share Microsoft Dynamics NAVdata more easily with non- Microsoft Dynamics NAV user using Excel. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 utilizes Microsoft OpenXML for more and better options when creating Excel integrations. Predefined Charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Get fast insight into business health across your organization. View KPIs in graphical displays, with easy drilldown into Microsoft Dynamics NAV applications. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver Enhance reporting and analytics capabilities with ODBC, which supports most business intellligence tools in the marketplace. Basic Basic   Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.   Basic Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.   Basic Basic   Basic Basic   Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. Basic   Existing functionality was enhanced with this Basic SALES & MARKETING Sales and Purchase Document Approval Speed up order processing by making sure the right people are making approvals, with email notifications for quotes, sales ad purchase orders, invoices, credit memos, blanket orders, and other important documents. Interaction/Document Management – Extended Pack Log all customer-related interactions, including meetings, correspondence, or activities performed in other application areas. Attach documents and other files to relevant records and track all files. Recent enhancements include Postpone Interaction Log Entries, which allows you to save an interaction during the process and then reopen and continue later. Payment Terms Translation Define language translations for payment terms and shipment methods, ensuring that the shipment method and payment terms on an invoice will appear in the correct language.
  14. 14. release. Document Archiving Automatically archive sales and purchase quotes when thay are turned into orders. Then archive orders when they are fully shipped or received. Manually archive return orders. Archived quotes, orders, and return orders may be printed from the archive from the archive forms. Comments are maintained on posted documents, including header and line comments on non-editalbe forms.   Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. Basic SERVICE MANAGEMENT – EXTENDED PACK Enhanced Intergration with Manufacturing, Warehouse Management and Assembly Management Integration enhancements to Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 help to streamline operations by aligning the process of shipping service items with the warehouse. Planning and Dispatching of Materials Overview Gain greater insight into and control of service processes. A demand overview window allows you to see all supply and demand that is associated with an item. Provide specific and accurate information about delivery to your customers. Service Order Management Convert service orders directly from project quotes. Generate service request by contractual obligations or by customerinitiated request from regular customers or on one-off basic. New capabilities include enhanced integration with Manufacturing and Warehouse Management and Assembly Management. Service Contract Management Set up, manage, and monitor service-related contractual agreements with customers. Use contract features such as contract templates, contract quotes, contract history, contractual gains or losses, invoicing of contracts, Trendscape analysis, and dimensions on service contracts. The latest enhancements include Service Order Management support and improvements to how statistics and traceability factor in contractually related service ledgers.  Basic  Basic  Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.   Existing functionality was enhanced with this release. Basic PROJECT MANAGEMENT - EXTENDED PACK Job WIP Calculation Compliance Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 delivers insight into 
  15. 15. and control over work in process (WIP) calculations. See a complete overview of WIP, including monitoring how WIP calculations are performed, viewing posting accounts, and tracking changes in calculations. A dashboard shows the full WIP calculation for any job you have active. Usage Link Track usage and consumption related to jobs and services more efficiently. Usage Link helps to improve performance by enabling support for Real Time Estimate-To-Complete and Estimate at Completion. Jobs Keep track of usage on jobs and data for invoicing the customer. Manage both fixed-price jobs and timeand-materials jobs. The latest enhancements include tighter integration with Service Management. Basic  Basic  Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.  Existing functionality was enhanced with this release.