AX 2012 Functional Track - Steven Hermans


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AX 2012 Functional Track - Steven Hermans

  1. 1. Discover Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 (Functional) Part I – Steven Hermans (Ad Ultima)
  2. 2. ERP Business IntelligenceCollaboration Software
  3. 3. Technology Adaptation Program• AX 2009: CRH• AX 2012: Theuma
  4. 4. Agenda• Intro AX 2012• User Experience• New Organization Model• Finance• Distribution
  5. 5. Some dates and numbersMetric AX 5 M1 M2 M3 M4 AX 6 TotalDate Jun 2008 May 2009 Dec 2009 Jun 2010 Jan 2011 1 Aug 2011Features 400 208 327 462 193 1190Dev-Weeks 28 8 13 14 6 415
  6. 6. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Architecture Reference Data Master Data Application Primitives
  7. 7. Deep Functional Coverage Multiple account structures Main account templates Shared Chart of Accounts, Currencies/Exchange Rates and Application Foundation Shareable across Horizontal Components Calendars organizations Separation of operations and Support for categorization accounting through accounting Reference Data Corporate Performance Management (CPM) distributions Calendar Category Consolidation Budgeting Statutory & Financial ReportingUnit Of Measure Extensible types: Team, Legal Currency Language Entity, Operating Unit: Cost Locale Financials Split billing CRM Center, Department, Functional General Ledger AccountsProgress billing Receivable Fixed Assets Pricing & Discounting Time zone Area, Value Stream Grant management Audit workbench for expenses, Operating units are Accounts Payable Invoicing & Billing Project budgeting Commitment Accounting Sales PO’s, invoices dimensionable Support for multiple funding Collections Travel & Expense Credit Environmental Sustainability Customer Support Master Data sources dashboard Workforce management Cost Accounting & Financial Control Adjustment enhancements Service Product definitions can be Streamlined employee on- Party shared across organizations. boarding, transitions and off- PersonSupport for non-inventory/non- & Organization boarding Projects GRC stocked items Enhanced applicant/application Customer Grants Project Billing tracking Project Portfolio Analysis Environmental Sustainability Support for category attributes Vendor Constraint based configuration Project Resource Management Tracking of performance goals Project Contracts Incident management Compliance & Internal Contact, Employee & Contractor Project Management & Collaboration Controls Project Accounting & Costing Products Item HR Payroll Service Recruiting Sourcing & Vendor Workforce Management Performance Management Payroll Accounting Management Right Talent Management Time &Requisitions Attendance Payroll Administration Configuration Procurement category Compensation & Incentive Management Payroll Tax management Attributes & Catalogs Employee procurement site & SCM shopping cart Region, Site, Location & Address Sales Order Management Supply Chain Planning and Spend analytics Quality Management procurement budgetary control Returns Warehouse Management Application Primitives Support for unlimited financial Tax Calculation SRM dimensions Payment Dimension creation is an end- Sourcing Purchasing Contracts Requisitions Questionnaire user experience Purchase Order Management Two types of financial Resource Scheduling dimensions Business Policies System-defined/backing entities Inventory Source Documents & Distributions Batch & Lot Control Item Replenishment Inventory Costing Inventory Dimensions Inventory Control Financial Dimensions
  8. 8. AX 2012 - USER EXPERIENCE
  9. 9. New generation ERPPowerful Agile Simple Pervasive interoperability
  10. 10. Quickly show how Microsoft has…introduced many POWERFUL new innovationswhile maintaining a focus on SIMPLICITY Powerful & Simple
  11. 11. Powerful
  12. 12. What is powerful?An application is POWERFUL whenit enables its target users to realizetheir full potential efficiently.
  13. 13. Simple
  14. 14. What is simplicity?SIMPLICITY is the reduction or eliminationof an attribute of a design that usersconsider unessential.
  15. 15. Powerful & Simple
  16. 16. What’s the remedy?• Role-tailored Navigation• More powerful List Pages• Simplified Detail forms• Improved Setup forms• Richer interactive Reports
  17. 17. Sales Clerk - Navigation
  19. 19. Pains and Challenges
  20. 20. What is it?• Framework to model your organization – Using types of organizations such as legal entities and operating units – Using organizations and multiple hierarchies for various purposes – Using date effectivity for restructuring scenarios – Using custom operating unit types• Integration with application frameworks – Global address book – Financial dimensions – Extensible data security – Business policies
  21. 21. Architecture – Conceptual Model
  22. 22. Demo 2:Setup– Organizations have been created– Application configured for financial dimensions, business policies, data security policiesPersona Pain Points and Features Covered Results and Challenges BenefitsSara No unification of Using organizations Useful for measuring organization concepts as financial financial performanceCharlie in the application dimensionsVinceSimon Difficult to do data security Using organizations Authorized using organizations for data security access to data policiesVince Difficult to define business Using organizations Cost control, policies for organizations for business policies fraud detectionSara
  23. 23. AX 2012 - FINANCIALS
  24. 24. Managing Financials with AX 2012
  25. 25. Demo 3:• Create a dimension based on a user-defined custom list• Create a dimension based on a system-defined/backing entityPersona Pain Points and Features Covered Results and Challenges BenefitsPhyllis There are a limited Financial Dimension Unlimited number number of ways to Framework of dimensions can analyze financial data be created It is complex and time Creation of dimensions is consuming to add new an end user experience dimensions Create new dimensions in as little as 3 clicksPhyllis Dual maintenance of dimension Entity backed dimensions Simplified setup and values for data that already maintenance since a exists in AX dimension can be created based on entities in AX
  26. 26. SCM IN AX 2012
  27. 27. Manufacturing and SCM Investments• Central Purchasing Service • MPS/MRP• Direct & Indirect purchases Plan - Scheduling engine• Supplier Relationship Mgt. - Capability based• Procurement Catalog - Mixed mode (MRP & Lean)• Financial splitting (Distributions) - Discrete & Process• Budgetary Control • Enterprise planning (Cross LE)• PO Change Management • Supply visibility• Purchase Agreement © Supply Chain Council 2010 - Supply Schedule• Delivery Schedule - Intercompany Overview• Trade Agreement• P2P Corrections Make Source Deliver Return • Operations Resource Model Enable • MES & T&A (aka SFC) • Lean Manufacturing • Process Manufacturing• Shared/Enterprise Product• Non stocked item• Inventory refactoring• Costing enhancements • Process Logistics - Lean Accounting • Product Configurator Metrics - Indirect cost allocation • Sales Agreement - Inventory Closing (WAC) • Delivery Schedule - Financial Dimensions • Return non stocked item • Trade Agreement• QMS Enhancements • Return corrections • O2C Corrections• Goods in transit reporting • Return serialized/traceable items • Simplified return option (no WMS)
  28. 28. Unified Planning and Scheduling of Materials and Production Operations Push or Resource Pull Model Discrete or Scheduling Process Unified Engine Master Planning
  29. 29. Planning And Visibility Across The Supply Chain with a Flexible Supply Policy Planning scope and supply visibility Build versus buy flexibility for products Buy Supply and material Policy Work Order via supply policy Make Kanban
  30. 30. Demo 4: Intercompany Planning and Supply Visibility• Intercompany supply policies• Intercompany master planning• Intercompany supply visibilityPersona Pain Points and Features Covered Results and Challenges BenefitsEduardo Supply and demand visibility Multi-level Very easy to get supply and across companies pegging demand overviewEduardo Master planning across Intercompany Products can be supplied companies planning based on individual company needs
  31. 31. Thanks to• Diamond Sponsors• Gold Sponsors