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Bench mark microsoft


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Microsoft benc

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Bench mark microsoft

  1. 1. Microsoft BenchMark by: • Luís Fernando Camacho. • Jhon Adrián Cerón.
  2. 2.  This document is a benchmark of Microsoft products. The purpose of this presentation is quite academic and informative and NOT COMMERCIAL.  Use of Microsoft Copyrighted Content ◦ Used with permission from Microsoft.
  3. 3. SOA
  4. 4.  The service-oriented architecture is implemented in each of the elements of Microsoft technologies, from the development tools for creating web services (. NET) to the server products (BizTalk Server).  Creating Web Services ◦ Microsoft has made numerous investments in Web services, basing its development platform web services. Net framework 3.0, which is the programming model of Microsoft's managed code to create applications on Windows platform.
  5. 5.  Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) ◦ This is the Web services technology new generation of Microsoft, that facilitate the interconnection between systems and applications within the organization and across geographically dispersed infrastructure.  Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) ◦ It is a programming model, an engine and tools for rapid creation of workflow management applications on Windows.
  6. 6.  INTEGRATION AND PROCESS ORCHESTRATION ◦ Microsoft offers enabling technologies for design, automation, managing and optimizing business processes in a flexible manner. Two major server technologies for orchestration of processes People are Ready to BizTalk Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.  BIZTALK SERVER ◦ It’s a server product aimed at IT professionals that allows the integration of systems, employees and business partners. The core architecture of BizTalk Server is based on XML and. NET Framework.  OFFICE SHAREPOINT SERVER ◦ It’s designed to optimize the way people interact with content and processes within and across organizations.
  7. 7.  USE OF WEB SERVICES ◦ Microsoft has introduced support for Web services across its product line, allowing its main features can be exposed as Web services. The products of Microsoft and other partners can consume these services to enable greater connectivity and better user experiences.  WINDOWS VISTA ◦ Windows Vista enables developers and designers to create new user experiences that improve the usability of the environment and facilitate the use of its resources.  OFFICE SYSTEM ◦ It’s the latest version of Microsoft's suite for information professionals, and includes well-known tools such as Word or Excel. Office System incorporates a number of tools and services that help developers build business solutions based on Web Services.
  8. 8. BI
  9. 9.  The globalization and the continued growth in customer demand, have forced organizations to implement business intelligence solutions, with the aim of continuous organizational improvement.  The solutions that Microsoft provides are based on a great platform BI -business performance management, dynamic reporting and analysis, data visualization- ¡through a set of applications that you are familiar!
  10. 10. Data Storage & Management Information capabilities Delivery Query, Reporting & Analysis
  11. 11.  Microsoft SQL Server is a data storage platform that allows organizations to build large-scale data warehouse. The data storage and management platform, enables timely and accurate delivery of information to all members of the organization, leading to a better and faster decision making. • Data Warehousing • Ad-Hoc Analysis • Data Quality • Data Mining
  12. 12.  Information Delivery • Dashboards • Collaboration/Search • Managed Reporting • Scoredcards  Query, Reporting & Analysis • Ad-Hoc Analysis • Producting Reporting • OLAP Analysis
  13. 13.
  14. 14.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables organizations to reap the benefits of innovative technologies, sized to fit its possibilities.  ¿WHY CHOOSE A CRM SOLUTION FOR MICROSOFT? ◦ Will provide employees with the necessary tools to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and customer service with CRM software solutions automated staff can actually use.  Keywords ◦ Sales. ◦ Service. ◦ Marketing.
  15. 15.  Microsoft Dynamics enables its employees, partners and suppliers can provide the right products at the right place at the right time.  Microsoft Dynamics provides software for supply chain management (SCM) and resulting expandable for its employees by helping to reduce barriers to productivity and efficiency, helping your organization to deliver what customers need.  Microsoft Dynamics provides solutions for managing the supply chain (SCM) that help to interrelate information from different teams. This allows staff have the capacity to work with optimal productivity, maintain profitable relationships with suppliers and business partners, and satisfy customers.
  16. 16.  It helps boost their key business processes, make smarter decisions and quick, and sure to make the most of their assets and resources. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides these capabilities for organizations as small as starting a new company with few employees and for those with representation worldwide.