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  • 1. Linguistic Landscape LCD 205 Eymi Delgado Kimberly Feldman Stefania Pena
  • 2. Heubner’s Article
    • Focus on the way different languages can be mixed in signs in Bangkok.
    • Sample: The researchers analyzed all signs in the target neighborhoods in Bangkok.
    • He says that English is known by many Thais in addition to foreigners in Bangkok.
    • Most signs contained Thai script, but most also had more than one script too.
    • Having English on a sign gives it more international flavor than just having it in the local language.
  • 3. Welcome to Freeport, Long Island
    • More than 45,000 Long Islanders call Freeport home, making this Village the second largest in the State of New York.    
  • 4. Research Questions
    • What languages other than English are used in public space in Freeport and how much of each is used?
    • How does the use of language in environmental print distinguish the north central part (Main Street) of Freeport from the south central part (Atlantic Ave.)?
  • 5. North Side (Main Street) South Side (Atlantic Avenue)
  • 6. Demographics
  • 7. Socioeconomics Less than $25,000 $25,000-49,999 $50,000-99,999 $100,000-149,999 150,000 or more 15.7% 21.6 34.5 18.4 9.8
  • 8. Main Street North Side of Freeport
  • 9. All office buildings had Spanish Speakers available on the North side
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13. Comparison North Side South Side
  • 14. Comparison North Side South Side
  • 15. Comparison North Side South Side
  • 16. Habla español? South Side Freeport
  • 17. Findings
    • This Linguistic landscape highlights the importance and influence of Spanish as a minority language in North Central Freeport, particularly in shop signs.
    • The linguistic diversity in this project shows the nature of language usage in print for the North side vs. the South side of central Freeport.
    • It also shows the differences in inhabitants and the consumers from those areas