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  1. 1. DAVID MENESES<br />
  3. 3. British or American, the language is basically the same, and its global stature is backed up by massive English-language training programmers, an international business that in textbooks, language courses, tape cassettes, video programmers and computerized instruction — is worth hundreds of millions of pounds or dollars to the economies of the US and the UK. <br />The English language is now one of Britain’s most reliable exports. In the ironic words of the novelist Malcolm Bradbury, it is an ideal British product, ‘needing no workers and no work, no assembly lines and no assembly, no spare parts and very little servicing, it is used for the most intimate and the most public services everywhere. <br />
  4. 4. We call it the English language ...‘ Dr Robert Burchfield, former Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, has remarked that ‘any literate, educated person on the face of the globe is deprived if he does not know English’.<br />The first level of the global sway of English is to be found in those countries, formerly British colonies, in which English as a second language has become accepted as a fact of cultural life that cannot be wished away. In Nigeria, it is an official language; in Zambia, it is recognized as one of the state languages; in Singapore, it is the major language of government, the legal system and education. <br />
  5. 5. 1)Answer the following questions using your own words. (2 points).<br />a. Is the teaching of the English language worth a lot of money?<br />R/ why is through his many people language and culture visit to America and Europe by means of study and financial exchanges to learn their language, in addition to the teaching of language let your good money laundering and recognition grammar.<br />
  6. 6. b. According to Bradbury, what is the difference between the English language and traditional industry?<br /> R/ according to the ironic words of the novelist Malcolm Bradbury, British is an ideal product, "you do not need workers and the work was not fitting and assembly lines, no spare parts and services at very little, is used most intimate and public services everywhere. We call it the English language ...<br />
  7. 7. 2. a. Are the following statements true or false? (1 point) <br />a. Dr. R. Burchfield is not the Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary currently?<br />R/ No Dr Robert Burchfield, is a former editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.<br />b. Malcom Bradbury is a novelist that works at an assembly line?<br />R/ No, he is a novelist that I think about the English language and how it makes building without.<br />
  8. 8. 3. a. Find a word or phrase in the text which, in context, is similar in meaning to: (1 point) <br />Essentially: _IDEAL___________________<br />b. That can be trusted: ___RELIABLE_________________<br />4. Choose a, b or c in each question below. Only one choice is correct. (2 points)<br />R/ 1. The English Language <br />a. is a good source of money for UK and USA. <br />X. is not a good source of money for UK and USA.<br />c. is a good source.<br />2. The English Language<br />a. has not been accepted in the British colonies.<br />X. has been accepted in the British colonies.<br /> c. has become obsolete in the British colonies. <br />
  9. 9. 3. The English language is an official language <br />a. in Zambia and Singapore. <br />X. in Nigeria.<br />c. in Nigeria and Zambia. <br />4. Dr. Robert Burchfield<br />a. is not a novelist.<br /> b. works for the OED.<br />X. worked for the OED..<br />
  10. 10. 5. Composition (100-150 words) Is the English language big business? (4 points)<br />English is the official language of the globalized world we are living. Behold, the main reason why it is important, This has several implications especially in the workplace, business and computing.<br />Over 400 million people have English as mother tongue. The number increases if you take those countries, which keeps the English as a second language.But the importance of English, are two important nations in the world, who speak and use it as their mother tongue. We are talking about England and the United States. These countries, from several years ago, first Britain and its colonies and the United States after his speech at the First World War, have imposed the use of English. And the two nations in question are true world powers for decades. Not only economically, especially the country of North America (first global economy), but by the same, their cultures, have penetrated in many nations. Similarly, in areas of military, political and scientific, both nations are ahead compared to most countries.<br />
  11. 11. Thus, little by little, the English, has become important in the world order, But as mentioned in the beginning, the subject of economics or business, have led to that from the early twentieth century, English, take a leading role in the world. And currently, English is considered the universal language or international. Due to the preponderance in the business world, both of England, the United States.Every time you want to make a business with a company in another country, where both languages are different, well, English is the language used, to be understood. Indeed, today, for access to certain jobs, it is essential to speak English. There are even studies that show that people who can speak English, they come to win, 30% more salary than those who do not manage.<br /> It's that powerful, the process of globalization we are experiencing. Therefore, no longer discussing whether or not it is important to speak English. As it simply takes as a premise. And, organizations and countries that have designed and carried out the process of globalization, have as their native language or working language, English.<br />