Q4.11: Keynote
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Q4.11: Keynote



Resource: Q4.11

Resource: Q4.11
Name: Keynote
Date: 28-11-2011
Speaker: George Grey



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    Q4.11: Keynote Q4.11: Keynote Presentation Transcript

    • Age: 1.5 years Linaro™ Sponsored by:
    • Slide 2  Linaro  ARM Technology  Diversity & Platforms
    • Slide 3 About Linaro GOALS  To lead Open Source software development on ARM  To help members get high quality OSS-based products to market as quickly as possible  Not-for-profit software engineering company  Over 120 full time engineers Members
    • Slide 4 Linaro – Some Achievements so far  The kernel.org arm-soc tree  The Linaro ARM gcc toolchain  DeviceTree on ARM  LAVA Continuous Integration & Testing  Kernel Memory Management  Building the Linaro Team
    • Slide 5 ARM SoC Linux Optimization  ~400 patches/ month (>80% accepted) Multi-core ARM Cortex-A class processor Instruction Cache Neon Peripherals Power management Memory subsystem Multimedia acceleration Data Cache L2 Cache Connectivity Security Timers InterruptsLinaro optimizes Linux for the whole SoC  ~30% for members
    • Slide 6 Linaro & Upstreaming Source: LWN, Sept 28, 2011 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 Also notable is the continued slow climb by companies such as TI and Samsung [….] Contributions by Linaro assignees are normally credited back to their home companies. Nonetheless, Linaro makes an appearance on its own here as a result of the work of an increasing number of engineers employed by [Linaro] itself. Top Contributors - Patch Sets for Linux 3.0 (Excludes “None” and “Unknown”)
    • Slide 7 ARM Hardware  ARM Cortex A15  ARM Cortex A7  big.LITTLE  ARMv8 – 64 bit  Building blocks for differentiation and innovation http://www.arm.com/files/downloads/ARMv8_Architecture.pdf
    • Slide 8 The Importance of the Platform 000’s of boards 100,000’s of applications Platforms  What is a platform?  Examples: ISA, iOS  ARM SoCs  We need to improve  Continue to develop the ARM Open Source Software Platform and leverage that to differentiate  Everyone will benefit
    • Slide 9 Faster Innovation  Powered by Open Source Software
    • Slide 10 Where does Linaro Fit?  Leadership in OSS for ARM  Improve the ARM OSS Platform  ARM SoC Enablement for key distributions  Sharing member resources to invest in open source software on ARM
    • Slide 11  Linaro Mini-Summits  ARM Server Tuesday 9-12pm Grand Sierra I  Set Top Box/Digital TV Wednesday 9-12pm Grand Sierra I  Graphics Power Mgmt Thursday 9-10am Grand Sierra I  IVI Friday 9-10am Grand Siera I  Plenary Session  ARM’s latest technology Wednesday 2pm Grand Ballroom  Linaro Meeting Today 2pm Grand Sierra F This Week
    • Slide 12 www.linaro.org wiki.linaro.org