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Summative reflections
Summative reflections
Summative reflections
Summative reflections
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Summative reflections


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  • 1. Lily GillelandLester/Hamilton 10th Grade Honors LitMay 3, 20123rd Period End of Semester Summative Reflections 1. While researching for my project, really did learn a lot about the way veterans with PTSD are treated. I have learned that in many ways the government has wronged out veterans, however the government has also made many recent changes in favor of veterans. Not only that, but with the variety of treatments available, it is much easier for veterans to find means of treatment that suits their needs. However, with misdiagnoses, complicated rule changes and other unfair rulings, it is hard to say if veterans are really getting with they deserve. Though I have learned a great deal about my topic, I still do not know much about the female veteran’s side in this that is something I would like to find out. 2. While writing my paper, I had issues with finding specific articles to use. This is a common problem and I did manage to find what I needed, but I did set me back. Another problem I faced was finding a veteran to interview. I emailed three veterans and finally, one mailed back. On a side note, Mr. Elberti, my interviewee, was very helpful and he is now one of my favorite people. With the exception of these problems and my absence from school during the final stretch, I believe that this project went much smoother that last semester’s project. 3. The most difficult part of my research project was the research itself. I had all my articles cited and all my ideas in my head, but when it came to using the information I found in an
  • 2. organized way, I was stumped. Most of the information I found was in snippets and though it all made sense in my head, when I had to put it down I had a very difficult time finding a way to word it in a way to make the reader understand what I was saying.4. Though my book did not help me very much in my research, hearing about the veterans with PTSD in my peers’ books did help me a lot. All Quiet on the Western Front did help me a lot. By reading about Paul’s feelings of not fitting in when he returned home, I was able to understand what some veterans were going through.5. By reading my two books, I was able to sort of put myself in the veteran’s shoes. Though I will never truly understand what it is like for them, I fell as though I know better than others who haven’t read these books. By reading my articles I have also learned more about the world around me. I have realized that there are people willing to go the distance for our veterans, but I have also learned that there are some who are not. In my articles I have also learned about what treatments work, and what treatments are thought to be fraud. During cohort sessions I learned a great deal about veteran’s lives. Not only veterans with PTSD, but ones who have suffered far more tragedies. This project has made a huge impact on me. I am proud of the veterans who have fought for us, and I would like to say that I have even befriended one as well.6. Throughout the last eight weeks I believe that I have done well in the ways of keeping up with my work. Last semester I was disorganized and I did not know where anything was, and this caused me that have to work twice as hard on the project. This semester I have kept everything in one place and that has made it much easier for me to work7. As I said before, the most challenging part of this project was finding the proper information for my topic. Though having a lot of articles means more information for my paper, I still felt as though I was being overwhelmed with all of this information. I got
  • 3. through this by putting on my big girl panties, buckling down and working hard. I put in long hours, bugged Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Lester with countless questions, and read and reread everything I needed.8. I feel as though I improved a lot this semester. Not in ways of learning about veterans but also in literary ways. I fell I have improved in my ability to read and view information in order to gather meaning (1.1.6 Read, view and listen for information in order to make inferences and gather meaning). I also feel that I have learned to complete my products and further enhance my ways of learning (2.2.4 Demonstrate personal productivity by completing product to express learning.). I feel as though I have become more responsible though this product. As I stated before I was messy and hectic last semester, but now I feel much more organized and confident (4.1.6 Organize personal knowledge in a way that can be called upon easily). For the first time I used a video for an information resource in this project. Though this is a very small detail I feel that I have expanded my writing skills by doing this (4.2.1 Display curiosity by pursuing interests through multiple resources). By reading books and learning about the injustices in the government to the veterans, I feel that I my own life, I can do something to change this (1.1.1 Follow an inquiry-based process in seeking knowledge in curricular subject, and make real world connections for using this process in own life.)9. By writing a traditional research paper, I have opened up new ways of writing. Before I wrote this I had a vague comprehension of how to research for a paper. Now I feel confident in my skills in writing a research paper. I have also learned how to properly edit a paper with sharp skills.10. For my project, I used symbaloo. I really like symbaloo because it is very organized and very easy to use. I laid my page out to fit a certain way I look at things. I had all of my
  • 4. research sites I one corner, Easybib and the class agenda at top, and all of my articles in the bottom corners. All of my articles were color coded: red being articles that have been cited, green being videos that have been cited, and any article that was whit has not been cited. I would definitely use this site in the future. However, if I could change something that I did, I would name my articles more accurately. I believe symbaloo says that I am an organized learner.11. I believe that I am best prepared in the matter of citing sources, editing papers, and setting up research papers. Though I sometimes slipped up in Mrs. Lester’s class, as well as slacked off (not that I am not very proud of this), I really did learn a lot about writing in this class. Ms. Hamilton and Mrs. Lester are very hard working teachers and I am very thankful for all they have done for me. I believe that I am well prepared for next year’s American Literature class.