Summative Learning Reflection


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Summative Learning Reflection

  1. 1. Logan RidingsMrs. LesterHonors Lit Comp1 May, 2012 Summative Learning Reflection 1. Throughout this research project I have learned a lot. I know a lot more about PTSDright now then I did when I started the project. I learned that we spend a lot of government taxdollars funding medical programs and research. PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is definedas a mental health condition thats triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms may includeflashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.PTSD has become a lot more severe over recent years, more and more Iraq and Afghanistanveterans are coming home with PTSD. However some researchers and doctors believe thatPTSD is not a legitimate illness. 2. In my opinion this research project was a lot easier than the one we did first semester.The biggest challenge was finding information and researching, because we found a lot ofinformation on PTSD and a lot of information on medical advancements. It was hard to findinformation on medical advancements in the field of PTSD. I felt like working with a group wasa lot easier this time compared to last time. I thought throughout the whole project we have beenahead of schedule and really havent had to rush. 3. The most difficult part of this research project was emailing an expert. We emailedseveral people but only got a response from one guy, and he only replied once. My group and Iworked several days trying to find an expert and typing up the email to send to the expert. Themost rewarding part of the project was finishing it. I liked to be able to say that we were done, to
  2. 2. have everything done and not a lot to worry about. 4. Even Though I enjoyed reading All Quiet On The Western Front and Soldier Boys,neither one really played a big part in my choice to research PTSD. The fishbowl discussionsplayed the biggest role in my decision, I wanted to find out how we have helped soldiers copewith shell shock and PTSD since WWII. In All Quiet On The Western Front Paul the maincharacter came back with shell shock which is the old name for PTSD. I wanted to find out sincethat time what medical advancements have been made. 5. In my Opinion reading the non fiction articles and researching PTSD will have thelongest lasting impact on me. I learned a lot from researching our topic. Like I answered in thelast question, the books really did not help It was all the research and articles I read. What alsohelped a lot was that most of these articles had statistics with them. That made reading andunderstanding the articles a lot easier. 6. I was in charge of researching, putting our symbaloo together, finding an expert, anduploading everything to the wiki. I felt like i did all that well. We had 20 informational sources. Iadded 22 tiles to our symbaloo page. I found multiple experts and we emailed all of them. So fareverything is uploaded to our wiki. I feel like I have done a good job this project. 7. The most challenging part, like i stated earlier was finding an expert to email andgetting a response back. I found multiple experts to email except none of them replied. We reallydid not “run into any bumps in the road” on this project, besides emailing an expert. But I feellike a lot of groups struggled with this it was not just us. 8. I improved on a lot of skills over the course of this project. 1.1.1- Follow an inquirybased process in seeking knowledge in curricular subjects, and making the real worldconnections for using this process in like. I was able to see how we need to spend more
  3. 3. government tax dollars on PTSD research. I saw how much veterans suffer in the real world andhow little help they get. 1.1.4- Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions.We have only used trusted sources and research databases on this project, where as last semesterI feel like we used a lot of google sites. 2.1.2- Organize knowledge so that it is useful. That waswhat our symbaloo page was for, was to organize all the sources and put them in one convenientplace. The last research project I did not use the symbaloo page, but it makes everything so muchmore convenient. 3.2.3- Demonstrate teamwork by working productively with others. I feel likemy group had very good chemistry and worked well together. We split the project up evenly anddivided the work among ourselves. On the last project I worked with a group and we worked oneverything together, this just slows everything down. 4.2.1- Display curiosity by pursuinginterests through multiple resources. As I stated earlier we used over 20 sources on this project.We did not just limit ourselves to a couple of sources. This was good because we got to see a lotof different views, angles, and opinions from different researchers and doctors. Since we used somany sources, I feel like it is better to have to many sources than not enough. 9. Doing a Prezi for the second time was a lot easier than the first. I was more familiarwith the software and understood how everything worked, compared to last semesters researchproject I did not know anything about Prezi. The more I use Prezi the better I get with it. 10. Our Symbaloo is very basic but detailed. The tiles we have on our Symbaloo are thesites that we visited the most and got the most information from. We have 22 different tiles. It isvery convenient to have all your most visited sites in one place. I plan on using it again in thefuture for any big project I do. 11. Coming into this class, I felt like I was already a good analytical reader and I stillbelieve I am, but my skills have gotten better. I feel like I am more of a 21st century learner than
  4. 4. I was when I entered this class. I feel like I can use any type of digital literacy or digitalcomposition and do well with it. My research skills have gotten tremendously better this year. Ifeel like I am a lot better researcher and that I can find more valid information than I could priorto this class. I am able to use research databases better and find good reliable sources.