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2012 Spring research Project

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Learning reflection

  1. 1. Jacob MorganMs. Lester/Ms. HamiltonWorld Lit/CompSpring 2012 Learning Reflection 1. I learned many key items while doing this project. The most interesting thing that Ilearned about was the use of technology in the treatment of PTSD. I found it very interesting thattherapists and doctors used smartphone apps to treat symptoms of PTSD. Another things I foundinteresting was the low standards for the army to allow people to go back to the battlefield. Thearmy thinks that it is appropriate to give soldiers suffering from PTSD a lot of medication totreat the symptoms and send them back out. This has not been effective and has resulted in manycasualties. Other things I learned about is what people think about PTSD. For example, somepeople think it is better to lose a leg then it is to get a mental illness, because their problem isactually recognized rather than ignored. 2. I have had only one problem and that is that the person I intended to interview said hewould answer my questions and then he never did. I did find it a bit difficult to find informationon the treatment of PTSD when I first started, but I later used sweet search and found all theinformation I needed. I found out that if I look through a lot of information on sweet search thenI can find an article that contains the the information that I am looking for. It also helps me in mysearch to narrow down a search term so that the articles are more relevant. 3. The hardest part of this project for me was making the prezi. I planned it out and had totry to make it flow. This was really was not that difficult but it was very time consuming. This isbecause i am not very good at making prezis so i had to really work hard to learn how to. I had to
  2. 2. go look at many different prezis so that i could learn those techniques and implement them in myown prezi. 4. Reading All Quiet On The Western Front and What Was Asked Of Us was verybeneficial to me. This helped me to understand what it was like on the battlefield, both in moderntimes and during World War One. Reading What Was Asked Of Us helped me with my decisionon my topic for my project because it showed me the insecurities of veterans after the war andwhat it was like for them when they were on leave or when they were back home, or even on thebattlefield. While i was reading this book, it made me wonder if they would ever get better, iftheir life could ever go back to the way it was before. So I picked the treatment of PTSD for mytopic to explore this. 5. While I was reading my book, I was very disturbed because of the amount of violence.I never realized that things like that happened in real life. This was a real eye opener for me andmade me realize how terrible it must be to go through war. I can only imagine how bad it can befor someone to have to deal with PTSD after going through war. Thankfully, I learned about themany treatments and learned that it is not hopeless for someone who has PTSD and they have achance to be cured. 6. I think the thing I did best was learning about the smartphone apps and portraying thatinformation. I am also really proud of my Netvibes page. I think that I did a very good job on itand I used it in conjunction with Scoop_It to really save time and get my research done. Thanksto both of these web tools I was able to get this project done ad spend more time on things that Ireally need to work on, like making a good prezi. 7. The most challenging thing I had to do was make my prezi and make it flow. Iovercame these challenges by looking at examples of good prezis and implementing some of
  3. 3. those techniques into my own prezi. It really helped me to see examples of other prezis becauseit allowed me to get more ideas that really helped my prezi look nice.Another challenging thingthat I had to deal with was looking up pictures, because I did not know where I needed to look tofind pictures that I could use until Ms. Hamilton showed me the Flickr Advanced Search. 8. I really think that my information gathering skills increased by using Netvibes andScoop_It in conjunction with each other. This made researching much faster and I got a lot ofinformation about my topic and was able to organize and use this information effectively. I reallydo think that using these both in conjunction is the best way to research for a large researchproject, because it helps get all my information into one place. 9. I think that using prezi to portray my information was effective. It allowed me toorganize my information in a way that it was easy to understand. It also allowed me to putmy information for relative topics into one place. Another thing that helped me portray theinformation was the use of images with my information. I think that this really helped me clarifythe information and help give people a clearer image of this topic. 10. The information dashboard that I used was Netvibes. I used it to gather myinformation, sources, and tools all in one spot and organize it all effectively. I also used it togather all of the pictures I used in my prezi and put them together. I really think that usingNetvibes helped speed up my research and help me get the things done that need to be done. Iused netvibes to house a lot of things, like my mindmap, picture, notes, sources, and my finalproduct. It really helped to have all of my stuff in one place. 11. I think that the skills that I gained will really help me with American Literatureand Composition next year. For example, if i need to do research on the internet and thenorganize my information into a shaping sheet of some sort, then I could use Scoop_It to gather
  4. 4. information and organize it into a mind map. Another example is if I am reading a book andneed to organize my information into a shaping sheet I could also do a mind map to organize myinformation. This showed me a lot of useful tools on the internet like Flickr Advanced Searchand Sweet Search.