Functional specs
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  • 1. Functional Specification By Dinesh
  • 2. What is functional specification ?
    • It is a formal document used to describe in detail for software developers a product intended capabilities,appearance and interactions with users.
    • How user in tract with it.
    • It will enable us to manage the expectations of our clients.
  • 3. Why functional Specification ?
    • Key benefit is streamlining the development process.
    • Developers work for the specs ideally,after answering all the questions about the application.
    • They are building nothing less than what the client expecting.
    • There should be nothing to guess or interpret when the spec is completed.
  • 4.
    • In the functional specs we can analysis the user requirements,the look and feel of the site.
    • How to customize and what to customize all these are analyzed in the functional specs.
    • How to make a new customer to interact with the website.
    • Business processing of the website.
  • 5. Requirements: Requirement analysis is the process of understanding the customer needs. Give multiple interactions between users and business process. Analysis of software requirements and hardware requirements. With out requirement process we cannot deliver even the basic task for which they designed.
  • 6. Steps in Requirement analysis:
    • Fix system boundaries
    • Identify the customer
    • Requirement elicitation
    • Requirement analysis
    • Requirement management
  • 7. Fix system Boundaries : The initial step helps in identifying how the new application integrates with the business process. Requirement Elicitation : In this gather the information from multiple stockholders and involve the multiple stack holders into it. Requirement Analysis : After gathering all information from the stack holders,structured analysis is done. Requirement management : In this process it includes all aspects of software requirements and additionally verification,validation and traceability of requirements.
  • 8. Thank q