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  1. 1. SAP CIN-MM Customizing F TAXINN updated Apr 2, 2011 2:14 pm | 29,433 views Contents [Hide TOC] 1 Introduction 2 Customizing for Tax Procedure – TAX 3 Access Sequence 4 Condition Type 5 MM Excise Conditions: 6 LST/CST/VAT Conditions 7 Service Tax Conditions 8 Tax Procedure Setting 9 Account Key Setting 10 Assignment of Tax Procedure to Cou 11 Maintaining Excise Defaults 12 Formula-based excise determination 13 Condition Based Excise Determinatio 14 Defining Tax Codes 15 Assignment of Tax Code to Company [edit] Introduction In one of the previous articles, taxation India was discussed in detail. This wa of various types of taxes on sales/purc within India., including excise & custom system there are two types of Tax Pro India. One is TAXINJ, that is formula b calculation and the other one is TAXIN Technique.
  2. 2. [edit]Customizing for Tax ProcedurFollowing is the step by step Configurabased Tax Calculation (TAXINN). UndTax Jurisdiction code is not discussedSales Taxes.[edit]Access SequenceAccess Sequences. Check Calculati Tax on Sales / Purchases FinancialSetting Financial Accounting Menu PStandard Access Sequence for tax procan use these without any modificationrequirement from client we can createcopying and modifying the existing onHere, I will go with the standard one w[edit]Condition TypeDefine Condition Types. Check CalcSetting Tax on Sales / Purchases FSetting Financial Accounting Menu PFor formula bases Tax Calculations thpresent in the Tax procedure TAXINNprocedure will be carried out only in Ssetting will be totally independent of M
  3. 3. types shown below are related to MMprocedure TAXINN only. Here, I wouldcondition used in procedure TAXINN iprocedure TAXINJ.[edit]MM Excise Conditions:JMOP IN: BED setoff % JMOQ IN: BED% JAOQ IN: AED setoff Qty JSOP IN: SQty JMIP IN: BED inventory % JMIQ IN:inventory % JAIQ IN AED inventory QtySED inventory Qty JMX1 IN: A/P BED seJSX1 IN: A/P SED setoff JMX2 IN: A/P Binventor JSX2 IN: A/P SED inventor JECEces inventory JEX1 IN: A/P ecs setoffT[edit]LST/CST/VAT ConditionsJIPS IN Sales tax setoff JIPC IN C SalesJIP5 A/P RM Deductible[edit]Service Tax ConditionsJSRT A/P Service Tax JEC3 A/P ECS fo[edit]Tax Procedure SettingDefine Procedures. Check Calculatio Tax on Sales / Purchases FinancialSetting Financial Accounting Menu P
  4. 4. Tax calculation procedures TAXINN cspecifications with grouping of above mfor the purpose of calculation and possales/purchases have already been desystem for Country Version India. TheCESS and VAT needs to be added to[edit]Account Key SettingCheck and Change Setting for Tax PrProcedure Basic Setting Tax on SaleAccounting Global Setting Financial AThe following are the standard accounprocedure. In addition to these, if requalso be created by copying the existinassigned to the procedure.ESA - Output acquisitn tax ESE - Input aVS2 - Sales tax 2 VS3 - Sales tax 3 NVVInput Tax PST Gross[edit]Assignment of Tax ProcedureAssign Country to Calculation ProcedProcedure Basic Setting Tax on SaleAccounting Global Setting Financial ACountry IN - Tax procedure TAXINN[edit]
  5. 5. Maintaining Excise Defaults Maintain Excise Defaults Determinat Settings India Tax on Goods Move Menu Path: Materials Management [edit] Formula-based excise determi If formula-based excise determination procedure TAXINN and all pricing con excise taxes, here it is always recomm (purchasing and sales condition types consultation with SD consultants. Follo this activity: Basic excise duty,  Additional excise duty,  Special excise duty,  Cess  Conditions in the sales order that are u  Countervailing duty condition type use [edit] Condition Based Excise Deter If condition-based excise determinatio field and leave all the others blank in t For using condition based Excise Dete codes for country India and procedure to the company code by using the follo [edit]
  6. 6. Defining Tax CodesDefine Tax Codes for Purchasing DocExcise Determination Determination India Tax on Goods MovementsMaterials Management[edit]Assignment of Tax Code to CoAssign Tax Code to Company CodesDetermination Determination of Exci Tax on Goods Movements LogisticMaterials ManagementOn completion of above settings in SPcalculation procedure TAXINN is compRelated White Papers and Web2010 Essential Features of Manufacturin2011 3 Key ERP Features and How to U2011 ERP Modules for Different BusinesShow more White PapersRelated ContentThe Government want to tax all InternetExcise_Data_Material_Master_-_MM (WTransaction Tax Vendors in Brazil/ChinaDisclaimer: IT Wiki is a service that allows coanyone in the community. Content posted tocorrectness and is not supported by Toolboxfeel a wiki article is inappropriate, you can eior click here to notify