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Chapter 3

Chapter 3






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    Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Document Transcript

    • She saw another lunchbox . It was yellow with five green stripes on the lower right corner. Then the lunchbox started to speak. It said: “Hello, I’m Tom and you?” “Hi, I’m Sara” - she answered. Suddenly they heard a noise. They saw a big lorry which came to take the rubbish.The lorry arrived and took away the trash bin with theradioactive rubbish to Texas.In Texas the cows were licking two lunch-boxes, because
    • the cows thought they were food. It was...ugh....After some horrible moments a woman found two lunch-boxes and took care of them. But the lunch-boxes didn’twant to stay with her, so they ran away. They were running and running and it was veryhot there. These two lunch-boxes wanted to cool offand soon they saw a truck with ice-cream. Lunch-boxes got into a car and started to eat. They were eating, eating and eating so theydidn’t notice when the truck’s door closed. Suddenlythe engine started and the truck moved. After along journey the truck arrived at the airport…
    • It entered the plane and flew to Rio de Janeiro inBrasil. In a moment they had to start a Carnival.Managed to get changed. During the Carnivalthey danced and sang. They had fun.When they stood site by side, someone pushedthem into each other and they kissed. Released atthis moment fireworks flew into the air and allended up in...
    • ... Amazonian forests. This place wasamazing for them. They saw many interestingthings: waterfalls, beautiful trees, variousbirds and worms.Among other things it was a huge spider thatjumped at Sara and she fainted. HopefullyTom saved her. Her took Sara to sit under ahuge tree. Tom realised that this isa wonderful place for marriage.
    • The next day, they were married. After the wedding, they went to the forestfor a walk. There they saw an egg. It was big and blue! Then the egg begunto crack and then..........