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Chapter 5


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Poland take romanian turn because we have a beautiful holiday.

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Chapter 5

  1. 1. The elephant saw a huge pile of peanuts. It was hisfavourite food: PEANUTS! Elephant started to runtowards them.He ran so fast that lunchbox jumped upand down on his back. Up and down, up and down, upand.... lunchbox flew up over the wall.
  2. 2. She fell into the ocean. She tried toswim to the shore but the big fishswallowed her. In the belly of the fishshe met a little crab and a starfish.After a while the fish was caught infishing net.The fish begun to shake and lifted up.After some time she started to feel a very badsmell. It was very dark inside the fish.After a few hours the lunchbox saw a smallbright light.
  3. 3. The light became bigger and turned out that this is a kitchenin Sushi Bar. She saw the Japanese cookwho held the big cleaver.
  4. 4. They begun to fight.She wanted to hithim but he was faster and hit her first.She looked like a monster.And she wasvery, very angry. Soon lunchboxwanted to get revenge and.....