Chapter 9


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Last chapter!

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Chapter 9

  1. 1. Suddenly, they started to call for them, to searchthem in the house, in the garden and at the animals’ placebut they were nowhere. Behind a cupboard, the littleallergic box came out crying.She told her parents whathappened, so they decided to leave searching for thethieves. They stepped in front of the house where they founda car’s tracks, climbed the tractor and Sarah pressed theacceleration more and more to reach the thieves.But, theyhad a powerful car and Sarah couldn’t reach them.
  2. 2. Even though the car was getting further andfurther, Sarah didn’t lose sight of them till themain entrance of the aeroport.She lost track of themin the crowd of people.They came in and Sarah decided to go on theconveyor luggage with the allergic box.The pig stood outside watching them.They entered the plane’s hold where it was darkness, coldand quiet.The engines were not started yet.
  3. 3. Sarah was holding her daughter and thought of the otherfour brothers, when... from the other side of the planethey could hear a crying: mother...mother!!! She jumped quickly not knowing what she heard. She went there and the noise was coming through a bigbox.She opened the bag and.. yes, her children were ok... shefound them!!!... but there were only two. Then, she heard a strong noise made by a time bombin that bag, its needles were moving very fast ‚’’ Whatshall I do? It’s a bomb” Sarah thought, I shall throw itout untill the plane takes off.
  4. 4. But, when she placed her hand on the time bomb„ Bummmmmm!!!” the watch screen broke and the othertwo boxes came out happily with the reunion with theirmother.. The flight was long, but didn’t feel it since they hadso many things to share.At the landing, Sarah feltnervous because she was all alone with five children in anunknown world. High above the sky, she heard someone calling her, itwas the pig, it was ok ,too. They embraced and they werehappy. Sarah could remember those places, yes... she was inScotland again, she was close to her John.They startedlooking for him and found him very quickly, but he wasreally sad with tears in his eyes because he was now usinga cake box instead of lunchbox. She slowly entered and called him. What a great joy, John was crying with happiness,noticing five smaller boxes and a flying pig who would bea good friend to him.
  5. 5. The time went by, the boxes grew and John offeredthem as presents to his friends and the allergic one wasgiven to his allergic friend who would always fill it withbiological food. They lived happily ever after and they maystill live in the far away Scotland and if they read the story they should pay us a visit tothank us because we thought about them week after week.