Talent dividend power point


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Talent dividend power point

  1. 1. Using Data To Drive Your City’s Talent Dividend Kate Shaw, Research for Action Michael Longaro, Washington DC Jill Gurvey, Philadelphia PA Mary Gwen Wheeler, Louisville KY
  2. 2. Michael Longaro, OSSE Jill Gurvey, OMG Mary Gwen Wheeler, Washington, DC Philadelphia, PA 55,000 Degrees Louisville, KentuckyGoal of Project Reduce gaps in college Track Philadelphia high Increase Louisville’s access services school student progress in education attainment provided to DC Public college enrollment, by 55,000 degrees to and Charter School persistence, and 50% of working-age Students completion and population by 2020 Increase % of students Determine how to who have access to, increase persistence and enroll and persist in, completion and complete college.Primary Audiences College and Credential Municipal entities and Cross-sector partnership : Completion Network local nonprofits Education SEA National audience Business LEAs Government Civic organizationsType of Data Individual Student K-12: Individual student- Population level Level level Aggregate student Aggregate IHE: aggregate, data disaggregated by H.S.Source of Data College Access School District of ACS Providers (CAPs) Philadelphia IPEDS DC Public School NSC NSC DC Charter Schools Individual IHEs KY Dept. Education
  3. 3. Michael Longaro, OSSE Jill Gurvey, OMG Mary Gwen Wheeler, 55,000 Washington, DC Philadelphia, PA Degrees Louisville, KentuckyAnalyses Service gap College enrollment, Education attainment byPerformed Service redundancy persistence, completion, county, degree level, age service location transfer and race/ethnicity student cohort stratified by 10-12 additional indicators demographics, high of educational progress school type, delayed enrollmentDescription of CAP level report “Deck” reports 2010 Benchmark ReportProduct LA level report Standard research report 2011/2012 Annual Statewide report Progress Reports Online interactive data dashboard Founding Partners Pledge ProfileDissemination Small group meetings Rolled out in cooperation with Annual reports releasedStrategy with broad range of SDP and Mayor’s Office of with Mayoral Press stakeholders Education: conference Conference presentations Print report Media interviews Op-eds Mayor’s Council meetings Community presentations
  4. 4. Michael Longaro, OSSE Jill Gurvey, OMG Mary Gwen Wheeler, Washington, DC Philadelphia, PA 55,000 Degrees Louisville, KentuckyMajor Successes Getting a majority of Helped frame local Leadership table DC college access conversation Broadscale Brand providers to validated which students Recognition participate to target Business Ownership Overcoming importance of data of goals skepticism at the sharing and cooperation Count Me In! feasibility of the 20 institutions used a campaign initiative common data template Progress indicators for data submission on upward trendMajor Challenges Stakeholder resistance Expense Talent Attraction Concerns about Lack of consistent Lack of college-going Privacy definitions culture Incomplete and Concerns about Data Low adult attainment inaccurate data Sharing rates Limitations of aggregate level data