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John Wilburn Lightning Round at 2015 Cluster Workshop

The CEOs for Cities’ Annual Workshop is an event which brings multi-sector leaders together from across the country. With the overarching goal to promote a more collaborative civic culture, the workshops succeed through a series of panel discussions, break-out sessions, lectures and roundtables. Attendees are also invited to enjoy other events, meals and field trips conveniently scheduled in celebration of the host city. The 2015 workshop will be held June 10-12th in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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John Wilburn Lightning Round at 2015 Cluster Workshop

  1. 1. CENTER FOR HOUSTON'S FUTURE; : The Regions Think Tank
  2. 2. CENTER roiz‘ HOUSTON’S FUTURE The Center works to solve our region's toughest problems by engaging diverse LEADERS, providing impaciful RESEARCH, and defining actionable STRATEGIES.
  3. 3. Leadership Creating Civic Entrepreneurs Houston region. ' E a» RESULTS- life changing crrimunityprojects and 850 civic leaders working to build a better region. _ 1 We're in this together. EE8’J5¥5S"§"
  4. 4. Leadership Forum Results Among the issues tackled: Immigration reform Childhood nutrition Electronic access to medical records Human tratticking Low-income housing AIDS education and outreach Feeding the hungry , ,'4i TCENTER FOR‘, -i . . . . HOUSTON’S FuTuRE
  5. 5. C*OiviiviU i~ll'l“a’ Our region's report card on factors necessary to become a competitive, sustainable region for the 21st century. Community Indicators make quality-of-place a tangible and measurable issue Each report captures longitudinal trends affecting Houston and compares us to other regions across the nation. CENTER FOR HOUSTON’S FUTURE "' W 9,
  6. 6. Houston| nclicators. org We provide baseline data, A r A A en5iPé%i§t§mr‘*‘ and E :1 '. 'f! '’_L1~. ,’: ' »-fgj: Oi *c}viEvir§‘fity nine key issues: CENTER FOR HOUSTON’S FUTURE
  7. 7. Solutions What Will Your Future Be? The Center works toward solutions by planning, educating, and collaborating — using community briefings, salons, roundtables, and carefully targeted Center-led initiatives. i [CENTER FOR HOUSTON’S A FuTuRE
  8. 8. Solutions 3 Approaches to Shaping the Future Q Burr under the saddle € Catch and release ‘We can do it! , H’—/4; ¥—~. __ _ 7- GENTER Eok» ‘HOUSTON’S FuTuRE
  9. 9. ‘ ' CENTER FOlZ“°i. HOUSTON’S » FUTURE Burr under the saddle Early Childhood Education Preschool For All report, 2002 Preschool rating system, 2004 Collaborative for Children founded Early to Rise petition campaign, 2013 Early Matters — Business/ Education coalition HB4 passed by Texas Legislature, 2015
  10. 10. Early Childhood Education EARLYTO RISE! earlymatters A Historic Coalition on Early Education , H’r/4} ¥—». _k ’; CENTER FOR‘ ‘HOUSTON’S FUTURE
  11. 11. Catch and Release Greater Houston HealthConnect ° Leadership Forum Learning Journey identifies issue: different platforms for electronic health records, 2007 ° CHF incubates solution, 2007 to 2010: In partnership with Harris County Healthcare Alliance, built a plan, budget, board, bylaws; helped raise $ to launch ° Now serving a population of 6 mi| |ion+ across 20 counties CENTER FOR“? HOUSTON’S FUTURE
  12. 12. GTQA. liDM§ V & HEKLTI-lDCONNECT Connecting Healthcare in Southeast Texas I T A secure electronic network to connect healthcare providers E MS with a seamless exchange . . . ‘é of patient Information among providers. r all Better information leads to 1 i better, more affordable care for everyone. ’ CENTER Fokm HOUSTON’S ‘ FUTURE A Your doctors are connected. Your records are protected. vneugmmrmu ul
  13. 13. We Can Do It! Talent Dividend/ My Degree Counts - Took the lead for Houston's Talent Dividend competition (sponsored by CEOs for Cities), building a coalition of leaders to increase degree attainment across the region ° Houston region awarded almost 33% more AA degrees and more than 14% more BA and higher degrees than at competition start ° Continuing the work as My Degree Counts, M ‘ g_ focusing on access and persistence CENTER FOR“ HOUSTON’S FUTURE
  14. 14. ’ F 11!: I. ’ CENTER pop HOUSTON’S FuTureE. ~’5_ Ihe Regions J" Think Tank Center for Houston '5 Future findings on iiiiir f: ‘I “i J ll F 0’ I 4. «T . ;~: _ R3,? ‘ {, 1: 3 R. v‘ . » ‘‘ (T3; 4 T us- . ”’ ’ , . 0 . _'Q. A. - ‘
  15. 15. CENTER FOR HOUSTON’S‘ FUTURE What is Civic Vitality? Above all, it's about. .. Engagement and Opportunity * Strong Communities * Political Participation * Social Inclusion * Philanthropy & Volunteerism
  16. 16. CENTER FOR HOUSTON’S if ‘ll ‘ Ii sf ,3 ,3." T‘ . f|"I‘i: ‘lIIl| t_“. §’ f. “»'s; ;‘ .11 '5“ 1 fr *5‘ . I . .'. _~, :. . T‘ O 38"/ o 1 / " I ' ' The top 1% earns the some N ‘I J _ combined income as the bottom ‘:1. - ii ‘I i 38% of households in the Houston region (2012-14) A W The combined income of the top 5% equals the bottom 51%
  17. 17. CENTER FOR HOUSTONS FUTUREf; Racial & Gender Income Disparities Women make 82 cents for every dollar earned by men in Houston . . . the gender wage gap grows worse the more educated you are! $110,000 $720,000 900,000 $80,000 $00,000 S-‘.0,UUC‘ I No HS Diploma HS Grad/ Equivalent College Degree Graduate/ Pratesional Degree I Female I Male
  18. 18. CENTER FOR HOUSTON’S FUTURE© Racial & Gender Income Disparities Percent making Percent making under $25,000 over $100,000 Black Households Hispanic Households Asian Households white Households
  19. 19. NTER FOR USTON'S Issues of economic inclusion have long been recognized in Houston II / I To the fleetest goes the race, but we've all got to eat. - Jesse Jones, 1937 Jones guided America out of the Great Depression as FDR's Chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation
  20. 20. CENTER FOR HOUSTO 'S‘ FUTURE ‘ Concluding Themes ‘Ir Diversity is a strength and a challenge: * The least engaged & most disadvantaged segments of our population — those with the least social capital — are also the fastest growing.