A Wright Perspective: An evening with Nancy Horan


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The University of Illinois Alumni Association, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Library Friends and the University Library welcomes a conversation with author of Loving Frank, Nancy Horan. This presentatin was the background for our discussion.

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  • A Wright Perspective: An evening with Nancy Horan

    1. 2. "Tell her happiness is just practice. If she acted happy, she would be happy." - Edwin
    2. 4. “ The human race will evolve to a higher plane where there won’t be a need for laws regulating marriage and divorce.” - Mamah
    3. 6. "What about duty? What about honor?" - Mattie
    4. 8. "You can't keep your children by having no life of your own. They will know. Your own unhappiness will plant the seeds of unhappiness in your children… And they will blame you for it someday." - Frank
    5. 10. "I'd like to have architecture that belonged where you see it standing and was a grace to the landscape instead of a disgrace," Wright once said.
    6. 12. “ She says that once love leaves a marriage, then the marriage isn’t sacred anymore. But if a true, great love happens outside of marriage, it’s sacred and has its own rights.” - Mamah
    7. 14. "Frank made me remember who I was before." -Mamah
    8. 16. "The horizontal line is the line of domesticity, of course." - Frank
    9. 18. “ So if we can just hang on for a millennium or two, it’ll all work out.” - Frank
    10. 20. “ It has been my belief and expressed philosophy that the very legitimate right of a free love can never be acceptable if it is enjoyed at the expense of maternal love,” Ellen Kay
    11. 24. "A marriage consummated without mutual love, or continued without mutual love, does not elevate the personal dignity of man or woman. It is instead a criminal counterfeiting of the highest values of life." -Ellen Kay
    12. 26. "He finds out who you are, the way any good architect does. Your habits and your tastes. He takes you on, and then he teaches you. It's a process. Pretty soon you start to see the world through new eyes." - Mamah to her friend, Mattie
    13. 28. “ The ‘freedom’ in which we joined was infinitely more difficult than any conformity with customs could have been. Few will ever venture it. ... Your wives with your certificates for loving — pray that you may love as much or be loved as well!” - Frank
    14. 30. "I want you, Mame. Next to me. I want to go out into the world and look at things with clear eyes, the way I did when I was twenty. I feel as if I've hardly lived. I need time away from here - a spiritual adventure - " - Frank
    15. 32. "In the new morality, everything exchanged between husband and wife will be a free gift of love, never demanded by one or the other as right. Such demands are merely a crude survival of the lower periods of culture. " -Ellen Kay
    16. 34. "Love is moral, even without legal marriage." -Ellen Kay
    17. 36. "To experience such love is to feel oneself doubled. Such feeling liberates and deepens the personality, inspires us to noble deeds and works of genius. When this great love happens – and it is but once in a lifetime – it has a higher right thank all other feelings. The perfect love establishes its own right in a life." -Ellen Kay
    18. 38. Haec est porta coeli - Here is the door to heaven
    19. 40. "It's time, Mamah. It will be the most beautiful place you've ever lived. You won't care if you can't go out and see a play." - Frank
    20. 42. "Last Sunday our preacher warned about consorting with people who live in sin. He didn't name no names, but..."
    21. 46. "Not a man here wants to be spending his holiday this way, Mr. Wright. Personally, you have our respect and sympathy. But the fact is, the editors think the only way to sell papers is with sensational news stories. That's what the people want."
    22. 48. "One more new wrinkle to adapt to, but no worth trying to change. I might as well try to alter his eye color or reshape his nose." Mamah
    23. 50. Her father had been a great admirer of the men who worked the sleeping cars. Julian's formality suddenly seemed familiar and endearing. His bearing was dignified, respectful, but not fawning.
    24. 52. John's voice came through the darkness. "Don't you ever get homesick for Oak Park?" "There isn't a day goes by that I don't miss you. And some days... well, I just wish for things that can't be right now. But I carry both of you around in my heart all the time. It's funny - it's as if I have a little room inside where I can go, and there you are. And that makes me calm as can be."
    25. 54. Frank is relieved to have the previous half-finished painting covered over. It had driven him crazy, its Greek-robed figures entirely out of sympathy with the rest of the Gardens, its scale absurdly grand. He has designed the new mural to be circles intersecting circles, like bubbles or balloons floating up into the air. Light. Airy. Abstract. Festive.
    26. 56. "Pine," Frank says. "Clean white pine."
    27. 58. Nature! We are encompassed and enveloped by her, powerless to emerge and powerless to penetrate deeper. Unbidden and unwarned she takes us up in the round of her dance and sweeps us along, until exhausted we fall from her arms. She has placed me here; she will lead me hence - I confide myself to her. She may do with me what she will: she will not despise her work. I speak not of her. No, what is true and what is false, she herself has spoken all. All the fault is hers; hers is all the glory. -Goethe
    28. 61. "Are you up to building another Taliesin?" Frank asks. Billy straightens his back and lifts his chin. "A man's got to work."
    29. 63. Merinda Kaye Hensley, University of Illinois Library