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  1. 1. In an increasingly intensifying marketplace, you have to differentiateyourselves from your competitors. Here at MPC, we understand acompanys most valuable asset is their brand.The bigger a company grows, the harder it becomes to ensureconsistency at every point of the consumer journey.Effective merchandising will enhance a brands exposure and increasesales. It is also extremely important for protecting and growing marketshare.Recent research shows that 20% of the decision to purchase is logical andbased on facts and 80% is emotional. This illustrates the importance ofan attractive and well executed merchandising program.A successful advertising campaign can prompt consumers to actively visitretailers, but once there, if they cant find the product they are lookingfor, or a competitor has a display with more impact, the time and moneyspent on advertising and developing the brand is wasted.Retailers are also feeling the pressure. Many require merchandisingsupport plans as part of their review process and to support ranging.Showing you have a strong merchandising team produces gains in sales,but also in space, position and displays offered by the Trade.
  2. 2. The retail world is a fast paced and ever-changing environment.When a product hits the retail stage, this is the time when it canbecome difficult to control consistency through all the variouspoints of presence. This can be due to a number of reasons•the sheer number of retailers,•product slow to shelf•franchisees with their own ideas•the POS and product being poorly displayed .Something as simple as cleanliness can have a huge bearing on ashoppers experience with your brand and thereby effect sales.Without a team of dedicated specialists, merchandisingcompliance can be as low as 52%. This means that 48% ofretailers may not be reaching their sales potential.Outsourcing a team of merchandisers means you can avoidsituations such as this, and your sales and marketing teams canfocus 100% on driving sales.
  3. 3. Why work with us ? Because we use the store as a compelling and an ideal marketing canvas for your brands – With 70 percent of purchase decisions being made in-store1and 2 68 percent of in-store purchases being impulse, we have a tremendous opportunity to reach consumers in-store, and stimulate brand building, purchase and consumption.1 Consumer Buying Habits Study, Point-of-Purchase Advertising International and Meyers Research Center, 19952 Point-of-Purchase Advertising International
  4. 4. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Our services Merchandising Sales in store promotion research In-store communication Warehouse POSM & POP maintenance strategy & implementation ani de
  5. 5. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Our partners
  6. 6. “ mai multa iMPliCare”CoverageOur coverage : Regional branch Area Coordinators 8 Regional Managers 25 Area Coordinators 30 Supervisors
  7. 7. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Optimal tools for monitoring and controlling MPC on line reporting system benefits: • Delivering instant access to the gathered informations for the modern trade sales team there for enabling them to react more quickly if the reported situation re quires it. • Highly complex reports and analysis that give us an overview of the in-store situation. • Easy access form any internet connected computer. • Advanced security for accessing and storing of gathered data. • The gathered data can be exported in excel format for further an alysis and easy distribution. • No additional hardware or software is required for team to work with the reporting system.
  8. 8. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Optimal tools for monitoring and controlling
  9. 9. “ mai multa iMPliCare”National Retail chains covered
  10. 10. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Outsourcing for Wrigley Laro Company, one of Wrigley products distributors in Romania, wanted to outsource the merchandisingto a specialized company; Outsourcing program aims to significantly reduce costs and incre ase quality of implementation, respectingthe merchandising standards agreed with Wrigley and planning fo r changing and updating the planogramsaccordingly with new products;
  11. 11. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Outsourcing for Wrigley Developing a clear performance The quality achievement criteria to be assessed are: in-store check system the filling degree of the cash register stands; degree of shelfs filling; accurate price displaying; checking the products taking into account the The payment amount in the merchandising services rendered will be given taking in account: FEFO rule (first expiring, first out); implementation of promotions; The number of hours x hourly rate agreed monthly implementation of shelf’s and cash register supplied stands planograms; Criteria of merchandising quality; cash register stands cleaning; secondary products placement (cross 90% of the amount of the services provided will be merchandising stands); invariable; shelf cleaning. 10% will be given in the next grid: For a score of quality achievement = 0.90 - 0.0% For a score of quality achievement = 0.95 - 2.5% For a score of quality achievement = 0.98 - 5.0% For a score of quality achievement = 1.00 - 10.0% Assuming responsibility for our clients in-store performance.
  12. 12. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Outsourcing for WrigleyImplementing and maintaininga high merchandising standardacross all channels : cash&carry,hyper, super. Increasing the cross merchandising points in all allocated locations using the IKA posm but also implementing the clients custom designed posm.
  13. 13. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Outsourcing for Auchan Context: Auchan together with MPC developed a project to help the small and medium suppliers to improve their shelf presence and to reduce the losses form expired merchandise. The project is currently implemented for 92 suppliers (food and non-food). Objectives: •assuring shelf presence; • avoiding OOS situation < 1 %; • improving the rotation rate each supplier; • improving the hole shelf image by assuring product diversity ; • helping Auchan department managers by reliving them of the merchandising tasks and allowing them to focus on their selling targets;
  14. 14. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Outsourcing for AuchanMPC implementation team :1 Project Manager;7 in-store team leaders; -7 store managers;130 merchandisers;Monthly tasks:Weekly planning for eachlocation;Weekly store checking for eachlocations;Supervising the promotionimplementation for eachAuchan location.
  15. 15. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Implementing new shelf layouts for OSRAM Context: Due to new EU regulations on the replacement of incandescent lighting sources with economic lighting sources in all member states, Osram, one of the biggest suppliers of light sources in Europe, requested from MPC agency a program to support gradual delisting of the old products sold in modern trade networks and listing of new products by implementing new shelf layouts
  16. 16. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Implementing new shelf layouts for OSRAM
  17. 17. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Implementing new shelf layouts for OSRAM Simultaneous implementation of the project on all locations of a key account; The successful distribution and without loss of the POSM materials and products needed to implement the new shelf layouts; Successful implementation of over 70 new products involved in th e project; Successful implementation Osram planogram in all KA.
  18. 18. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Coca-Cola summer 2010 promo activation Locations : - Carrefour - Real - Auchan - Mega-Image Timing : July -September Mechanics : Binding free product on to a Coca-Cola,Fanta, Fanta Berry bridge; Initial target : 550.000 packages Final target : 725.000 packages
  19. 19. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Julius Meinl sales thought an incentive program Context: Context Julius Meinl is an important player in HORECA but they also wanted to penetrate the modern trade market by supporting the sales force with an aggressive merchandising program Strong competitors with the tradition in the retail coffee market ; Strategy & mechanism: Lack of human resources specialized in the Reducing the O.O.S. frequency by key accounts management. delivering weekly O.O.S. reports and offering sales support; Implementing the merchandising standard on the shelf; The gradual increasing of the product exposure on the shelf by applying an incentive program for the merchandisers.
  20. 20. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Julius Meinl sales thought an incentive programIncentive program:Evaluating the performance : The degree of shelf filling at least 80%; The prize winners: Displaying prices for all products; Block arrangement on the shelf; Clean shelves; Increasing the number of faces per SKU on the shelf.
  21. 21. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Juicy Fruit 2010 consumer promo Context: Context Jellies are the most important segment in the soft candy category. Strong competition : Haribo is gaining shelf share and sales volume; Private label is also gaining shelf share; Silvana and Sugus jellies are constantly growing; Objectives : Increasing the sales volume with 3% in Oct-Dec perioad. Strategy & mechanism: On all Juicy Fruit packages a sticker with a unique cod will be attached.
  22. 22. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Juicy Fruit 2010 consumer promo Results The sales target was achieved for the Oct-Dec perioad. Also the shelf share for Juicy Fruit was increased in all the IKA locations.
  23. 23. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Perfect Mousse in-store launchHenkel sales team wanted to correlate the BTL campaign with the ATL.Also Henkels main competitor launched its similar product. MPC and Henkel implemented : Dedicated POSM in all important IKA locations. Developed a dedicated promo team. Informative materials for the new products.
  24. 24. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Perfect Mousse in-store launch
  25. 25. “ mai multa iMPliCare”Case study : Marketing Impact Team for traditional trade• January – February MIT:-in 69 cities, 10 days, 386 merchandisers;• 15-30 May MIT:-in 16 cities, 15 days , 428 merchandisers;• September – October MIT:- in 64 cities, 395 merchandisers;
  26. 26. 0734814996