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Christmas lesson
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Christmas lesson


Christmas Lesson to remind us the importance of Christ in our lives.

Christmas Lesson to remind us the importance of Christ in our lives.

Published in Spiritual
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  • 1. Welcome to our Christmas LessonThe purpose in presentingthis is to help you feel the spirit in different ways. You will be
  • 2. He Sent His Son
  • 3. Jesus Christ Savior Messiah Lord of Hosts King of KingsPrince of Peace Marys baby
  • 4. The Nativity Song
  • 5. The shepherds came. The wise men too. They were invited to "Come and adore Him"We werent in Bethlehem. We didnt hear the Angels sing....Yet the invitation to “Come and adore Him" is ours as well.
  • 6. In a cave, in the town of Bethlehem, Jesus was born. He left glory and majestyto enter the body of a tiny baby.
  • 7. The story of Christs birth sharedby Luke is true. Mary believed it would happen. The shepherds believed and left their flocks to "Come and Adore"
  • 8. The Nativity
  • 9. Do you believe?Do you adore Him?Do you Praise Him?Does Christ know youBelieve?
  • 10. Please open your scriptures and read the following: John 6:69 Mosiah 4:9 Mormon 7:5 Ether 3:14
  • 11. Many morebelieved.... Theirfaith made them whole
  • 12. As Christmasapproaches, many will beremembering the story of the Christ.....The Savior of the world and all human kind.
  • 13. Gordon B. Hinckley asked us "Do you really believeit? Do you actually believe that Jesus was the Son ofGod....the literal offspring of the Father?"
  • 14. He continued by saying....."Do you Believe that following his death on Calvarys hill and burial in Josephs tomb, he came forth on the 3rdday? Do you actually believe that he yet lives...real, vital and personal. And that he will come again as promised by the angels at his ascension?"
  • 15. "Believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God, the greatestfigure of time and eternity."Gordon B. Hinckley
  • 16. Song "Still Believe" Hilary Weeks Sister ShelleyBell [CD]
  • 17. BELIEVE