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Welcome Jesus into Our Hearts

Christmas is the coming of Jesus Christ

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Welcome Jesus into Our Hearts

  1. 1. Welcome Jesus into our hearts On Christmas
  2. 2. We see Christmas lights shining everywhere. We see people rushing through the malls,shopping and buying gifts for their loved ones. We also hear the singing of the Christmas carols on TV and the radio. Children are waiting for Santa Claus and their presents to come at Christmas.
  3. 3. We often forget the true theology of Christmas. When we think of Christmas we think of gifts . At Christmas, our ears echo to the sound of Christmas bells and the fireworks. Our eyes feast on the Christmas lights.
  4. 4. Christmasis a very traditional time of the coming of people to visit us.
  5. 5. But Christmas is really the coming of Jesus Christinto our world, into our lives and into our hearts.
  6. 6. Jesus is coming to us
  7. 7. Prepare the way for the Lord
  8. 8. It was an ordinary night with ordinary sheep and ordinary shepherds. The black sky exploded with brightness.The angel came in the night because that is when lights are best seen and when they are most needed.
  9. 9. The night was ordinary no more.
  10. 10. Light has come into into our darknessand the darkness has not overcome it. The Light is Lifeand Love Has „made His dwelling among us”. This Light has come into the world to „enlighten everyone”.
  11. 11. God Has sent us the purestand brightest Light of all.
  12. 12. God has given a Son to us.… His name will beWonderful Counselor, Powerful God … Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
  13. 13. God became a man. Divinity arrived. Heaven opened and placedthe most precious one in a human womb. God had come near.
  14. 14. Like the shepherds, we too should haste today to find Jesus with Mary and Joseph, and to glorify God for His blessings.
  15. 15. And like Mary, we should keep His word and reflectupon it, letting it dwell richly in our hearts.
  16. 16. Because Jesus was born and came into our world we have much reason to celebrate Christmas and thank God for His love for us.
  17. 17. At Christmaswe ought to do our bestto have Jesus within us.
  18. 18. The presence of Jesus in our hearts is the reasonfor the celebration that we really ought to have at Christmas because Jesus has come to us.
  19. 19. Since Jesus is coming in our world, in our lives and in our hearts, we ought to prepare for His coming. In a sense, Jesus does not come tous as He came to His apostles andthe people of His life on earth, nor does He come to us only on Christmas Day.
  20. 20. We really should prepare for Him every day in our lives. We should preparefor Jesus as we prepare for all those coming to us at Christmas.
  21. 21. Prepare our heartsfor the coming of Jesus is the best giftthat we can offer Him when He comes to us.
  22. 22. We can prepare for the coming of Jesus by allowing Him to enter into our hearts, our mind and our souls, by our prayer every dayWe can prepare our hearts for Jesus by opening them to Him at Mass and in Confession.
  23. 23. Mark says: "If Christcomes to us, He must not find us asleep. We must stay awake for Christ!"Paul explains that "stayawake" means "May the Lord keep us holy and without any big sins inour lives when He comes to us."
  24. 24. Since Christ is coming to us, we should make surethere is room for Him in our world, in our lives and in our hearts.
  25. 25. Here I am!I stand at the door and knock. Revelation 3:20
  26. 26. Jesus knew the sound of those words. He was stillin Mary’s womb when the innkeeper said, “We don’t have room for you.”
  27. 27. Even today Jesus is given the same treatment. He goes from heart to heart, asking if He might enter.…
  28. 28. Every so often, He is welcomed. Someone throws openthe door of his or her heart and invites Him to stay. And to that person Jesus gives this great promise: … “In my father’s house are many rooms.”
  29. 29. We make room for Him in our hearts, and He makes room for us in His house.He loves each one of uslike there was only one of us to love.
  30. 30. Music: Ernesto Cortazar „God, send me an angel” PPS A..a

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Christmas is the coming of Jesus Christ


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