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Irregular Verbs
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Irregular Verbs


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  • 1. Irregular VerbsBase Form Simple Past Past Participle Tenseawake awoke awokenbe was, were beenbear bore bornbeat beat beatbecome became becomebegin began begunbend bent bentbeset beset besetbet bet betbid bid/bade bid/biddenbind bound boundbite bit bittenbleed bled bledblow blew blownbreak broke brokenbreed bred bredbring brought broughtbroadcast broadcast broadcastbuild built builtburn burned/burnt burned/burntburst burst burstbuy bought boughtcast cast castcatch caught caughtchoose chose chosencling clung clungcome came comecost cost costcreep crept creptcut cut cutdeal dealt dealtdig dug dugdive dived/dove dived
  • 2. do did donedraw drew drawndream dreamed/dreamt dreamed/dreamtdrive drove drivendrink drank drunkeat ate eatenfall fell fallenfeed fed fedfeel felt feltfight fought foughtfind found foundfit fit fitflee fled fledfling flung flungfly flew flownforbid forbade forbiddenforget forgot forgottenforego (forgo) forewent foregoneforgive forgave forgivenforsake forsook forsakenfreeze froze frozenget got gottengive gave givengo went gonegrind ground groundgrow grew grownhang hung hunghear heard heardhide hid hiddenhit hit hithold held heldhurt hurt hurtkeep kept keptkneel knelt kneltknit knit knitknow knew knowlay laid laidlead led led
  • 3. leap leaped/leapt leaped/leaptlearn learned/learnt learned/learntleave left leftlend lent lentlet let letlie lay lainlight lighted/lit lightedlose lost lostmake made mademean meant meantmeet met metmisspell misspelled/misspelt misspelled/misspeltmistake mistook mistakenmow mowed mowed/mownovercome overcame overcomeoverdo overdid overdoneovertake overtook overtakenoverthrow overthrew overthrownpay paid paidplead pled pledprove proved proved/provenput put putquit quit quitread read readrid rid ridride rode riddenring rang rungrise rose risenrun ran runsaw sawed sawed/sawnsay said saidsee saw seenseek sought soughtsell sold soldsend sent sentset set setsew sewed sewed/sewnshake shook shaken
  • 4. shave shaved shaved/shavenshear shore shornshed shed shedshine shone shoneshoe shoed shoed/shodshoot shot shotshow showed showed/shownshrink shrank shrunkshut shut shutsing sang sungsink sank sunksit sat satsleep slept sleptslay slew slainslide slid slidsling slung slungslit slit slitsmite smote smittensow sowed sowed/sownspeak spoke spokenspeed sped spedspend spent spentspill spilled/spilt spilled/spiltspin spun spunspit spit/spat spitsplit split splitspread spread spreadspring sprang/sprung sprungstand stood stoodsteal stole stolenstick stuck stucksting stung stungstink stank stunkstride strode striddenstrike struck struckstring strung strungstrive strove strivenswear swore sworn
  • 5. sweep swept sweptswell swelled swelled/swollenswim swam swumswing swung swungtake took takenteach taught taughttear tore torntell told toldthink thought thoughtthrive thrived/throve thrivedthrow threw thrownthrust thrust thrusttread trod troddenunderstand understood understooduphold upheld upheldupset upset upsetwake woke wokenwear wore wornweave weaved/wove weaved/wovenwed wed wedweep wept weptwind wound woundwin won wonwithhold withheld withheldwithstand withstood withstoodwring wrung wrungwrite wrote written