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Irregular verbs list & tests


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Irregular verbs list & tests

  1. 1. Infinitive Past Simple Past Participle Catalan Infinitive Past Simple Past Participle Catalan be was / were been ser / estar learn learnt learnt aprendre become became become arribar a ser leave left left deixar/marxar begin began begun començar lose lost lost perdre bite bit bitten mossegar make made made fer / fabricar break broke broken trencar mean meant meant significar bring brought brought portar meet met met trobar-se build built built construir pay paid paid pagar buy bought bought comprar put put put posar can could been able to poder / saber read read read llegir catch caught caught agafar run ran run córrer come came come venir say said said dir cost cost cost costar see saw seen veure cut cut cut tallar sell sold sold vendre do did done fer send sent sent enviar drink drank drunk beure sing sang sung cantar drive drove driven conduir sit sat sat seure eat ate eaten menjar sleep slept slept dormir fall fell fallen caure speak spoke spoken parlar find found found trobar spend spent spent gastar fly flew flown volar steal stole stolen robar forget forgot forgotten oblidar swim swam swum nedar get got got obtenir take took taken agafar get up got up got up llevar-se teach taught taught ensenyar give gave given donar tell told told explicar go went gone anar think thought thought pensar have had had tenir understand understood understood entendre hear heard heard sentir d'oïda wake woke woken despertar-se hide hid hidden amagar wear wore worn portar posat keep kept kept guardar / mantenir win won won guanyar know knew known saber / conèixer write wrote written escriure IRREGULAR VERBS