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Krishna Leela Series - Part 42 - Delivery of the Message of Krishna to the Gopis
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Krishna Leela Series - Part 42 - Delivery of the Message of Krishna to the Gopis


Krishna Leela Series - Part 42 - Delivery of the Message of Krishna to the Gopis

Krishna Leela Series - Part 42 - Delivery of the Message of Krishna to the Gopis

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  • 1. Delivery of the message of Krishna to the GopisKrishna book 42nd Discourse
  • 2. RECAP
    Intimate associate of Krishna
    Has similar bodily features as the Lord
    Was sent to Vrindavan by Krishna as a messenger
    Awestruck by his beauty and him resembling Krishna
    They understood that he had news from Krishna
    They “accused “Krishna of not wanting them since he left them
  • 4. Examples
    Bumble bee and flower
    Government and Citizen
    Teacher and Student
    Birds and fruits
  • 5. Gopis forgot about everything during Krishna Katha
  • 7. Radharani started talking to a bumblebee
    She saw that the bumble bee had a red tinge on the feelers
    She accused the bumblebee that it went and touched the flower garland of Krishna when he was with someone else
    Did not want anything to do with the messenger
    Your master is exactly like you
  • 9. In My Opinion…….
    Do Not Hear About Krishna
    Even if one drop of his sweet name drops in the ears, we will forget everything including our families, friends, activities etc .
    One will wander in search of Krishna
    But its very hard to understand Him
    Radha was in the topmost ecstacy called Mahabhava
    Not to be imitated!
  • 10. The bee suddenly disappeared and she felt mad as she was thinking that it might have gone to inform Krishna about her thoughts.
    This is another form of ecstacy!
  • 11. Bee Appeared Again
    Krishna is so kind that he has sent the bee back to me even though I sent him negative messages
    You have come to take me there?
    How is he faring there?
    Does he remember his foster parents and the Gopis?
  • 12. Uddhava was standing nearby and hearing her.
    Uddhava presented to all the Gopis:
    You have attained the highest perfection
    You can give up everything including families for Krishna
    But Gopis were not interested in “ this “ !
  • 13. Uddhava chose to read to them instead of letting them read it
    Krishna couldn’t write the message distinctly because he was so moved by the devotion of the Gopis.
  • 14. Uddhava read:
    Seperation between ourselves is impossible because I am all pervading
    - By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded. All beings are in Me, but I am not in them ( BG 9:4)
  • 15. Uddhava continues:
    Gopis are perfect in knowledge of Krishna while the jivas are forgetful
    No separation between fire and air so similarly there is no separation between jivas and Krishna
    We are suffering because of forgetfulness
    As rivers flow towards the ocean, everything leads to Krsna
    Only through Bhakti can one understand Krishna
    Simply by understanding Krishna all knowledge is known and perfection is attained
  • 16. Transcendental knowledge is of no use for you
    You are already liberated
    The feeling of separation is wanted
    I have separated myself because I want you to increase your love
    Mahaprabhu taught that Vipralambaseva is the topmost
  • 17. Gopis Speak
    Is Krishna entrapped by the lovely women of Mathura?
    Did he get married to a Princess after defeating Kamsa?
    We are constantly remembering his walking style, joking manner and his sweet smile
  • 18. Uddhava noticed the condition of the Gopis and again repeated the whole story
    Meditate and be saved from the fire of separation by closing your eyes and thinking about Him
    Krishna is also thinking about you
    Uddhava acted as the preceptor spiritual master of the Gopis
  • 19. Gopis Requested
    Requested Uddhava to stay In Vraj longer
    He kept them engaged in Krishna consciousness
    Uddhava was inspired by the Gopis and composed songs in praise of their superexcellent qualities
  • 20. Anyone can take shelter for the right purpose regardless of caste,gender etc and attain the highest perfection
    Wanted the dust of the Gopis’ feet
    Aspire to be a creeper in Vrindavan
  • 21. Leaving for Mathura
    Stayed for a few days and then he had to depart for Mathura
    All of them including Nanda and Yasoda desired boons from Uddhava
    For a pure devotee it doesn’t matter where he takes birth: heaven and hell is the same!
    He reached Mathura and narrated everything and gave the gifts to Krishna’s father and grandfather.
  • 22. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna KrishnaKrishna Hare HareHare Rama Hare RamaRama Rama hare Hare