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    Social strategy for events Social strategy for events Presentation Transcript

    • SOCIAL  STRATEGY  FOR  EVENTS   Kenny  Lauer   VP,  Digital  Experience   George  P.  Johnson    #VES12  
    • Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons Collapsing Distances Connecting PeopleTM
    • Four principles of modern events  Events should integrate with existing communities and social networks where they exist"  Events should have a strategy that includes the before and after –not just during"  Events are no longer “within 4 walls”"  The audience is empowered with social media and can assert control over the event, so encourage audience participation but be ready."
    • It’s important to be seenImportant to Be Seen It’s “Sawa Bona” [I see you] “Some>mes  you  want  to  go     Where  everybody  knows  your  name,     And  theyre  always  glad  you  came”  hJp://­‐T.jpg  
    • 5Focus  on  rela>onships,  not  technologies   Transac>onal   Passionate   Occasional   Constant   Impersonal   In>mate   Short-­‐Term   Loyal  
    • Social extends “Connectivity of the Digital World”to the live experience
    • Image  by  ronni44052  used  with  AJribu>on  as  directed  by  Crea>ve  hJp://   How Social Has Changed Events©  2010  Al>meter  Group  
    • People want to share events and now have thetools to do so Source: Eventbrite, “The Incarnation of Social Commerce,” July 23, 2011
    • The audience is empowered with socialtechnologies
    • Social sharing fosters organic word of mouth –and increased attendance Source:
    • Eventbrite’s social “tinder” ignites growth Facebook integration Source: Eventbrite, “The Incarnation of Social Commerce,” July 23, 2011
    • Community  Disparate  With  Events  35  30  25  20   Series  1  15   Series  2  10   5   0   1/4/98   1/5/98   1/6/98   1/7/98   1/8/98   12  
    • Our Research©  2011  Al>meter  Group  
    • Research methodologyAltimeter was underwritten by GPJ for this primaryresearch and undertook the following activities toformulate top social event use cases:  60 hours of secondary research of large-scale or technology-focused events  Email and phone interviews with: •  Event organizers •  Social media strategists •  Technology vendors 15
    • We identified 16 social event use cases
    • Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons Social Event Uses Cases© 2010 Altimeter Group
    • We’ll take a look at these 3 use cases:1.  On-Site Conversation Aggregation2.  Social Concierge3.  Mobile Social Networking
    • 1. On-Site Conversation AggregationDefiniBon   Aggrega>on  of  social  content  in  real-­‐>me  on  displays   at  the  event  DescripBon   Hosts  provides  social  aggrega>on  solu>on  on  site,  for     example,  with  physical  displays  posi>oned  throughout   conference  for  aJendee  content,  including  tweets,   photos,  blog  posts,  etc.  with  modera>on  for  real-­‐>me   content.  This  enables  the  host  to  surface  the  event   community,  and  the  voice  of  the  aJendee  on  behalf  of   the  event.    Period   Event  
    • IBM Impact aggregates real-time updates ondisplays in the event lobby 20
    • IBM Impact aggregates real-time updates ondisplays in the event lobby 21
    • IBM Impact aggregates real-time updates ondisplays in the event lobby 22
    • SAP TechEd streams live Twitter feeds, as wellas a “ticker” of in-session activities and changes
    • Salesforce’sAggregationWall
    • Salesforce’s Aggregation Wall
    • Dreamforce aggregates Chatter contentthroughout Moscone Center on large displays
    • Best practices  Education: "The good, the bad, but not the ugly."  Process: Determine if content will be filtered, moderated, or curated (manual or automatic), and appropriate roles and workflows.  Strategy: Develop a social strategy (hash tag, profile, facebook) to support the effort.  Comms Plan: If you don’t tell them, they won’t come.
    • Social ConciergeDefiniBon   AJendees  receive  real-­‐>me,  proac>ve  support  on   social  channels  DescripBon   Hosts  monitors  social  channels  and  responds  in  real-­‐   >me  to  ques>ons  and  issues  posted  by  prospects  and   aJendees.    This  effort  drives  leads  prospects  through   the  marke>ng  funnel  and  increases  aJendee   sa>sfac>on.  Period   Pre-­‐Event,  Event,  Post-­‐Event  
    • Web 2.0 responds to support questions andoffers other assistance via Twitter
    • Gatorade monitors conversations from adedicated room Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center is a “war room for monitoring the brand in real-time across social media.”
    • Radian6 powers Dell’s Social Media ListeningCommand Center “The Command Center is a dedicated control room that oversees incoming mentions, segments them accordingly, and provides the space for a team of analysts to study the data and decide how best to take action.”
    • LEAp Team
    • LEAp Team
    • LEAp Team
    • The Pizza Hut Hub monitored conversationsduring Super Bowl 2011
    • LEAp  Triage  Process   Neutral   Posi>ve   Nega>ve/Confiden>al   Do  you  want  to   Assess   Evaluate   Retweet  message   respond  or  amplify   Message   Message   with  reply   the  message?   No   Yes   No   Is  it  a  topic  that  is   No  ac>on   relevant  to  other   Reply  to  message     taken   Yes   aJendees?   Yes   Reply  and  let  them  know   Do  you  have  the  info   you’re  looking  into  the  issue.   Can  you  provide   you  need  to  respond   No   Escalate  issue  to  the   addi>onal   now?   appropriate  contact.   Yes   informa>on?   No   Yes   Yes   No   Nicely  explain  the  facts   Unhappy  AJendee   Are  the  facts  correct?   and  con>nue  to  monitor  Yes   Is  this  a  topic   No   the  issue   No   Thank  the  individual   that  is  relevant   or  let  them  know   to  other   you’re  glad  to  see   Yes   aJendees   that  they’re  happy  or   Retweets  of  unhappy   No   enjoying  their   aJendee’s  tweets   Are  the  facts  correct?   experience   Yes   No   Yes   Explain  what  is  being  done   Retweet   Is  the  issue  being   to  resolve  the  issue  or  let   Reply  to   message   resolved?   the  retweet  of  the  original   individual   with  reply   message  with  the  reply  take   care  of  it   Brand  or  event   Yes   Gather  aJendee  info   confiden>al  informa>on   and  escalate  to   publicized  by  aJendee   appropriate  contact   No   Yes   Report  post  as  spam  and   Spam   con>nue  to  monitor  
    • Best practices  Mindset: Ensure that staff have the right mindset for social support.  Process: A triage plan and workflow must be formalized and presented to staff for real-time, rapid, and effective response.  Influencers: Monitor influencers and engage differently from regular attendees. For example, the social concierge can arrange for personal greetings with influencers, online and in person
    • Mobile Social NetworkingDefiniBon   Increasing  aJendee  engagement  on  site  through  mobile   social  networking  app  DescripBon   Host  provides  a  mobile,  social  networking  app  to  increase     pre  or  on-­‐site  dialog,  sharing,  or  other  par>cipa>on  (such  as   networking  or  booth  visits)  through  recogni>on  or  rewards.     It  may  include  game  mechanics,  such  as  badges  or  check-­‐ ins,  or  u>lity  func>on,  such  as  real-­‐>me  agenda  updates,  or   map  of  the  conference  area.    This  enhances  the  aJendee   experience  and  increases  aJendee  sa>sfac>on.    Example:   AJendees  at  Salesforce’  Dreamforce  used  a  dedicated   backchannel  on  the  mobile  app.  Period   Pre-­‐Event,  Event  
    • Dreamforce’ mobile app offers a range of utility Dreamforce’ mobile app allows users to post and view its dedicated backchannel on chatter, check schedules, view maps, rate sessions, and receive real-time push notifications. This app was built by QuickMobile.
    • LeWeb attendees connect their profiles viaLinkedIn integration LeWeb 2010 attendee profiles are updated with LinkedIn information, after logging on with their LinkedIn accounts. This feature is provided through Presdo Match.
    • Facebook F8 attendees check-in via RFID Facebook handed out RFID tags to attendees, which were used to check into kiosks. This idea started at Facebook as a “Keg Presence, a way for Facebook employees to post or share photos every time they visited the company keg.
    • OracleWorld attendees register at the event withtheir mobile phones
    • CES 2011 encouraged booth visits withFoursquare check-ins CES Foursquare account provided “tips and tricks” at CES, and offered prizes to those who collected badges for exhibit booth check-ins.
    • Bloodhound, an event app, is a remedy forFOMO Suggestions Exhibitors People
    • Best practices  Marketing: Apps are only useful if there is a critical mass. •  Market aggressively - it should conveyed as an integral part of the attendee experience. •  Enlist speakers to participate and encourage usage during their sessions, and provide incentives for attendees to download and use the app.  Connectivity: Ensure dedicated wifi and coverage throughout event space, as apps are useless with poor reception.  Utility: Make sure the app is delivering on real needs, so attendees will download and use, e.g. include real-time updates through push notifications, or exhibit hall maps
    • Image  by  ronni44052  used  with  AJribu>on  as  directed  by  Crea>ve  hJp://   Key Takeways©  2010  Al>meter  Group  
    • Guiding Principles1.  Build a strategy for the entire attendee lifecycle. Shift mindset away from a hourly to daily event to a pervasive never ending event.2.  Do both: Join and Build: Remember, in many cases, communities have been there before we got there. You must both integrate where they are, as well as build new online experiences.3.  Bring the outside in and take the inside out. Use cases should match a specific business and attendee need. Stop experimenting and derive
    • Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons Collapsing Distances Connecting PeopleTM
    • Kenny’s List of Uber Trends-  Converging of Physical and Online. –  Pendulum  has  swung  back.  F2f  s>ll  is  the  apex  of  communica>on,  but  the   lure  and  benefits  of  extending  audiences,  extending  spend,  and   extending  dura>on  drives  increasing  interest  in  remote  engagement.  - Social TV (Second Screen or Social 2 screen movement) – Move  from  Passive  to  Ac>ve.  Beyond  the  Hashtag  in  the  corner.   – Program  Design  with  the  assump>on  that  viewers  have  two  screens  (a   laptop,  tablet  or  phone).     – The  test  for  TV  will  be  how  to  integrate  social  media  into  non-­‐live  events.   On  demand  entertainment  is  s>ll  the  thorn  for  TV  and  innova>ve  ways  to   make  social  media  feel  organic  regardless  of  >me  will  be  highly  desirable.  
    • Trends-  Games (“gamification”) / Storytelling (“transmedia Storytelling”) –  Engagement  and  Mo>va>on  Design  which  includes  everything  from   Psychology,  Sociology,  Crea>ve,  User  Interface   –  Using  game  mechanics  and  dynamics  to  drive  behavior   –  “Anything  measured  can  be  made  into  a  game”  Jesse  Schell   –  Blending  of  extrinsic  and  intrinsic  mo>va>on  - Brand, advertiser and the location convergence in the context of theSocial, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) – Events  are  the  embodiment  of  this  triad.  Not  just  Pre  {twiJer,  hashtag,   foursquare  swarm,  plancast}  /during  {Facebook,  twiJer,  foursquare,   Facebook  places}  /post  {Facebook,  blogs,  twiJer}   – Mobile  plarorms  have  hit  cri>cal  mass,  and  global.   – Collision  of  social,  local  and  mobile  media  
    • 54Collapsing DistancesConnecting PeopleCreating Value TM Kenny Lauer Twitter: kennyL