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Social media and technology

Social Media and Technology to Enhance your CERT Program at the California State CERT Conference, March 1-3, 2013. 2-hour presentation

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Social media and technology

  1. 1. n d So cial nology aTechM edia m T Progra our CER Enhance Y
  2. 2. #CalCERT Agenda •  Building Your Social Media Program •  Communicating During and After Disasters •  Basic Social Media Tips •  Incorporating Other Technologies @MaryJoFly
  3. 3. Craig Fugate, FEMA Administrator 140 Conference NW Welcome Remarks Thanks to CRESA911 for use of this clip
  4. 4. Photo Credit:Douglas Wray 4
  5. 5. Mitigation PreparednessRecovery Response
  6. 6. Your TeamBuil ding n M itigatio
  7. 7. Use socialmedia tolet familyand friendsknow thatyou aresafe.
  8. 8. What willbe youronlineidentityand who isyouraudience?
  9. 9. We’ve beenusingvolunteersto relayinformationfor years
  10. 10. The laborrequired isextensiveso create aVirtualOperationsSupportTeam
  11. 11. mmu nity You r CoEn gage rednes s Prepa
  12. 12. Promoteyouractivitiesand training
  13. 13. Messagesthat helpyouraudienceprepare fordisasters
  14. 14. Publicsafetymessagesduring anincident
  15. 15. io n St atus d Sit uatA lert an nse Respo
  16. 16. Social Media Missions: Amplify
  17. 17. Social Media Missions: Filter & Monitor
  18. 18. Social Media Missions: Crowdsource
  19. 19. Social Media Missions: Archive
  20. 20. ving and u nity Grie zingComm Or gani ry Recove
  21. 21. Recovery Groups begin to gather on facebook and other sites to grieve and share
  22. 22. The reachis furtherthan youraudience– it’s theiraudiencetoo
  23. 23. E tiqu ette ial M ediaSoc iss M anners M CERT
  24. 24. Facebook"   Allow volunteers to tag themselves in pictures and promptly remove pictures if requested"   Promote 50% of the time, engage and talk back 50% of the time"   Use Pages, not a personal account to represent your agency
  25. 25. Twitter"   Use an Avatar = No Eggs"   Listen before you tweet. You wouldn’t shout at a cocktail party."   Use #Hashtags appropriately
  26. 26. nolo giesOther Tech
  27. 27. QR Codes•  Best practice: add a shortened web address or describe the link•  Favorite uses •  QR Code Time clock •  QR Code Videos on CERT Class Fliers •  ID Badge Verification
  28. 28. Video Storytelling•  Keep videos under 2:00 min but ideally under 0:30 seconds•  Keep your message simple•  Ensure you have adequate approvals from your agency
  29. 29. Applications"   Alert and Warning"   Performance, Tracking and Note Taking" Walkie-Talkie Comms"   Social Networking"   Assistive Devices
  30. 30. Blogs"   Can serve as a mobile friendly website as most blogs will scale page size based on device"   Can be used to link text, pictures and video for QR Code Scavenger Hunt Games"   Keep volunteers up to date with regular articles
  31. 31. Resources"   Social Media Getting Started:"   Twitter Etiquette:"   Twitter Manners:"   QR Code Generator:"   Virtual Operations Support Group:"   FEMA IS-42 Training:
  32. 32. Summary"   Listen first, then engage when building your social media program"   Identify your audience and content plan"   Explore more by following #SMEM and #SMEMChat
  33. 33. Contact Mary Jo FlynnEmergency Management Assistant DirectorAnaheim Fire & Rescue Department (714) @MaryJoFly @AnaheimCERT