Going Social…Business Boon or Bust? Aligning Customer Experience and Workforce Experience.
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Going Social…Business Boon or Bust? Aligning Customer Experience and Workforce Experience.



This presentation was given as my Keynote address to the Incentive Marketing Association of Canada. ...

This presentation was given as my Keynote address to the Incentive Marketing Association of Canada.

The presentation attempts to make the case that Employee engagement drives both better customer experience and greater profit margins. What’s more, it’s essential for companies that want to sustain customer experience success over time.

Customer experience — its relationship to loyalty and satisfaction and the likelihood that it will lead to future business — is now a well-established discipline. However, measuring workforce experience is more complicated because no one owns the experience from end to end.

What can social media do to help?



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Going Social…Business Boon or Bust? Aligning Customer Experience and Workforce Experience. Going Social…Business Boon or Bust? Aligning Customer Experience and Workforce Experience. Presentation Transcript

  • Going Social... Business Boon or Bust? 
 Aligning Customer Experience and Workforce Experience
 February 26, 2013
  • IDEAL STATE Employee engagement drives customer and business success Sources: Hay Group, Towers Watson, Gallup, Corporate Leadership Council, BC Stats, HBR
  • What are B2B marketers expectations and current usage of social channels? View slide
  • 85% of business decision-makers are using social channels Source:  How  B2B  Marketers  Use  Social  Now,  May  13,  2013   View slide
  • Business decision makers rely on communities for business and personal purposes Source: Forrester - The  Social  Behaviors  Of  Your  B2B  Customers,  July  2013  
  • B2B marketers are looking to social media to help build their brands, communities and businesses
  • Companies are relying on engaged employees to realize their business priorities. But, is the workforce motivated and ready to deliver?
  • CURRENT STATE Today’s workforce is feeling unfulfilled and not appreciated by their employers Source:  “State  Of  The  American  Workplace,”  Gallup,  2013  
  • CURRENT STATE There is a ‘chasm’ between management expectations and employee realities Gap between expectations vs. performance Source:  Employee  Insights  -­‐  2013  Edelman  Annual  TrustBarometer  
  • CURRENT STATE Employees are the most trusted influencers within organization and should become brand ambassadors 2014  Edelman  Annual  TrustBarometer  –  Global  Study  
  • Through 2015, 80% of social business efforts will not achieve their goals Gartner Research, 2013
  • Customer Experience & Workforce Experience Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin.
  • Customer experience design is critical to success of an engaged workforce 1.  Customer experience and workforce experience are two sides 
 of the same coin 2.  Workforce experience Is built on engagement, productivity, and customer impact 3.  To improve workforce experience, CIOs, HR, and CMOs must work together Source:  Forrester  -­‐  Measure  Workforce  Experience  Through  Engagement,  May  7,  2013  
  • Be Social There is value in two-way dialogue. It brings your organization together, provides insights, and transforms employees from passive recipients to active participants.
  • The “voice of the employee” feeds two key customer experience activities 1. Improving customer experiences. Employees can spot customer problems and unmet needs and efficiently identify and execute solutions. 2. Building a customer-centric culture. Employee insight can also help build customer-centric culture through effective hiring, socialization, and reward and recognition programs.
  • Customer Experience And Workforce Experience Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin Customers want a company to: 1.  deliver value 2.  be easy to do business with 3.  be enjoyable to do business with 1.  Engagement: willingly invests time and energy in the success of the business 2.  Productivity: convert the energy of engagement into the productivity. 3.  Impact: The positive business outcome of engaged, productive employees is happy customers.
  • Source: Harvard Business Review, Leadership Is a Conversation, June 2012
  • Best practices approach to workforce alignment.
  • Caterpillar has defined their customer journey and aligned employee engagement
  • Non-financial incentives are effective motivators of behaviour change McKinsey Global Survey 2009 - http://bit.ly/1evBegK
  • Southwest Airlines – Heroes of the Heart
  • Planning is the critical piece to ensuring the right business objectives, social strategy, measurement and technology are aligned to both the customer and employee experience.
  • Mature organizations align customer and workforce experience to deliver optimized results Customer Experience Discipline Workforce Experience Define a clear vision of the type of experience company must deliver to customer. Strategy Practices required to define a clear vision of the type of experience for employee and how they intersect with the customer. Define a clear, consistent and accurate picture of target customers preferred experience Audience Understanding Determine the exact characteristics of interactions that exceed customer expectations Design Ongoing measurement of customer experience across the enterprise Develop practices to monitor and manage customer experience quality Develop a culture that embeds the value of delivering a great customer experience Measurement Governance Culture Ensure extensive “listening” and employee surveys to understand needs Involve employees in co-creation process to ensure their voice aligns to program objectives Measure interactions, volume of activity, sentiment and alignment to customer experience Hold people accountable for their role in the customer experience and create broad awareness through cross-functional support. Socialize staff around CX expectations and reward behavior that drives customer satisfaction. Source:  How  B2B  Firms  Improve  Customer  And  Partner  Experience,  March  14,  2012  
  • Define a clear planning process with a focus on customer experience outcomes and employees will engage
  • Final Thought
  • Our workforce is more than just a collection of productive employees, they are empowered media channels Unengaged employees are media channels and if not energized through recognition will negatively affect business •  The shocking reality is that, 70% of US employees remain unengaged or even worse are actively disengaged. What is the impact to our business and brand? •  We must recognize that the relationship between brand and audiences is now ready to be shaped and delivered by empowered and equipped employees. •  Ultimately, employees may become the channel through which consumers increasingly receive branded content in the future, so we must ensure that employees are as connected to the external message and internal purpose of the brand. 1.  IPA Effectiveness Awards 2012: The employee works – From audience and message to brand medium 2.  Gallup. (2013). State of the U.S. Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders.
  • Thank You!