13 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Hackathon


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13 tips on having a great + successful hackathon, brought to you by Kinvey. Want to download the eBook? Get it for free at: http://bitly.com/SskYUD

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13 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Hackathon

  1. 13 Tips for getting the most out of your next hackathon By: Morgan Bickle CTO of Kinvey
  2. 1 - It starts before it starts Learn the API & toolset before showing up Do I have enough This Documentation time to get coffee? is really thorough!
  3. 2 - Test wifi APIs often require strong wifi signal, check network strength right away
  4. 3 - Creation trumps ideation No one has ever "thought" their way to hackathon success, its all about execution Okay, I think we’ve finally got it. it’s one left, one right, start start DONE!! another left...
  5. 4 - "Portion control" your demo GSD - Reducing scope is often key to a compelling demo uh oh...
  6. 5 - Dont start from scratch If theres a base sample app, use it. then customize Ready- Made APP with s! Now ation Cust omiz
  7. 6 - Solo Silo Turn to your peers for feedback & validation Whats the best way to get Oauth to work?
  8. 7 - Ignore the distractions When its time to get hacking, focus is key. Tune out chatter, pitches HOS TING ! GET YOU R HOS TING HER E!
  9. 8 - Dont go it alone Often 2 to 3 person teams produce the best results (& have more fun) wingman other wingman
  10. 9 - Ask for help Most hackathons staff coaches and experts. Use them /v 1/.. CGRectMake(x, y, ... .ge t(" $ textView.setText(...)
  11. 10 - Polish your presentation Presentation Demo Id invest based on the deck alone! If the demo is half as good, Im in
  12. 11 - Dont take your pitch too seriously A little humor in your presentation goes a long way A developer, an engineer, and an Architect walk into a bar…
  13. 12 - Hack first, learn second Dont try to learn a new language, instead, hack something together with what you already know Hacking Theory Lab Clackity Clack Clack!!!! Clack Clack Clackity!!!
  14. 13 - Dont forget to network Hackathons are great places to find future employment, investment, friendship Funny, that’s my brother’s name too!